How Do You Get Traffic To A Marijuana Site?
How Do You Get Traffic To A Marijuana Site?

How Do You Get Traffic To A Weed Site?

Do you need traffic to your marijuana site?

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Nanci Chi-Town on Monday Apr 25, 2016

Solutions In Ganja Marketing

The internet’s primary players such as Google and Facebook have banned cannabis-related ads, resulting in the birth of new pot-friendly marketing services for ganjapreneurs. 

More companies are emerging to fill the cannabis marketing void left by the internet’s major companies. Earlier this week, a digital company named Bang Holdings was launched to provide influencer and content based marketing services for cannabis companies who are unable to market their products online due to the strict advertising rules around Google and Facebook.


First Major Digital Marketing Service For Ganjapreneurs


Bang Holdings went public in March, which immediately put the company on the radar of its target audience - the growing $6 billion marijuana industry. Over a million dollars has been poured into the business, which took almost two years to build.

Google, Yahoo, and Facebook are among the tech giants that ban cannabis businesses from engaging in any kind of advertising online, as it could potentially be viewed as enabling drug trafficking. Corporations are also forbidden from targeting cannabis users as their primary market. Since almost 70% of all Internet searches are conducted via Google, this presents a major marketing obstacle for legal cannabis companies and prevents them from reaching their target demographic.


Bang Holdings works by employing an impressive portfolio of social media influencers who have the ability to speak for over half of the American adult population who are cannabis users. Steve Burke, Bang Holdings’ CEO, Founder, and Chairman, is an established entrepreneur and pot activist who is well-versed in the role of social media and good content in marketing. He has a wide network of cannabis industry influencers as well as media contacts which has enabled him to build a strong company that helps companies reach their intended audience. Bang’s services aren’t limited to cannabis businesses, as they are open to providing their services to companies in other industries.

Bang’s expertise lies in its microsegmentation so that companies can easily reach the ideal audience for their products by maximizing the powerful technologies available in social media. So far there is no other service that can provide such a specific targeting service for the cannabis industry which has put Bang Holdings on the forefront when it comes to marijuana marketing services.

Through Bang’s services, cannabis companies can bypass strict online regulations but still enjoy publicized branding through their notable influencers who have more than 10 million followers. 


Help Behind The Advertising Smoke Screen



Mantis Ad Network is another cannabis startup built 2 years ago that caters to the rising pot industry. The company originally started out as a publication entitled Medical Jane, but later evolved into an advertising business after being confronted with limited ad space. Today, Mantis puts ads in over 250 sites, most of which are cannabis-related. Together these ads have received 12 million unique visits in the last month.

Another service offered by Mantis is a URL shortener, which can be used by anyone to develop cannabis ads that are viewable from a social media site before taking the viewer to another web page. They have also created another video platform similar to Vimeo and YouTube which allows cannabis businesses to advertise their products and services.

Owners of cannabis websites can also earn by monetizing their site through Mantis. They can earn from every click generated each time any of their viewers click on cannabis ads, giving them the reputation of being the most cannabis-friendly ad service around today.


Have you used any of these cannabis marketing solutions for your business needs? How did you find the experience?

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