oregon wine strain
oregon wine strain

The Trials and Tribulations of Creating Your Own Cannabis Strain - The Oregon Wine Story

The struggles of a small-time marijuana strain creator to reach the public market

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christalcann on Tuesday Jul 21, 2020

Struggles of a Small-Time Strain Creator: Oregon Wine

cannabis strain oregon wine

It all started as a hobby in Capital of Weird, better known among most as Portland, OR. Fresh-faced and doe-eyed, Wavy had a dream to create his own cross of a rare, local strain. He was from the Sunshine State of Florida, better known for its beaches, Mickey ears, and retirement communities, rather than cannabis. He wanted a chance to grow, consume, and purchase cannabis legally, and all that could be done in Oregon. Although cultivating started as a fun leisure activity, he happened upon the perfect combination of a new cross. A winning combination that not only boasted a decent THC content, but herb that relaxed, relieved, and tasted like no other. That winning combination: Oregon Wine.


Oregon Wine came to be after a fondness of Original Glue and its potency, along with the flavor profile.  Although it was well enjoyed, Wavy wanted to add rarity to create a one-of-a-kind cross. He set his sights on Sirius Black, an Oregon-exclusive, sought after strain. Using a male Sirius Black cross, he pollinated a female Original Glue in hopes that a mystery mix would produce something epic. After months of love and care, he was right.  Oregon Wine was visually appealing, filling the grow tent with hues of green and purple, extremely frosted with trichomes. The trichomes are what made it stand out, putting it above any other grow he had produced.


Every person who has tried Oregon Wine boasted its unique flavor. What was it exactly? Holding notes of fresh flower and gas scents, it teased your nostrils to the point that taste seemed to be something alien.  A flavor profile that was remarkable, that stuck to the roof of your mouth and lingered to your liking. It wasn’t the same earthy, woody flavors that appeared in most strains, but a twist of something different. The THC content had to be high as trusted connoisseurs reported that it produced a mellow feel, with waves of relaxation while being uplifting to the mood. This hobby then turned into a dream he never imagined a possibility. An epiphany one night led to the creation of Wavy Flower Company.


Testing was in order to prove that Oregon Wine wasn’t just your average strain. Wavy brought his sample to NV Cannalabs for some actual data. The results threw him for a loop, with numbers and terpenes topping his expectations. THCa came in at 20.697%, with total THC finishing with 19.419%. Δ9-THC tests at 1.3%, which is a rather high amount for a THC-dominant strain. Studies show that it benefits pain relief, along with appetite stimulation, and reduction of nausea and vomiting.


Primary aromas were a mix of cinnamon, orange, hops, lavender and chamomile, making Oregon Wine as enjoyable in taste as a cup of tea. Although flavor profile and THC make for an ideal strain, the benefits of Oregon Wine do not stop there. Terpenes come to a grand total of 14.876 mg/g, testing with a substantial amount of β-Caryophyllene, offering powerful medicinal properties that have been used to ease pain, and offers anti-inflammatory effects, along with relaxing properties that contribute to overall well-being for those with depression, anxiety, or insomnia. A considerable amount of δ-Limonene was also found in Oregon Wine, which is unique in itself, and is usually documented in small amounts. It has been used as a natural medicine for elevating moods, decreasing depression and anxiety. Modern testing is uncovering that it may also have anti-cancer effects.These are just two of the tested terpenes among several that have medicinal properties that all bolster healing benefits.

See the results here: https://share.confidentcannabis.com/samples/public/share/df71dc92-2f54-4fb3-b8a2-907e4d0fa8bc


Now that Wavy knew he was onto something special, how would he get Oregon Wine into the hands of more people?  With very little information out there on the internet, partnered with a tight-lip industry and convention cancellations across the country due to Covid-19, it seemed near impossible. Commercial farmers already have their foot in the door to introduce strains, so this is the route he wants to take.  Having an established company that can recognize a winner is ideal to make dreams into realities. Someone respected in the industry who put quality on the same platform as quantity. This is where Wavy needs your help.  He is ready to work around the clock to make this an actuality in a strong partnership with the best of the best. If you are ready to partner in this awesome opportunity, contact Wavy Flower Company for the next winning strain.


Email: wavyflowercompany@gmail.com

Instagram: @Wavyflowercompany

Facebook: @Wavyflowercompany








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