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DEA petition on cananbis

DEA Overwhelmed By Tell The Truth About Cannabis Petition

Over 100,000 People Sign the Petition In 60 Days

Posted by DanaSmith on Wednesday Feb 1, 2017
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New petition demands that the DEA tell the truth about cannabis


If you want to start 2017 the right way by engaging in any act, no matter how small, to push for the legalization of cannabis, here’s one more thing you can do.






Now, we all know that the DEA has been the biggest obstacle to legalization so far. They have been the primary engine running marijuana prohibition, as they continue to keep cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug which means that it has zero medicinal value and can be addicting.



Americans for Safe Access (ASA), an advocacy group pushing for marijuana legalization, has finally gotten fed up. Earlier this year they started a petition so that we can all take a stand together and demand that the DEA tell the truth about cannabis and its medicinal properties.



Through the petition, hopefully those who are ill and sick will finally be able to obtain access to cannabis. The ASA are hoping to get at least 100,000 signatures on the petition, and as of the time of writing there are already a little over 100,000 signatures. It’s not too late for you to put your signature on the petition!  The ASA will then take it to President Trump, and hope that he will force the DEA to make the necessary actions to legalize marijuana.





The Information Quality Act says that it is against the law for government agencies to disseminate false information to the public on purpose. The ASA petition states that this is exactly what the DEA has been doing, as they continue push forth claims that marijuana isn’t safe because of its addictive properties and has no medicinal value, just like heroin and other dangerous drugs on Schedule 1. When the DEA continues to claim that these lies are true, the government will continue to use it as a reason to prevent legalization from happening. “The DEA has actually admitted that cannabis is not a gateway drug and does not cause long-term brain damage, psychosis, and other alleged harms, yet they keep distributing this false information anyway, despite the reality these claims are not based on scientific fact,” says Beth Collins, the ASA’s Senior Director of Government Relations and External Affairs.. “It’s illegal for the government to disseminate inaccurate information and the DEA must be held accountable. This misinformation hurts the millions of medical cannabis patients in the 29 states where cannabis treatment is legal, as well as patients in other states who are working to pass laws, for whom safe and reliable access to marijuana is a matter of necessity.”



It’s more important than ever for the petition to get into the right hands at the right time. We’ve just recently watched Jeff Sessions get appointed as Attorney General, a man who has been completely open about opposing marijuana. If the petition is granted, this could have significant positive impacts about the way politicians treat marijuana in the future and more importantly make sure that those who need it, get it.



If you want to do your part, sign the petition here.










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