Mothers Day Weed
Mothers Day Weed

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts for the “Smokin Mama’s”

Mother's Day Stoner Gifts For That Special Lady

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HighChi on Saturday May 7, 2016

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts for the “Smokin Mama’s”

By: Nanci Chi-Town


Happy Mother’s Day to all my “Smokin Mama’s” out there. Ladies I know you work hard all year and you definitely deserve the best of the best gifts out there.


Here is my top 10 2016 best of the best Mother’s Day gift list


1. DIY Cannabis-Infused chocolate dipped strawberries. How decadent to have not only strawberries dipped in chocolate, but infused with cannabis? If you are like me, you will probably want 2-3 in one sitting, however each dipped strawberry generally equals ½ -1 full bowl of weed. Definitely avoid overindulgence and the effects can be incredibly strong and you do want to enjoy your special day.


2. Firefly Vaporizer from Vapeworld



This sleek, compact Firefly fits beautifully in your hands and is the most discrete on the market.  Perfect when you take a small purse out for the night or want to sneak a toke while running errands. It heats instantly starting at 100 degress to 400 degrees in a smooth 10seconds! The glass heating chamber and stainless metal vapor path keeps aromas completely pure and is easy for loading. Firefly comes in 3 colors; Black, Red and silver and is priced at $265.95


3. The Trinity WoodenCuff exclusively at Uncommongoods cuff

This beautiful cuff bracelet is made from thin, woven bands of contrasting cherry, walnut and rosewood and is priced at $45.00.


4. The Buddha Box  sends out a monthly goody box filled with up to seven items. Simply fill out a short story-detailing how you best like to consume your cannabis. The Buddha Box personalizes pipes, papers, Buddler Box and other marijuana- related goodies justfor you. The Buddha Box is $25.99/box plus S & H and can be extended throughout the year to have more specialized box’s. This is a great way for Mom to be appreciated throughout the year.



5. TOMS tribal-womens- classics $55.00



6. “Special” Dinner cannabutter or canna- oil to use in Mom’s favorite meal. I suggest a pure cannabis oil for best taste.


7. Rollaboards

Pure Bamboo rolling goods Made in California. The Media Sled- Solo is $39.95 and has 8 shredder colors to choose from so you can create your very own.



8. White Hug Dealer Hoodie $30.99,1699639733  This fresh hoodie is sized in Jr. sizes so you might want to go 1-2 sizes up.



9. Nug Jar by This little is 1 Liter vacuum jar and comes with one hand pump and holds approximately 2 ounces (56g)


10. White fresh T- Shirt “Keep Calm and Hit This”



Happy Mother’s Day!! Take it easy Mama’s,


Nanci Chi-Town





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