w18 and look out!
w18 and look out!

End Of Days : 10,000x More Powerful Than Morphine

W-18 and Kiss Your Ass Goodbye.

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Oaktree on Monday May 9, 2016

Well, that is about the end of it.


10,000x more powerful than morphine.


I am not even sure what that number means.  It is like when economist talk about the national debt being some number like 134,000,000,000,000.  The number is beyond human brain recognition.


10,000x more powerful than morphine.


Do you become a God at that point?  You see the beginning and end of the Universe.  I just see Scarlett Johansson becoming a living electrical current at the end of Lucy.  If you are in old timer, you remember the end of Lawnmower Man, where he become the Internet.


If you are even in the room with the drug, do you start to levitate?  Good Lord.


From the AP today...

SANFORD, Maine (AP) — Maine police are warning of a new synthetic opioid that’s far more powerful than drugs that are currently being used by addicts.

Sanford police said W-18 appears as a white powder that looks like heroin or fentanyl, but it’s 10,000 times more potent than morphine and 100 times stronger than fentanyl.

The drug is similar to a drug used to tranquilize large animals, such as bears and elephants.

Sanford Police Chief Thomas Connolly says the drug is already present in New England. Officials say two out of eight W-18 heroin overdoses in Massachusetts last weekend were fatal.


10,000x more powerful than morphine.


Not 100x.


Not 1000x.






What did you think?

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