marijuana pepsi twitter
marijuana pepsi twitter

Marijuana Pepsi is Trending on Twitter

When You Wake Up to Marijuana Pepsi Trending on Twitter (#MarijuanaPepsi)

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HighChi on Thursday Jun 20, 2019

When You Wake Up to Marijuana Pepsi Trending on Twitter (#MarijuanaPepsi)

marijuana pepsi


Many were surprised today to flick open Twitter on their phone and see the hashtag #marijuanapepsi trending around the world.  The news sent smiles and excitement to millions of cannabis fans, and maybe Pepsi Co. fans as well, as the thought of a major beverage giant moving into the CBD or even cannabis drink market looked to good to be true.  Pepsi shares would get a boost today, the movement to legalized cannabis at the Federal level would get boost today, all cannabis stocks would get a boost today, but alas…it turned out to be a great story, just not one we expected.

marijauna pepsi degree

Some of the best memes of the day are under the main Twitter post on Marijuana Pepsi!

marijuana pepsi memes

The story is about an African American woman named Marijuana Pepsi who, after refusing to change her name, earned her Ph.D. on a dissertation about Black names and what they mean in society. 


I wonder what is was like to be called Marijuana Pepsi since birth.    Was there a nickname back in grade school or high school?  Was she Mary or MJ to her friends?  Pepper?  Pep?


While the story brought a few funny memes and smiles, it did not turn out to the big news the cannabis industry had hoped for as they opened their eyes and checked Twitter.  Don’t worry though, when Blue Dream Sprite gets his degree this year, the Twitter-verse will explode again.

What did you think?

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