medical marijuana cards on Living Social Groupon
medical marijuana cards on Living Social Groupon

Peak MMJ? - Medical Marijuana Card Deals on Sites Like Living Social and Groupon

Are medical marijuana cards the new spa treatment or pedicure?

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BostonBakedPete on Friday May 13, 2022

Peak MMJ on LivingSocial and Groupon

Is this a sign of peak MMJ?  Group offer sites, the most famous being Groupon and Living Social, are getting into the weed game by offering medical marijuana cards.  This week Living Social offered medical marijuana cards through Leafwell in the state of Massachusetts.


We are not sure what to make of it in regard to the whole industry...


Blink reaction was that this can't be good, right?  Millions of "not very screened" people getting offers for medical marijuana cards can't be good, right?  Or is it really, really, good?  A sign of mainstream acceptance, of maybe not recreational cannabis for all, but at least medical marijuana for all, if actually needed in some way.


So confusing, but for now we are going thumbs up, as a mainstream coupon and deal site hawking half-off MMJ cards must be good as those sites only want deals that will make money and be popular.  So using that theory backwards says MMJ cards must be in demand, make money for the deal site as well as Leafwell, and mainstream America must be getting very comfortable with medical marijuana.


Now if they can just list Blue-Dream pre-rolls....


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What did you think?

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