The First 3 Rules Of Smuggling Weed Across The Border

The First 3 Rules Of Smuggling Weed Across The Border

Do Not Break These Key Rules For Smuggling Weed

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Oaktree on Saturday Jan 30, 2016

There are some very basic rules when you decide you want to smuggle 20 pounds or marijuana over the border, and in this

case, those very basic smuggling rules were broken.  In case you missed the story, these mastermind criminals decided to test the product while they made a run for glory and ended up  calling the cops on themselves.   As far as smuggling weed, they broke the 3 obviously rules to smuggling drugs.


1.  Never Try The Product While On The Job 


This is the #1 rule of all drug smuggling, no tasting, smoking, or dabbing the product while on the job, it just really clouds the judgement as you will see.


2.  Never Call The Police On Yourself 


This seems like an obvious one, but never let those figures slip on that disposable phone you bought at CVS over the numbers 9, 1, 1 in a row.


3. Never Assume All Those Other Cars In The World Are Actually Undercover Police Cars

This cannot be underestimated.  All those other Fords, Toyotas, and Buicks are not actually undercover cops unless you live in the Soviet Union circa 1975.  In that case, then yes, they are actually spying on you and reporting you to the government.









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