cannabis grow yield
cannabis grow yield

5 Ways of Maximizing Your Cannabis Grow Yield

3 Pounds Per Light With These Tips For Growing Marijuana

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DanaSmith on Monday Jun 19, 2017

5 Ways Of Maximizing Your Cannabis Yield

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Getting the biggest and most potent yield out of your cannabis grows is one of the most important factors of cultivation, but it can also be extremely complex. There are a various range of techniques growers can do to maximize their yield, but ultimately genetics plays the most important role so make sure that you start with a strain that is known to result in generous yields.




Here are the top 5 tips you can use to increase your yield, which can be applied to both low and high yielding strains:




grow light intensity

  • Increased light intensity: You’ll know that your cannabis plants lack light intensity if they are in the vegetative phase and tend to stretch vertically to get as close to the source of light as possible. This results in more space between leaves and nodes, or you might also notice that they grow too tall that they end up falling over.


Tall-growing plants won’t give you a high yield; you’ll want a bushy, thick plant. Increasing light intensity will lead to more and thicker buds, which makes this the most important factor in growing your plant. Light is especially critical during the flowering phase because this is when cannabis plants can grow as much bud as they can. To make the most out of your growth, make sure that the colas are closer. This can’t be done if the flowering phase has ended, so if they end up growing with uneven height then you will just need to ensure they all receive as much intense light as possible, without increasing the room temperature since your plants should stay cool during the flowering phase.




pruning a bud

  • Pruning: Training or pruning your plants is helpful if they are getting equal amounts of lights, which is evident when the top plants, which are exposed to more sunlight, grows faster than those at the bottom.


Pruning should be complementary with increasing light intensity as it will affect both distribution and coverage of light. With training and pruning, your cannabis plants can grow wider and larger; plus it’s pretty simple to do. To do this you can use Low-Stress Training, or top the plants, which means removing the tops of your plants. Many cultivators prefer LST because it reduces the stress of cannabis plants, training it to grow wide and in a flatter scale as opposed to tall, thin, and lanky plants.



nutrients for cannbis growing


  • Nutrients: If you notice abnormal changes in the leaves, such as discoloration, coloring, dead leaves, or other strange signs then it’s most likely because it’s receiving too much or too little nutrients. When it receives too much of a nutrient this is referred to as nutrient burn. Much in the same way that humans shouldn’t be taking excessive nutrients, the same goes for your cannabis plants because it can also make them sickly. Nutrient problems are mostly evident in the leaves, so if they’re all green and have an equal look and feel then you can be assured that your plants are healthy, nutrient-wise.


You can also avoid nutrient deficiencies; if you use bottled nutrients simply give your plants half the recommended amount indicated on the bottle. Don’t increase the nutrient level unless you notice other changes like discoloration.



temperature of a grow house

  • Climate: If a spot on the leaves or the entire plant starts to wilt or turn brown, this is probably because of too much heat. Sudden changes in temperature will inhibit plant growth; particularly making the growing much slower than normal.  Healthy and stable climate is crucial for plants to generate the highest yield possible. Temperatures that are either too high or too low will give you poor yield. Humidity is also another factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Once temperature and humidity in your grow room have hit a proper balance, you will be rewarded with a generous yield. These will also affect the potency and smell of your plants, so these things are not to be taken for granted.





co2 gas

  • CO2 Gas: Many growers are increasingly turning to the use of carbon dioxide gas to maximize their yield. Atmospheric CO2 has been beneficial in enlarging the yield of different crops, and it’s no different when it comes to cannabis.


Ideally, CO2 levels should be 1500 parts per million (PPM) to maximize yield; if you use any more it can have negative consequences for your plants, while lower levels won’t result in any improvement. Using CO2 is also complementary with the proper grow room temperatures so it’s ideal to consider using high-intensity lighting. Cannabis plants that have been enriched with CO2 and can grow well in better temperatures will improve the photosynthesis process, since CO2 plays an important role in photosynthesis.


What has helped you maximize your yield?













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