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How Do You Make Cannabis-Infused Wine?

Can you make a marijuana-based wine and would it taste good?

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How to Make Cannabis-Infused Wine

how to make cannabis infused wine

Cannabis-infused wine is one of the applications of cannabis that is growing in prominence daily as more and more users look to it as a useful and effective means of enjoying cannabis to the fullest. Canna-wine, as it can easily be called, is every user’s delight with respect to the feel and experience that the user gains, however, this work of art can be a bit on the high side cost-wise which is why the knowledge of how to make it at home will surely be welcome news for the majority of users who'd rather not spend all that money.

Contrary to what  you might think, cannabis-infused wine is actually pretty easy to make at home and you don't have to over spend to get top quality results either. It should be noted that cannabis users have also found ways of incorporating cannabis in tinctures, tea, edibles, juices, and much more, and in the case of wine, the presence of terpenes in both principal constituents give the cannabis-infused wine a very delightful taste and aroma.

Wine has long been infused with beneficial herbs hence the idea of cannabis-infused wine is not entirely a new concept in the wine industry, and with the appropriate tools and ingredients, you can also do this yourself in the comfort of your very own kitchen.

Cannabis-infused wine also known as “spiced wine” can be made in multiple ways but in this article we will focus squarely on two simple methods of making cannabis-infused wine at home.

Method One

The first method we will be looking into employs the use of decarboxylated weed. Ingredients needed for this method are

A bottle of wine (red, white whichever you prefer) however red wine is mostly preferred over white wine because of its health benefits

A reasonable amount of the selected strain of cannabis

Baking sheets

Tin foil

And pantyhose are also required to facilitate the production process.

The weed is first decarboxylated by wrapping large pieces of cannabis buds in tin foil and placing in a baking sheet before introducing it into an oven which is set at 110 degrees Celsius for a period of 45 to 60 minutes. This process accounts for the decarboxylation of cannabis which in turn activates THC, CBD, and other useful cannabinoids present in cannabis.

The large decarboxylated buds of cannabis can then be ground into finer forms to increase the surface area of the weed available for absorption. A pantyhose is then used to form a small pouch to house the fine cannabis buds and used to serve as a teabag which is immersed in a bottle of selected wine of choice. The bottle of wine is then closed and refrigerated to allow the alcohol to extract the useful components of the weed into the wine. Much like with wine, the cannabis-infused wine gets better with time so the longer the time of extraction, the more the components extracted, and ultimately the more the potency. The bottle can be agitated at intervals to make the extraction process more efficient. The pantyhose is then removed after about a day and squeezed properly to ensure that the components are emptied into the bottle and the final product is achieved.


Method Two 

The second method of making cannabis-infused wine will not require decarboxylation of the weed and is quite different from the approach used in the earlier method. The ingredients required include:

A bottle of red wine

28g of cannabis buds

Citrus fruit

One-quarter teaspoon of spices which includes cardamom, nutmeg, and ground cinnamon

A saucepan

And sieve cloth to facilitate the process.

This method is very straightforward and direct as the wine is emptied into the pot on a stove with low heat. The wine is stirred in the pot slowly before neatly trimmed and ground weed is introduced and added to the mixing pot and stirred continuously to ensure the incorporation of the weed and activation by the wine. The spices and citrus fruit are then added into the cooking mixture to account for taste which further compliments the taste of the wine and cannabis. The pot is then covered and the mixture is allowed to boil for over 2 hours after which the constituents are sieved using a sieve cloth.

It should be noted however that the cannabis-infused wine produced using this method is very potent and care must be taken while enjoying the finished product.


Cannabis-infused wine is a useful alternative for users who are seeking the relaxing and useful benefits of cannabis but without the presence of fumes associated with smoking, this coupled with the fact that alcohol increases the activity of THC and other cannabinoids present in cannabis making it more effective and appealing.












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