Wilfred Gatorade Bong
Wilfred Gatorade Bong

How To Make a Gatorade Wilfred Bong (WITH VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS)

TV Series Wilfred Made This Gatorade Bottle Famous

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Reginald Reefer on Friday May 20, 2016

How to make a Gatorade Wilfred Bong (WITH VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS)



A “Wilfred Bong”, not the official name however because the T.V series “Wilfred” so iconically captured this bong I thought it would be proper to name it after the show; is a homemade smoking device that most stoners have had the pleasure of using.



In fact, many times this bong is your very first make-shift piece and will get you baked many times over.


Today we’ll be talking exactly on how you can make your very own “Wilfred Bong” with a few house hold items.


Let’s get cracking!




 Plastic Bottle – Gatorade bottle, PowerAde bottle even a coke bottle could work.

 Bic Pen

 Tinfoil

 Reefer

 Lighter


Step 1 – Make a hole in the bottle


The first step is to make a hole, large enough for the pen to fit through in the side of the bottle. Don’t do it “too low”, but somewhere about a third way up from the bottom of the bottle. Use your lighter to heat the plastic and then force the pen through it at an angle.


Make sure that the pen reaches the bottom of the bottle.


You’ll also make a secondary hole to the top of the mouth piece. This is your carb hole so it doesn’t have to be big. You’ll also want to position this hole on the left hand or right hand side of your bowl so you’re thumb can cover it when you take a hit.


Step 2 – Make a Bowl


Secondly you will make a bowl with the aluminum foil. The best way to achieve this is to use your pen as a guide. Make a square with the aluminum foil and begin to roll it around the pen. Make sure that you only roll about ¾ of the tinfoil with the pen and leave 1/3 over. Make sure that you fan out the remaining part with your finger.


Once you have rolled the entire length of the foil, you can make a bend on the top of the foil to make the bowl. Simply fold it upwards and you’re set.


Step 3 – Insert the pen


You’ll need to remove the inside of the pen and the caps on both end. The pen needs to be hollow like a straw. Once you have done this, you can insert the pen at an angle into the bottle. Once the Pen stem is in place, reattach the bowl.


You should now have a functioning bong.


Step 4 – Add Water and Weed


Now all that is needed is for you to add water to your bong. Do this by pouring water into the mouth piece and make sure that the water level does not surpass the “hole” you created in the side of the bottle. You can always put some clay or bubblegum around the hole to make it more water tight.


Finally, pack the bowl full of weed and spark it up. Take a deep hit and release the carb hole right before you fill your lungs.


And there you have it, your very own “Wilfred Bong!”


Happy Tokes!


PS - Here is the Slideshare version for laptop viewing.



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