cannabis-infused disinfectant
cannabis-infused disinfectant

How to Make Cannabis-Infused Disinfectant at Home (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to make a cannabis-infused anti-bacterial spray for home use

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Reginald Reefer on Monday May 4, 2020

Let’s make some cannabis-infused disinfectant (NOT TO BE INJECTED!)

cannabis sanitizer disinfectant

Since everybody is going ‘Ape over Hygiene’ I think it’s high time we make a cannabis-infused anti-bacterial spray. This is something that should be a natural practice if you’re a regular smoker only because it would be a waste not to do this.


So let’s talk about cannabis as a disinfectant? Am I just making stuff up to write some ‘cannabis-themed’ article, or is there any viable scientific evidence to support that a cannabis anti-bacterial/anti-viral disinfectant would be effective?


Cannabis as an anti-bacterial?


If you’re smoking weed and didn’t know that cannabis has anti-bacterial properties – then today is your lucky day. It’s true – cannabis does seem to have some potent effects against some bacterial agents. A recent study from McMaster University showed that CBG – and potentially other cannabinoids – prevented certain bacteria from forming biofilms – which is an essential first step for bacterial growth.


The research team found that CBG had antibacterial activity against drug-resistant MRSA. It prevented the ability of that bacteria to form biofilms, which are communities of microorganisms that attach to each other and to surfaces; and it destroyed preformed biofilms and cells resistant to antibiotics. CBG achieved this by targeting the cell membrane of the bacteria. These findings in the laboratory were supported when mice with an MRSA infection were given CBG. – Source


As you can see – there is a lot of potential in this, and we’re literally only scratching the surface. Some researchers have known about this for decades – yet, due to the illegality of cannabis has never been fully explored.


Cannabis as an anti-viral agent?


When it comes to viruses – it gets a bit trickier. Some studies found that the anti-inflammatory properties of certain cannabinoids have a beneficial effect on some viruses, but in other cases led to a deeper progression of the virus mainly due to its anti-inflammatory properties. [Source]


However – it is also important to note that this study is roughly 10-years old, used cannabis from Mississippi and only considered the anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis. It didn’t take into consideration the effects of terpenoids, flavonoids and cannabinoids in conjunction.


The biggest problem about all of this comes down to the same old reasons;


There is a lack of research on cannabis and viral infections

There’s a great deal of speculation on all sides


It makes it difficult to definitively pinpoint how effective cannabis can be – especially since not all viruses are the same. Cannabis is by no means a cure-all and anybody who tells you that is a fanatic. Cannabis does provide benefit to humans – but it’s also not a magical genie that has super powers. Know the limits of everything.


I personally won’t commit to claiming anything until I know more. Thus – we’ll leave it as “not sure”.


Alcohol is used as a disinfectant


Rubbing alcohol, medical grade alcohol – we use this to disinfect tools for surgery. It makes sense to use it as a disinfectant during this pandemic.  However, if you’re a regular cannabis smoker – why not infuse the alcohol and give it that “something else”.


The beauty of this project is that it is incredibly simple to pull off – all you need to do is keep on smoking like you usually do.


How to make Cannabis-Infused Disinfectant


Don’t worry! You won’t be using actual weed to make the infusion – that would be a waste. Rather, you’ll be using the stems and excess “leafy-stuff”. Simply take a mason jar and either paint it black or wrap it with some electrical tape.


Then – when you’re cleaning some bud, throw all of your stems into the jar and seal it shut. It will take you a few weeks to get enough stems together to get a solid infusion but as long as you keep on smoking – you’ll get there!


A few weeks later – you can strain about half of the alcohol from the jar and put it in a leftover perfume bottle or any type of glass spray bottle you can find. You can probably order some from Amazon – fuck if I know.


Now – you’ll have a portable cannabis infused disinfectant that works amazingly well for;


Scratches & Bumps

Bug bites

Disinfecting shit

As a conversation starter like, “Oh – you want some cannabis-infused disinfectant…”


So many applications! Wow!


Wrapping the blunt…


If you have not been making your own cannabis-infused disinfectant yet – I hope this article inspires you to start. I have been doing this for years and it’s always great to have it on hand. It works wonders for mosquito bites and immediately alleviates the itching. It’s also got anti-inflammatory properties – albeit, not a whole lot, as well as anti-bacterial properties.


It’s probably the cheapest and most entertaining ways to go about getting your hands on some cannabis-infused disinfectant. 







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