How to share a joint without passing the coronavirus
How to share a joint without passing the coronavirus

How to Share a Joint without Sharing Corona: A Germophobe's Guide to Getting High

Here is how to puff, puff, pass, without sharing COVID-19 with your buddies!

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Apr 15, 2020

How to Share a Joint without Sharing Corona: A Germophobe's Guide to Getting High

how to pass a joint without passing the COVID-19

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has sent the whole world into severe emotional and economic frenzy with over 336,000 confirmed cases of the virus and close to 15,000 deaths globally. The disease causes flu-like symptoms like cough, fever, and in critical cases, difficulty breathing. Studies show that its major medium of transmission is via contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze. It also spreads by a person touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then transferring it to their eyes, nose, or mouth.

A Germophobe is someone who has an extreme fear of germs and an obsession with cleanliness. And in this critical period we are in, everyone should be a germophobe. When work is put on hold, and people are forced to stay at home indefinitely, a lot of people turn to cannabis as a way to relax and take the edge off.  So as a result of the lockdown, while staying at home trying to keep yourself safe, probably rolling some ganja to pass time or doing some weed rotation with family and loved ones. You need to follow some strict guidelines in other to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

We know smoking weed is, and has always been a way for people to bond and connect despite their race, finances, social status, and so on. Sadly, due to the current state of things in the world this wonderful social relationship is cautioned against. Sharing cannabis during this trying time carries the intrinsic risk of spreading diseases such as the Corona Virus. How then can you share a joint during this period without sharing Corona?

I'll recommend the following guidelines.


Don't Share Consumption Devices

Don't share your smoking utilities at all! You can share weed out of the same bags, but please don’t share consumption devices. Don't! Everyone should use their pipes, papers, bongs or dab rigs.  Viruses typically spread through human fluids. They can't survive for long in dry environments, sucking on a pipe and passing it to someone else is the surest way to spread anything.


Wipe Everything Down with Alcohol

Alcohol mixtures at 60 to 85 percent are best for destroying viruses.  Whenever you decide to share joints, pipes, or bongs, make sure there is Alcohol nearby. A quick wipe down with alcohol should get rid of viral contaminants located on any of the glass, silicone etc. Just make sure the alcohol is at 60 to 85 percent. Anything below 60 percent won't do much to the virus and anything above 85 percent won't be that effective too.


Torch the Pipe Between Hits

If you're sharing a basic portable glass pipe, you can simply flame the mouthpiece with a heat source. Subjecting the viral particles lingering on the mouthpiece to high temperatures can kill them. It's advisable that the flame be left in place for several seconds, especially on the outlets and the immediate regions surrounding it. Sometimes saliva will get inside of the mouthpiece, so you want to ensure you're cooking that inhalation-hole along with the part that the lips touch. Please don't use an actual torch as the name implies, it will shatter your pipe.


Use a Silicone or Rubber Mouthpiece

You can purchase small, removable silicone or rubber mouthpieces that fit on most bongs or dab rigs. These mouthpieces prevent your mouth from coming in contact with the glass, so your saliva won't mingle with everyone else's. Of course, these mouthpieces only work if you aren't sharing it. The mouthpiece should be regularly cleaned with either hot water and soap or with alcohol.


Rule #5: Wash Your Hands!

All of this advice means absolutely nothing if you fail to observe basic hygiene. Like I said before, your cleanliness game should be top-notch during this period. Wash your hands regularly and If you’re going to cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow, not in your hands or thin air.

Now should be the time that the rule of social distancing should apply to those that have access to your stuff. In the meantime, consider a switch to edibles or at the very least, roll your joint. Now’s not the time for sharing. It's highly recommended that the sharing of joints, blunts, and bongs be stopped, I know smoking with friends is a great way to share the pleasures of the cannabis plant but tough times call for tough measures and sharing a joint poses a high risk as viruses can easily spread this way.


Stay home, stay clean and stay safe out there.








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