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cannabis growers network

Setting up a Personal Cannabis Growers Network

Set up your own marijuana growers network if you can

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Jul 20, 2018

Setting up a Personal Cannabis Growers Network

How Do You Set Up Your Own Personal Marijuana Grow Network? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.

How to Crop Out Every Week

For those of you who are tired of buying reefer and would like to grow, there is a way you can crop out every week. The problem is, you won’t be able to do it by yourself.

Now, before we continue…odds are that irrespective of where you’re currently living [save a few places], growing cannabis is illegal. Nonetheless, some people will still take the risk to grow a few plants for personal consumption.

The problem with growing weed however is that it can take about six months for you to fully crop out and smoke your weed. Also, depending on the amount you are able to grow, you won’t get enough weed to last you for another six months.

Even if you have a double chamber grow room, meaning one room dedicated to flowering and another for vegging, you’re still looking at roughly 4 month cycles before you can grow your weed.

Within your average grow box, you can at most harvest an ounce per plant. Of course, you can increase the yield through Scrogging and the likes, but still, there will be a point when your gowing efforts simply won’t be enough to over your consumption rates.

So how do we solve this?


Start a Growers Network

The first thing you need to understand is the grow cycles of cannabis plants. It takes about 1 week to sprout. 4-6 weeks of vegging, 4-8 weeks of flowering, 3 days to flush, 1 week to dry and between 2-3 weeks to cure.

At most, we’re talking about 4-5 months per crop cycle. Considering that the average cannabis user consumes between 4-6 grams of cannabis per week, you’ll need at most 5 ounces of reefer to cover your consumption rates.

This means that you wouldn’t have enough cannabis to cover your consumption rates unless you’re growing between 6-8 plants.

That can get risky.

So what do you do?

You coordinate of course.


Setting up the Growers Network

To make this work, you’ll need at least 3-4 additional participants. You would need to vet these people not to be idiots.

Every grower involved within your network must keep quiet about what they are doing. They must be knowledgeable in growing pot and should be able to maintain a level of discretion with all their endeavors. If they get caught, they should be able to take the blame by themselves and not involve or sell out any of the other growers in the network.

The biggest issue with grower’s networks is that when one falls, the rest could fall too. This is only true if you have unvetted growers that would rat you out to save their own asses.

Let’s say you have your candidates.

In our example, we’ll have 4 growers within the network.

Each grower will grow between 4-6 plants per grow. In order for the cycles to work, you’ll need to ensure that every grower operates a Dual Chamber Grow (one for vegging and one for flowering).

Then it’s about synchronizing the grow cycles.

Follow this chart;

Grower 1 – Starts germinating the seeds on week 1

Grower 2 – Starts germinating the seeds on Week 3

Grower 3 – Starts germinating the seeds on Week 5

Grower 4 – Starts germinating the seeds on Week 7


Considering that it takes about 4-6 weeks for the vegging cycle, Grower 3 will start germinating when Grower 1 enters into the Flowering Stage.

Considering that it can take between 6-8 weeks for the flowering cycle to be completed. Grower 4 will start germinating roughly halfway into Grower 1’s first flowering cycle.

By the time that Grower one crops out, Grower 2 will be about 2 weeks from cropping out as well. This means, that from the moment of the first crop out cycle, the Grower’s network would produce a crop out roughly every 2 weeks.

Depending on what lights the Grower’s network used, (we’ll go low with CFL), they probably cropped out 20 grams per plant. With 4 plants, we’re talking about 80 grams more or less. If the yield was low, we can expect half.

Since I’m a pessimist at heart, we’ll take the low end as our average yield per crop cycle (40 grams)

Considering that the average cannabis consumer smokes between 5-10 grams a week, this amount should be more than enough to have a heavy supply of freshly cured cannabis every 2 weeks.

Once the grower’s cycle is completed, you start the process over. It should look like this;

Grower 1 – Starts germinating the seeds on week 1

Grower 2 – Starts germinating the seeds on Week 3

Grower 3 – Starts germinating the seeds on Week 5

Grower 4 – Starts germinating the seeds on Week 7

Grower 1 – Starts Germinating Seeds on Week 9 for the 2nd cycle

Grower 2 – starts germinating seeds on week 11 for the 2nd cycle

Grower 3 – starts germinating seeds on week 13 for the 2rd cycle

Grower 4 – starts germinating seeds on week 15 for the 2nd cycle

Following this pattern, you should be able to grow enough cannabis to be burning blunts like there’s no tomorrow with a limited investment.

A grower’s network is an ideal way to create a closed loop supply chain. A way to always have a diverse selection of fresh buds coming in bi-weekly.


Setting up a Personal Marijuana Growers Network from CannabisNet on Vimeo.








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