What is reclaim
What is reclaim

What is Cannabis Reclaim? (Is it Worth Saving?)

Can you smoke or vape marijuana reclaim from your bong or pipe?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Aug 10, 2020

What is Reclaim and is it worth saving?


what is reclaim

The common phrase “saving for rainy days” may apply more to the usage of cannabis than many think. There are times when a cannabis user might not have access to purchase the beneficial product or times when there is a bit of a drawback in terms of funds needed to make purchase. Times like these can be very tough on a regular cannabis user, however, there is a good concept that such users can apply that can easily act as an umbrella to protect them from being wet on such rainy days. One such concept is what we refer to in the cannabis world as 'reclaim'.

What is Reclaim?

Reclaim in cannabis refers to the resinous remains of cannabis concentrates that are collected in dab rigs. They refer to vaporized forms of cannabis that are accumulated after they have been used in the dab rigs. The concept may not seem acceptable right now when the gooey nature of reclaim is considered along with the fact that they are usually dark and oily but the evident high concentration of cannabinoids embedded in them can easily change your mind.

Reclaim has a very good concentration of decarboxylated cannabinoids which has accounted for the reason why many users collect it for reuse and to apply in it in other forms in order to benefit from the medical and recreational benefits of the cannabinoids. There still is a lot of back and forth on reclaim as it applies to the taste and flavor seeing as the terpenes that account for taste are all but gone, however, the efficacy of reclaim cannot be debated anywhere.

Is it worth saving?

After being used in dab rigs and have accumulated, the composition of cannabinoids in reclaim is decarboxylated which makes them good to be infused into edibles. The very argument of the loss of taste and flavor which makes reclaim different from fresh cannabis concentrates cannot be avoided, but reclaim can be used in three different ways after being collected from dab rigs. The collected reclaim can be reused and will still show good efficacy, it can be swallowed seeing as the cannabinoids are decarboxylated already and will give the needed effect, and finally, it can be incorporated into different types of edibles.

So, to answer the question if it is worth saving, the answer will be a strong yes as the benefits that are present in cannabis cannot be overemphasized. If safety is the issue, be rest assured that reclaim is safe to use inasmuch as it is collected properly and stored in the right way to prevent a reduction in quality. Instead of disposing, reclaim can easily be stored carefully and reused, saving the user money while also providing the needed benefit.

How to collect Reclaim  

After the question of whether is it beneficial to collect reclaim has been answered, the focus will then shift to the right way to collect reclaim because it is important that reclaim is collected the right way in order to ensure that it does not change in composition and quality. There are three common ways to collect reclaim which will be thoroughly expatiated below.

The first method of collection of reclaim involves the use of a dab rig that contains a drop down which is specifically used to collect reclaim. The drop down is specifically used to collect reclaim from the dab rig and after then, it is removed and heated to allow for the reclaim to be collected from it. The drop down is heated in a way such that the flame is not allowed to come close to the reclaim so as not to burn the reclaim but just close enough to allow the heat to remove the reclaim. The reclaim is then collected in a parchment paper placed under the drop down ready to be stored and reused.

The second method of collection of reclaim generally applies to dab rigs that do not have a drop down and by such the reclaim is collected by turning the dab rig upside down and the rig is heated by the sides to allow the accumulated resinous reclaim to be collected over parchment paper. It is important to avoid water in the rig when collecting by this method to avoid it affecting the reclaim.

The third way of collecting reclaim is by the use of a suitable solvent like ethanol to dissolve the reclaim. The solvent is added to the rig to dissolve the rig which can be further facilitated by the agitation of the rig. After the reclaim is dissolved in the solvent, the mixture is heated in a heating plate in order to evaporate the solvent and collect the reclaim.

What do you think of Reclaim? Is it worth saving? Drop your opinion in the comment section below.






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