true living cannabis water
true living cannabis water

What is 'True Living Cannabis Water' and Why are Growers So Excited About It?

True living cannabis water is a great way to maximize your water nutrients

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christalcann on Thursday Sep 30, 2021

What is True Living Cannabis Water?

true living marijuana water

Growers are now producing cannabis with very high cannabinoid compounds through the use of true living organisms.

The Rev, a true living organics blogger has disclosed a simpler version of producing killer buds using only living cannabis water.

Most times, when people hear about the concept of true living cannabis cultivation, they become confused about the various steps involved. The Rev published his easy-to-understand review on true living cannabis water on the Skunk website.


About the Rev.

The Rev is a seasoned cannabis cultivation that has learned the art of producing high-quality cannabis plants with the use of an all-natural living process. He also has a book under his name which is vastly selling in various stores.

The book is titled True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide To Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors.


The Dynamic Of Living Cannabis Water

Several centuries ago, before the evolution of man and the creation of polluting substances, the earth's components were made of living organisms. The soil and water were literally living. Over time, as humans began to evolve and utilize their large brains, a lot of pollutants were created and most of these living components were destroyed.

Like humans, all cultivated plants must consume loving water. In humans, living water helps to improve the diversity of beneficial microbes in the gut. Makes one wonder why humans now drink water that has been treated with chlorine and monochloramine compounds that do not favor the growth of these gut microbes.

Cannabis also needs living water which would improve the state of the soil and provide more nutrients that would heighten the productivity of the plant.

The Rev points out in his article that instead of using chlorine compounds, the Bioremediation process can be used to sterilize water instead. He said that his family, pets, and plants all drink living dechlorinated groundwater. Although, he pointed out that the qualities of the living water he and his partner take are different from the one he gives to animals and plants.

Home-grown cannabis plants can be greatly improved by the use of living water. The Rev wrote in his publication that cannabis water can make a huge difference in the final result of your cultivated cannabis plants.

True living cannabis water can significantly enhance any variety of cannabis, even the highly exotic varieties.


Making Your Cannabis Water

The Rev shared his steps for making living dechlorinated water. The process simply is to dechlorinate groundwater to allow microbes to survive in it.


First, what is groundwater?

Groundwater literally means water from the ground. It includes water obtained from springs, wells, lakes, rivers, and even city tap/municipal water.

Proper groundwater has a PPM value of not less than 10 PPM. Low-quality groundwater either has a lesser PPM value or PPM values that are above 100.


Low PPM groundwater: This refers to water that has less than 10 PPM. The water in this category includes rainwater, snow, distilled water, and water filtered using the reverse osmosis technique.


High PPM water: This refers to water with a PPM value that is higher than 100. 'This type of water is commonly referred to as hard water.


According to The Rev, since groundwater is dechlorinated, microbes begin to appear in it. They survive on the dissolved minerals which are present in the water. The Rev added that aerating the water with an air pump can also improve the microbial activity going on.


The Rev also disclosed that he makes use of a dual-active carbon filtration unit to dechlorinate his tap water.  His equipment has a CTO plus carbon filter cartridges.


Once the chlorine has been removed, he aerates the water with an air-stone pump. He explained in his article on the Skunk website that Groundwater is full of minerals and microbes will always show up once a source of nourishment is detected.


The three basic components in living water are Water, Minerals, and Air.

All you need to buy is a food-grade water storage container, air stones, air pumps, airlines, gallon buckets, and your dual filtering unit, preferably one that uses activated carbon monochloramine.


Making Your Living Water Cannabis Friendly

The Rev listed a few points that can be used to enhance the obtained groundwater to make it more efficient for cannabis plants.

Recommended value of PPM for groundwater intended for cannabis cultivation should be between 40 to 80 PPM.

Using low PPM water or hard water should be avoided.

If the groundwater source in your location is above 100 PPM, it could be detrimental to the growth of your cannabis plants. This is because excess salts will begin to build up in the container used to grow the plant. Softened water with less than 10 PPM is also filled with mineral salts which can be toxic to the plants.

The Rev suggests that hard water can be diluted with softened water to reduce its PPM value. Low PPM water can also be diluted with High PPM water to increase its PPM value.

Another way to reduce or increase PPM levels in groundwater is to use the reverse osmosis (R/O) filtering technique.


Other Tips

If after trying all the above recommendations you still have your groundwater being a PPM value that is below 60, The Rev suggests that you can bubble the water with dolomite lime. After doing this, you can then figure out the ratios of softened and hard water you need to mix to produce the best cannabis water with 50 to 60 PPM value.


Note that the dolomite lime has to be in powdered form. This product can be purchased online or in respectable nursery stores. The Rev pointed out that if the store only has granule or pelletized dolomite lime, you must purchase the product that says 'Fast Acting' on the label. Otherwise, it would not serve the expected purpose.


There you have it; True Cannabis Living Water!

Now, you know all about making living water that would make your exotic cannabis varieties appear stunning, as well as have high cannabinoid buds after harvest.








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