marijuana grants
marijuana grants

Cannabis Grants - The Secret Marijuana Funding Source No One is Telling You About Right Now

Can cannabis companies get grants? Do they have to be touching the flower?

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Thom Baccus on Thursday Mar 12, 2020

Cannabis Grants - The Secret Marijuana Funding Source No One is Telling You About Right Now

cannabis grants marijuana grants

Cannabis grants are a new funding source that no one in the media is discussing for cash strapped cannabis companies, but what are they all about and how do you get one? sits down with one of the leading experts in grant writing and getting cannabis grants, Jeannie Sample of Grant Money Express, a BBB rated grant sourcing company.


What is a grant and who gives out grants?

Grants are funds given by one party (grant makers or grantors), from government, big corporations, foundations or a trust, and does not have to be paid back by the recipient. That’s right. It can be given out to an individual, a for-profit company or a nonprofit business. There are, at any given time, trillions of dollars in grant money available, even for cannabis. We often say there are as many grants available as the number of stars in the sky.


You mentioned foundations. What is a foundation?

A foundation can be any entity (many times wealthy families, companies, charities etc) that gives out money like a grantor will give out money. There are private and public foundations.


Do you have to be a nonprofit to get a grant?

No, you don’t. There are grants for growing and/or starting for-profit businesses, as well as nonprofits.


What types of businesses can be funded by grants or foundations?

Just about any business can be funded. There is a long list of possible different genres where anyone can get grant money. Stop off at to get an idea of all the things you can do with grant money.


Now, let’s switch to cannabis, are there grants out there for cannabis companies?

A year and a half ago, we were asked that question, and there wasn’t any grant money for cannabis, but times have changed. Now there is grant money for starting or growing a cannabis business (covering all kinds of expenses). It could be for a growing, dispensary, medical research, making products out of Hemp, CBD products and so much more. It is the hottest and fastest growing industry here in 2020. Cannabis businesses, both for-profit and nonprofits, are flourishing and making millions.


 Why haven’t I heard of grants before?

Grants and foundations have been around a very long time, but it is a difficult task. Just learning the business is daunting. There are many steps to the process, such finding the money offered that fits your project, writing a proposal with stellar writing experience and knowing what they prefer to see, submitting proposals and applications and follow up. Just the research alone takes years of experience. It’s best to hire an expert.


Grants are also a moving target, so that makes them difficult as well. Grants and foundations usually have a specific deadline dates when your proposal and/or application have to be submitted. Tomorrow, there may be a completely different set of grants available with different guidelines.


Another huge reason you don’t hear about getting grants is people who have gotten grant money, don’t want you to know. You may be their competition and they don’t want that, next time they apply for a grant. They also like to claim bragging rights that they made the money all by themselves.


Do you have to be “touching the flower” and doing research, or what kind of companies can apply for a cannabis grant?

As we mentioned, grants are a moving target and at any given time there can be various types of grants available. Many can be without “touching the flower”. Hiring the best researcher is the key to finding the best grants.


What is the grant writing process like for a cannabis company?


RESEARCH: First comes the ever-important research. Finding the right grants is imperative to your project. You won’t find them on Google, that’s for sure as even our 10 researchers have to rely on their connections and deep down research techniques.

GUIDELINES FOR EACH GRANT: Next you will have to read all the guidelines and qualifications it takes from each grantor. This can be a long and deeply intense process and as big as a large book.

WRITING THE PROPOSALS: You will need to write the following in kick-ars style: a cover letter or application form, business plan, resume(s), and expenditure sheet in categories. The expenditure sheet must show how you plan to spend the money and a projection of time in which you want to spend the money.  Make sure you have a website. Contact us for details on a website for as little as $20 a month, no money upfront.


SUBMITTING THE PROPOSALS:  Each grantor or foundation has its own way of doing things and how they want proposals submitted. Follow the directions carefully or you will be rejected quickly.


HAVING PATIENCE: Now the waiting begins. Grantors take their own sweet time but foundations can be speedy. We try to find foundations that will give us a “yes or no” answer within 90-100 days. Grantors can take from 10-18 months, on the average to give a “yes or no” answer. Be prepared you maybe denied (mostly due to the competition filing proposals as well). We automatically research a new grant or foundation and replace those denied.


Don’t expect the grantors or foundations to barter with you on your numbers from the expenditure sheet. They will either say “yes or no”. So be very accurate with your numbers. They are not going to give you more money in each category than you have written down.


Do NOT spend the money before it is approved. They will not pay you back what you have spent.


Do NOT ask for money for a very specific piece of property or specific brand of vehicle etc., etc. It may be sold by the time you go to buy it and you are limiting what you can buy. Stay general, such as truck, property/apartment, warehouse or whatever it is you want and need for the business.


Once I get approval for the grant, do I get a nice fat check?

Grantors and foundations are going to approve you based on the categories and monies you put in your expenditure list. Let’s say you want a new truck, with company graphics on it, and you are ready to buy that truck. Get an invoice from the dealership and send it in to the grantor or foundation. You have to have proof of each expenditure.


Do the grantors want to watch your business and check up on you?

No and in the grant proposal, they don’t ask for your credit rating and put you under a magnifying glass, unless you are writing for a governmental grant.


How can someone apply for a cannabis grant?  How can they contact you, email, website?

We’ve been around for over 15 yrs and we have 10 researchers on staff to find those grants you need. We have a very high success rate and we are with the Better Business Bureau with an A plus rating. We believe in communication and personalized service. We also have a Business Plan Writer on staff to help you.

You can reach us at

Check us out on

Our phone number is #586-292-8814     

Ask how we do things differently than other grant writers.








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