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cbd dosage calculator

CBD Dosage Calculator - How Much CBD Should You Be Taking?

Startup Spotlight Looks at CBD Dosage Calculator

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HighChi on Wednesday Nov 7, 2018
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What is CBD Dosage Calculator? sat down to find out how the CBD dosage calculator even got created! 


cbd dosage calculator


Let’s say you’re someone with ulcerative colitis… Your conventional medication isn’t working, and you’ve heard about CBD; you read about all of the cool benefits of CBD and its’ positive effects on ulcerative colitis. Great! The next step is to find a dosage that is effective for that ailment… BOOM, NOTHING! That’s essentially what happened. My wife (who has UC) asked me to find a dosage for CBD that she should take to put her into remission. What I thought would be a two minute google search turned into an hour that turned into two. After doing some deep web diving, I finally found a medium dosage that people posted about on various forums that are specific for that ailment. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of resources online regarding dosing with CBD for specific ailments or conditions. A lot of the information out there is scattered among blogs, forums and what not. Many run into the problem of having to do a lot of trial and error with their CBD Dosage and may discouraged because they may have not taken enough for CBD to be effective.  So, I came up with an idea to research and collect the rich and valuable data from user experience forums, blogs, posts, and studies and to convert it into what is now,


  •  What are you own personal feelings on CBD? Do you use it? Experience?

I am a huge advocate for its’ use. As mentioned above, my wife has ulcerative colitis. UC is a gastral disorder that causes long-lasting inflammation and ulcers (sores) in your digestive tract. I have watched my wife go from being very ill, writhing in pain, and barely able to eat, to a healthy remissive lifestyle! She had taken a lot of different UC medication in the past, cannabidiol was the first ever supplement that put her into remission after her diagnosis. This alone had me viscerally advocate its’ use.  I myself take it prophylactically and always carry a sense of well being with its’ use.


  •  What do you feel is the best way to digest CBD and would CBD dose calculator adjust for different ways to take CBD?  For example, vaping CBD or using tinctures?

There is a lot of information out there about taking CBD via ingestion or inhalation. Typically it is known that when ingested, it takes longer to metabolize. Oral sublingual ingestion seems to be the more popular method of consumption because effects are reported to last 8-12 when contrasted with the 2-4 hours of reported effects when vaped.


  • What aliments are you seeing people coming to the site using CBD for?  ADD, Anxiety, etc?

Anxiety and Pain seem to be the two prevalent dosages submitted to our own user hosted survey.


  •  Can you overdose on CBD?  What would happen if you took too much one day?

When people take to much CBD, lethargy, drowsiness and general stomach distress seems to be the prevalent effect of taking too much CBD. However, one would have to take A LOT to experience those side effects, so it’s quite rare. There are users dosing 1500 mg chronically on a daily basis and experience no adverse effects.


  •  Do men and women have different CBD dose levels?  Can the dosage calculator account for stuff like gender and weight?

Gender doesn’t show a lot of multi-variance in our survey results however weight does. We received some arguments that don’t agree with “weight” as being a factor that determines one’s possible dosage.  However, our user submitted surveys show a pretty strong correlation of weight to dosage variance. This is one of the reasons I love what I’m doing with this project. Research on CBD is in its’ infancy, and we get the opportunity to collect information that may help progress the knowledge that we have on CBD in general.


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