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Startup Spotlight - How Copper CBD Took the CBD Space by Storm

What is Copper CBD and how did they become one of the hottest brands in CBD?

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christalcann on Monday Jan 11, 2021 got to sit down with one of the hottest brands in the CBD space right now, Copper CBD, and ask them how they got into the CBD space, and what secrets are they using to get so big, so fast?  This week's startup spotlight sits down with Jeff Logan of Copper CBD to find out how they picked the name, and how they are kililng it in the CBD game.

what is copper cbd

How did you first get interested in the CBD or hemp space, what has the “Ah, ha” moment?

Growing up on a farm in California, there was always some home remedy for this ailment or that cold.  Finding CBD for aches and pains opened our eyes to a new type of old medicine.  It felt natural and good to use a product that we could watch grow, be harvested, and manufactured into something that would help with the aches and pains almost as well as grandmother’s chicken soup.

Why did you decide a line of CBD products was your best move?

We decided that having a line of our own CBD would let us offer the same comfort and care to people that we have always received.  No one wants to be in pain, or be anxious, or sleep poorly.  We found that CBD has helped with all of those things through personal experience.  We wanted to provide access to people to affordable and quality CBD.

Where does the name Copper CBD come from?

Copper has long been referred to as “the healing metal” and is known for providing numerous health benefits, both healing and preventative. Copper is crucial to your health and wellbeing. This metal and its virtuous attributes have inspired our brand, COPPER CBD.

 What makes Copper CBD different from other brands?

Copper CBD is the best because we don’t cut corners.  We have taken the time and care to develop partnerships with the best a select group of hemp farmers.  We choose our farmers based off their commitment to premium raw products and the best extraction processes. And lastly, we are committed to continuous improvement through customer feedback and forward thinking to provide the best product possible. We really want our customers to be happy with their products and find value in what they are getting from us.

If you could give advice to someone just starting out in the hemp/CBD space in 2021, what would you tell them?

First focus on what you need.  If you have pain or want to sleep better or just relax, identify what your primary goal is.  Then reach out, let us help you figure out the best product for you.  Most people working the CBD industry really want to share the positive impact of CBD with other people. 

Second, start small.  Sample different products and see how you feel.  Getting the correct product and dosage is different for every person. 

And of course, have fun with it.  Maybe try a gummy or a body lotion.  See where it takes you.

What is one thing you wish you could do over when setting up in the CBD space or getting Copper CBD started?

I wish we would have started sooner! 

Are you a fan of the new bill to raise the hemp CBD guidelines to up to 1% THC?

Absolutely.  It gives people choice into what they put into their own bodies.  If people want CBD with a small increase in THC they should have the opportunity to purchase it.  It will remain at such a relatively low level the focus of the product would still be health and wellness.

How can people contact you about Copper CBD?  Email, social media?

On our website at or on Instagram @coppercbd

 What one celebrity would you like to see endorse Copper CBD if money was no object?

Joe Rogan- he would give an honest assessment of our product and I think we would be able to stand to the scrutiny.  

Are there any new products that we should expect from Copper CBD in the future?

Yes! We’ll be expanding our line to include more edibles like CBD honey, topicals like CBD dermal patches, and lastly CBD vapes and e-liquids. We’ll also be introducing our own Delta-8! We’re so excited for what the future holds.

Any coupon codes to use for viewer so they can try out your CBD?

Please use “ILOVECOPPERCBD” for 20% off your first 10 orders!









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