Seed Fair seed bank
Seed Fair seed bank

The Seed Fair Seed Bank - How the Best Seed Bank Gets Their Famous Seeds

Is The Seed Fair seed bank the best seed bank in the world?

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christalcann on Thursday Oct 5, 2023

seed fair seed bank got to sit down and ask the hottest seed bank on the planet and ask what is going on with cannabis seeds around the world and how did Seed Fair get the best reputation online for selling high performing cannabis seeds. 


  • What is the Seed Fair and how did you get started?


The Seed Fair is a Premium Cannabis Seed Bank that was started back in 2014.We decided to open up our company after many years of growing.We started back in the 1990’s growing our own cannabis flower in warehouses across North America.We tested many different strains over the years and was able to get ahold of a lot of seeds through great contacts as well as clones.


We then started to look for as many different strains as possible, finding exotic seeds through international breeders.Growing, testing, germinating, we documented a lot of different breeders and to see what strains and genetics were performing the best.


It was a great experience, and after all those years we finally decided to open up our seed bank so that we could showcase everything that we found.


  • You sell over 1,200 cannabis strain choices; how did you get so big or get that many strains?

For so many years we were holding an inventory of about 250 strains at one time.  This is still a high number to keep always in stock and keep fresh.  Each month we were able to come across new strains that we could add to our seed collection.  If they were a good breeder, and the strain was popular online we would buy a 100 of each new strain.  As time went on, we accumulated as many as we could.  If we ever thought to ourselves wow one day we would have 1200 strains on our inventory list we would have laughed at ourselves.  But here we are!  One of the challenges now that we face is to keep in contact with all the different breeders for these strains.  Making sure that one they still hold the product we need and as well make sure the quality stays the same.  We are still testing and trying as we go along, and now the fun part is to continue searching to see if we can find better.


  • Where do you get your seeds from? All over the world?


All these strains come from all over the world.At first we started more with local Breeders throughout Canada and the US.Then our sights led us to other places such as Europe, Africa and Mexico.Spain and the Netherlands were two of the bigger countries that we were able to find many great quality products.


  • What would you tell someone trying to get the cannabis industry in 2023?

If you are looking to start in the Cannabis industry today our best advice is to start small.  Making sure that every product you are using and selling holds great value and quality.  Today the competition is much higher than it was years ago.  However if you are able to stick to using only great genetics your brand and business can go along way. 



  • What are some of your most popular strains and seeds?


We have many different strains that our customers look for.However it is the basics and the usual suspects that many still seek and love.Lately we have found a great deal of sales in these strains we hold on our website:

strawberry cough cannabis seeds

Strawberry Cough Seeds - Check prices and shipping!


This unique strain is like a delicious strawberry treat from your garden.Many customers describe this product as one of the best tasting on the market.It is described as being very fresh and fruity with earthy undertones.Strawberry Cough Seeds do not pack a powerful punch but comes in smooth as it hosts only a 18% level of THC.The sativa dominance of 80% will leave you feeling uplifted, energetic and perfect for a social setting.

freakshow cannabis seeds


Freakshow Seeds - Check latest specials on Freakshow seeds!


Freakshow is very hard to come by as the unique leaf structure is the first thing that customers are looking for.The novel like fern leaves makes this plant a marijuana deformity.When you get close to this Cannabis Plant, the aroma is of cheese and undertones of cream.The taste however is completely different as it boasts flavors of orange, grapefruit, and pineapple.The effects are not overwhelming as it sports a 18% level of THC as well.

jealousy cannabis seeds

Jealousy Seeds - Check prices and specials!


Jealousy Seeds is a new up and coming strain that has been taking over our seed bank.There are many aspects of this strain that make it so popular!If it is not the 30% THC level, then it’s the amazing terpene profile this newly cannabis seed is holding.Caryophyllene, Limonene which is very common in many strains, and with the addition of Myrcene.The combination of these terpenes is what brings out the well balanced qualities of Jealousy.Once you reach the flowering stage, you will notice the citrus, nutty, pungent aroma that comes from this marijuana plant.Combine this with Indica’s relaxing body high and Sativa’s cerebral experience you have come to the right place.


  • For new growers that buy your seeds, what are 2 pieces of advice you could give them when starting a new grow?

The best advice is to germinate properly.  There are many different type of methods out there.  However we found one method to do quite well with many different strains.  Strains are unique and even though you maybe quite successful a certain way of germinating, it may not work well without strains.  A few tips that we can suggest to try and reach a higher percentage of germination.

  1.  Do not enclose the seeds in a plastic container, air sealed and or in plastic bags.  Seeds need air and we recommend always to use the plate method as it keeps it covered and warm while allowing some oxygen.

  2. Try to always use distilled water.  Every location has different levels of chlorine and other chemicals that can disrupt the seeds.  Distilled water keeps the environment safe for the product and consistent. 

  3. Do not store seeds in the fridge or freezer.  Keep your seeds in a cool dry and dark place.  Refrigeration temperatures can change depending on what is in your fridge.  Keep it out as you will be able to maintain your seeds for a longer period of time.

Our products all come with a full germination guide as well as tips to help our customers germinate their seeds at a higher percentage. 


  • How can someone contact you?  Email? Social media?

We are available on our website The Seed Fair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our chat on the website can handle any immediate questions.  The chat we have are real people as we do not use bots or AI.  We find that our clients love the option of speaking to someone live.  If you are looking for more growing questions, or details on an order you can reach us at


  •  Do you ship to all 50 states and Canada?  Do you have a coupon code for readers?

Yes we do!  We are shipping right now to every State in the US and as well all province in Canada.  We use USPS for tracking and everyone is emailed a tracking number after their order.  Our aim is to get your order out the next day.  We have now recently opened our shipping to Australia as well.  Later we will look to other countries such as Europe.

If you are looking for 25% off your next order use our coupon code for readers:  cannabisnet25% on your next order.

Click here to start shopping for cannabis seeds at the Seed Fair!





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