montreal dispensaries
montreal dispensaries

Montreal Dispensaries Have A Flavorful Amount Of Cannabis

Dispensaries in Montreal Are An Excellent Visit

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Feb 22, 2017

Montreal Dispensaries



Montreal, often referred to as the Paris of Canada, is home to several great dispensaries.  Montreal dispensaries are chock-full of an excellent variety of cannabis products. From herb, topicals, edibles, concentrates, and paraphernalia, you can’t go wrong visiting any of Montreal’s dispensaries.



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During the warmer months, walking is a good way to get around especially in the Old Montreal area. Visiting several dispensaries during the day will be a breeze; just don’t do so during the winter months because sidewalks can become icy and hazardous. You’ll need a good pair of winter boots that are equipped with a grip feature if you want to walk around Montreal dispensaries during the winter. Another option is to take the famous Underground City of Montreal to get around. Called the RESO, the Underground City connects a number of pedestrian corridors that connect the subway to important points in the city including office complexes, shopping centres, and other subway areas. Other ways you can get around in Montreal include taxi, bus, metro, or by car.


Montreal dispensaries, although many have French names, have English-speaking budtenders that are friendly and knowledgeable. Finding the cannabis products that you need will be no problem in the French-speaking city, even if you’ve never set foot in France before. Why don’t you try something different for a change and ask a dispensary about their most popular strains? Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised: Canada is home to some of the world’s best bud anyway.



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Most of Montreal dispensaries are located downtown in the city center. After visiting Montreal dispensaries, make sure that you visit the several important landmarks in the city. After all, Montreal is an important center for culture and heritage; and there are many historical attractions that shouldn’t be missed. Old Montreal is where you’ll find most of the historical sights that are worth visiting. Have a toke then go explore the buildings, most of which were built during the 17th to the 19th century; as well as the museums and the 45 meter clock tower which is a perfect point to take in exhilarating views of the St. Lawrence River.




Montreal also has numerous green areas, all of which are ideal for relaxing after you’ve had a good toke. Parc Jean-Drapeau is highly recommended; it also features an artificial beach, outdoor pool complex, and the Montreal Casino. If you aren’t too stoned to take photographs, bring your camera around since one of the city highlights is the beautiful street art which make for great pictures.



If getting active while you’re stoned is more of your cup of tea, you might want to check out some cross-country skiing, ice skating, water sports, or bike routes.



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The most common zip code searches when our customers look for Montreal dispensaries are:  

H3G 1M8



H3G 1M8

H1A 1Y1

H1A 1A1

H1C 1S5

H1A 3K2

H1B 5L6

H1B 4B4

H1C 1N4

H1C 1K2

H1A 0A2

H1C 1A2

H1A 5C9

H1A 5C2

H1B 5P4


Use our map and you won’t have any difficulties finding Montreal dispensaries. We also provide you with all the time-saving information that you need to locate the most convenient dispensary. These include reviews, social media accounts, contact information, operating hours and more. We’ve got you covered for all your Montreal dispensary needs.













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