Weed Shark Tank
Weed Shark Tank

Weed Shark Tank Is Coming

Cannabis Investors and Startups Come Together

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Oaktree on Tuesday May 17, 2016

Weed Shark Tank


Are you an investor looking to diversify your portfolio into something a bit more green?  Are you an emerging cannabis company looking for some funding and to show the world your next big idea?  Well then you need to be at the Weed Shark Tank.


Okay, it is not really called that, but you get the point.


On June 15th at the Javits Center in New York City, MJIC Media and the Marijuana Investor Summit will present a full day of sharks, investors, angels, start ups, and everything in between.  The day is called Cannabis Capital Growth Summit.


Randy Shipley, chief revenue officer at MJIC, and the event's organizer sums it up, “Attendees will learn about innovation in investing as well, including Reg A+ and different approaches to debt financing. This is where you learn how to be a venture cannabist.” With legal barriers coming down by the day, is it a good time to look into beefing up your portfolio with some cannabis investments?  Shipley thinks so.  “The frontier cannabis market is being settled and now is the time for investors and entrepreneurs to stake their claim. Our goal with this seminar is to guide both groups towards success,” Shipley said.


If you had to ask what debt financing is or what is Reg A requirements, then you need to be there to learn about how funding works in the early stages of cannabis culture. 


Some of the features of the seminar, which is happening in conjunction with the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition in New York City, are as follows.


  • Emerging company presentations;
  • Cannabis compliance seminar;
  • Public company pitches
  • Micro funds and seed capital;
  • Reg A+—the crossroads of crowd funding and cannabis; and
  • Superior peer-to-peer networking.


Interested in hitting the Big Apple and either presenting your idea or becoming an investor?  Check out the link below and sign up today.


Sign up for the Cannabis World Congress and Cannabis Venture Summit on June 15th.


Cannabis.net will be there, so make sure you say HI!




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