What is the Emerald Triangle
What is the Emerald Triangle

What is the Emerald Triangle? - Does the Best Weed in the World Really Grow There?

Does the Emerald Triangle in California really produce the best cannabis in the world?

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday May 5, 2021

What is the Emerald Triangle?

what is the emerald triangle

If you have watched the docuseries "Sasquatch" by Hulu or "Murder Mountain"; a docuseries by Netflix, you'd have an inkling of what goes on in Emerald Triangle.

Located in the northern area of California—about 85 miles north of San Francisco to be precise— lies a lush and green mysterious locality that serves as the prime location for growing the best and highest amount of cannabis in the United States of America.

Yes, that's the Emerald Triangle!

In this article, you'll get to know about the amazing and also chilling truths of the tri-county Emerald Triangle; Its history, and what endears the area to cannabis farmers.


Emerald Triangle

The name " Emerald Triangle" was well thought out. Emerald was used to denoting the green color of the vast marijuana plants that can be found throughout the area. "Triangle" was used to denote that the area was the point three separate counties met. These three counties are Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt counties. These three locales make up the three sides of the triangle.

Like I said, well thought out. Thus, the Emerald Triangle.

The union of these counties boasts of more cannabis than any other area in the states. Added to the fact that their products are of premium quality and considered one of the best in the world.

The area is surrounded by hills and a free expanse of land. The population in each of these counties is sparse compared to other parts of California. The isolated nature of the area makes it perfect for some of its illegal cannabis cultivation.


Becoming Emerald Triangle

The transition of a lush area of land into what is now considered the "cannabis holy land" in the united states is astounding.

In 1967, there was a 'summer of Love' movement in San Francisco, it was a social sensation whose movement revolved around a countercultural back-to-the-land initiative.

The event saw at least one hundred thousand people assemble to spread love, as well as a smoke lot of pot.

These people were referred to as "flower children'' back then. They all stayed back in this region and in no time took to growing cannabis for their consumption. With time, their farms grew and they began selling their products to sustain their families.

The progress cannabis culture has in California now was founded by these progressive individuals back in 1967.

It was no surprise when less than 30 years later, the medical use of marijuana was legalized with the Proposition 215 bill in 1996.


The Economy of the Emerald Triangle

Currently, the wide expanse of land is the primary place of residence of almost 250 million people, if not more. 70% of the total population of this area is actively or passively involved in the cannabis industry of the Emerald Triangle.

Cultivating cannabis is their culture in this area, with techniques passed down through generations of growers. It is not unusual to see children of all ages working on their families' cannabis plots in the Emerald Triangle.

The economy of this area would crash when cannabis is legalized for recreational use in California or on the federal level. The illegality of the drug is what makes it seem expensive. When in truth a plant of cannabis should be around the same price as herbs like parsley. Cannabis does not need that much capital to cultivate.

Emerald Triangle had a steady stream of workers coming into town to get employed on one of the fields. Even tourists visit to check out the infamous area. This influx of visitors also adds to the economy in terms of tax revenue given to the local shops.


Growing Cannabis In Emerald Triangle

The topography of this wide expanse of land cloaks the activities of marijuana farmers. The agricultural settlements are scattered across the dense woods and mountains present in the area.

The soil in the emerald triangle has one of the best edaphic factors suitable for the growth of marijuana plants.

Scientists say that the climate and microclimate of this tri-county promote the growth of the different strains of weed grown here.

The unique biodiversity nature of the environment can also not be ignored. It's almost like the stuff of legends… Perfect balance between rain and sun.

Cultivation techniques have been developed around the unique biodiversity present in this area. The farmers tend to use sustainable and environment-friendly methods to cultivate marijuana.

Although there are some bad eggs among them that add chemicals and other non-sustainable practices to increase the size of harvest from their plots—Greed, I guess.

Almost 2 million pounds of cannabis were produced last year in Emerald Triangle. With each plant being as tall as 1.5m, as well as broad.

Some of the popular weed strains grown in this region include;

  • Green Lantern

  • Sour diesel

  • Banana split

  • Blackwater

  • Royal purple kush

  • White Runtz

  • Desert diesel

  • and many more.


Dangers of Emerald Triangle

The vastness of the emerald triangle makes it very convenient for a person to get lost or in extreme cases murdered. Not only is the area known for its high production of cannabis, but it is also renowned for its crime rate. Especially the Humboldt county.

The docuseries "Murder Mountain" was based on the true stories of crimes committed in the region. The homicide rates seem to increase yearly as the population of the area grows. Some of these deaths are due to disputes between growers and workers, or amidst workers.

Although steps have been taken to curb the crime rates, I fear Humboldt still has a lot of changes to make to lose its alias as "Murder Mountain".

That's A Wrap

All indications point that Emerald Triangle will remain at the forefront of cannabis production in the United States. The way Nepal has always been linked to the best wines is the same way Emerald Triangle will remain acclaimed for its premium cannabis.


If you're looking to visit, schedule your visit for October, fondly referred to as " Croptober" over there. That is the period where the counties will be agog with harvest activities.


Thanks to Emerald Triangle, Marijuana will remain an integral part of the California economy—At least till the drug is finally legalized.








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