Cannabis Oil on Your Belly Button - Does it Work?

Cannabis Oil on Your Belly Button - Does it Work?

What is the Pechoti Method and where does it come from?

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Lemon Knowles on Friday Jun 5, 2020

Cannabis Oil on Your Belly Button – Does it Work?

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People are constantly looking for new ways to use cannabis. Especially when it comes to medicinal purposes. Most will stick to the more known uses, like smoking, vaping, edibles, sublingual applications, and topicals. But some would like to find additional methods for many reasons. One of these alternative methods is the application of oil on the belly button. The practice of rubbing oil on the belly button is not new. But due to the access of information on the internet, belly button healing options, has surfaced and sparked an interest. The question is if it has bioavailability and scientific value?


Why the Belly Button Sparks Interest?

The belly button often gets overlooked, but it is actually the very first connector between the mother and the unborn child. Many see the belly button as the focal point for sound health for body, mind, and spirit. The belly button is near the center of your abdomen and around your center of gravity. It sits over the intestines and major lymph nodes and blood vessels. It is close to the vagus nerve responsible for rest and digestive actions. There are also little to no muscles around and behind the belly button. This makes it an easy access point to your belly. The rest of the body connects to the belly button by facial trains that cross near to it. Navels are particularly important reflexology points that stimulate the whole body. For this reason, many healers use oils on the belly button to harness the powers of the belly button. This method is called the Pechoti Method.


What is the Pechoti Method and Where does it come from?

Both medicinal cannabis and the belly button theory find its roots in Ayurvedic medicine. These theories are based on the holistic and natural approach based on the ancient medicinal practices of Indian healers. Ayurvedic medicine normally uses products derived from plants but can include animal, metal, and mineral products too. It also includes a healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Health practitioners believe that the belly button is especially important because of the Pechoti gland. That is why healing through the belly button is called the Pechoti method.

The belly button connects to 72 000 nerves throughout the body. Unfortunately, modern science and medicine have a hard time finding the Pechoti gland. It still remains a mystery, but it doesn´t mean there is no value to the Pechoti method. Putting topical cannabis on the belly button poses no threat and may have certain benefits.


How CBD Oil could Work on the Belly Button

CBD oil is an excellent substitute for conventional medicine. It is highly effective in treating an array of ailments. In many ways, it is used sublingual, but there are some that just cannot stand the taste of cannabis oil. These people are constantly looking for new ways to digest their cannabis medicine. This is where the Pechoti method comes in handy because now it can be taken through the navel too.

The naval is able to distribute some of the cannabinoids, fatty acids, and essential oils to the body. When CBD oil is dabbed onto the naval, it gets absorbed through the numerous receptors in the gut. The cannabinoids get slowly absorbed and are helpful for certain medical conditions. Transdermal application is useful for inflammation, skin conditions, and recovery.

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins was interviewed by High Times. She is an herbalist and naturopathic doctor. She believes that certain medical conditions could benefit from a belly button approach. The belly button approach is specifically related to the endocrine system and hormones. Absorbing THC-rich oils would also have no intoxicating effects as it works a lot like a suppository.

Due to the 72 000 veins running through and around the belly button that is connected to various organs and tissues, CBD oil can be absorbed by the blood vessels and travel in a non-invasive manner quickly throughout the body.


Some Benefits of CBD Oil in the Belly Button

Though there are not enough scientific studies done on this subject, some of the benefits could include the following:

Improve eyesight

Alleviate dry eyes

Relieve joint pain

Relieve lethargy

Gastrointestinal issues

Improves digestion

Balance hormones

Relief muscle tension and stress

There are no known side effects and is an excellent choice for people who can´t tolerate cannabis. It also is a good alternative method to practice on kids.



As there are no scientific studies done yet on the Pechoti method, the success of the method is mostly based on experience. The belly button method might not be as bioavailable as edibles or inhalation of cannabis. This does not mean that you cannot experience with dabbing some cannabis oil on your belly button. It is not dangerous or intoxicating. Try to use the purest form of cannabis oil for maximum efficacy. Something like Rick Simpson oil would work perfectly. The most organic and cleanest oil should work best.









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