cannabis for stroke victims
cannabis for stroke victims

Cannabis Strains For Stroke Patients

Cannabis Can Help Prevent Strokes As Well As Help Post Stroke Patients

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DanaSmith on Thursday Mar 1, 2018

Cannabis Strains For Stroke Patients

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Did you know that cannabis use can be good for your heart?

Studies show that even chronic cannabis users show signs of improved heart health, as well as a reduced risk for strokes. The researchers, from the University of Texas at Dallas, found that cannabis can improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain, reducing blood clots which may lead to a heart attack.


What’s surprising is that they found that chronic cannabis smokers had the most efficient brain blood flow among all the participants. Lead author Dr. Francesca Filbey, lead researcher and her team, focused on the effects of prolonged THC exposure on blood flow in the brain by looking at differences in brain blood circulation and metabolism among a group of 74 chronic cannabis smokers and 101 non-cannabis users for a span of 2 months.

The cannabis users who reported using the plant said that they’ve used it at least 5,000 times in their lifetime. They also used it everyday for 60 days until prior to the start of the study, but stopped 72 hours before. They found several promising and positive effects on the cannabis users’ brains, such as improved global extraction fraction, and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen; markers which improved the more cannabis the participants consumed. This is attributed to THC, which can dilate blood vessels or form more circulatory pathways.


If you’d like to use cannabis to prevent stroke or as a therapeutic aid post-stroke, here are 5 of the best strains to use:


girl scout cookies

  • Girl Scout Cookies is an excellent hybrid strain for the prevention and treatment of stroke. Girl Scout Cookies delivers a high level of euphoria, and its sweet aroma and earthy undertones make it a delicious strain to medicate with. Girl Scout Cookies is well-known for its ability to relax the entire body including your heart. This award-winning strain is also widely used for the treatment of depression, pain, stress, insomnia, and lack of appetite.

gorilla glue

  • Gorilla Glue 4 is another hybrid that is increasing popularity. Widely used for its pain and stress-relieving properties, Gorilla Glue is also gaining acceptance for heart patients. It usually tests between 30 to 33% THC, making it ideal for stroke patients. The high THC content of this strain means that patients can only use a small amount in order to enjoy its medicinal benefits. Gorilla Glue is also used for insomnia, depression, pain, stress, and lack of appetite.

critical kush

  • Critical Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s ideal for heart patients who want to use cannabis to help them relax or even sleep. It usually tests with moderate THC levels, ranging between 14 to 20% THC. Patients enjoy medicating with Critical Kush thanks to its ability to relax the body with a mild sense of euphoria, and a well-balanced combination of indica and sativa properties. Critical Kush will lull you into a deep slumber, and is recognized for its therapeutic applications for chronic pain, stress, depression, and sleep disorders.

ghost train haze

  • Ghost Train Haze is considered a rising star in the Cannabis Cup. This strain is recognized for its vigorous and lively properties, as well as medicinal benefits. Thanks to superstar genetics from its parents Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG, Ghost Train Haze packs a punch in terms of energy, giving you more creativity and focus than ever before. Heart patients can benefit best from Ghost Train Haze by microdosing due to its powerful potency that few other sativas can hold a candle to. Ghost Train Haze is also used for the treatment of fatigue, depression, lack of appetite, pain, and stress.

harlequin strain

  • Harlequin is an excellent strain for a wide range of medicinal uses, including heart health. It tests a low THC content between 5 to 10%, but in some cases it can contain as much as 11% CBD, ideal for heart patients who don’t want to get too high. Harlequin has a delicious, mouthwatering flavor. Harlequin delivers a relaxing high and users also report that it helps them feel more creative. Harlequin is best enjoyed during the afternoons, but no matter what time you end up using it, it will help you stay productive without too much of a buzz. Harlequin is also used for the treatment of inflammation, fatigue, depression, and stress.










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