What is LSA?
What is LSA?

Microdosing LSA Is The New Thing, No, Not LSD, But LSA! (Wait, What is LSA?)

D-lysergic acid amide, a naturally occuring psychedelic in regular old plants?

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Chiara C on Saturday Apr 8, 2023

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LSA, also called lysergic acid amide, is a psychedelic substance naturally occurring in several plants. Given its potent effects, which are quite similar to LSD, LSA has grown in popularity. However, more people are now investigating the potential benefits of micro-dosing for general well-being and trip-inducing.


So, what does LSA micro dosing entails, and what are the potential benefits for users? This article explores all the essential details you need to know about micro-dosing LSA.

What is LSA?

While LSD is a well-known psychedelic substance, LSA remains relatively obscure to the general public. Therefore, it is essential to gain a comprehensive understanding of what lysergic acid amide is. As previously stated, LSA is a naturally occurring psychedelic compound in various plants, such as Ololiuqhui, Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa), and Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea).


While many have consistently compared LSA to LSD, given the similar psychedelic effect they can induce, LSA is not as potent as LSD. Research shows that LSA's potency is around 1/10 to 1/30 of LSD. This makes LSA a perfect psychedelic candidate for micro-dosing.


Even though you are just learning what LSA is, it is not a new psychedelic substance. Like most naturally occurring psychedelics, LSA's rich historical background originates from South America. Since the past century, LSA has been used in religious rites and shamanic rituals in South America.


Why Microdose LSA?

While high doses of LSA are known for producing soothing and calming effects, lower doses have shown potential as a substance for micro-dosing. In fact, smaller doses can induce stimulating sensations and increase energy levels. But, when referring to micro-dosing, it is essential to note that only tiny amounts of the substance are used. As a result, it is unlikely to produce any significant high or intense psychoactive effects.



As with micro-dosing any substance, adjusting the amount of LSA is crucial until the desired effects are achieved. The goal is to experience the potential well-being benefits without experiencing any significant psychoactive effects or high.

Many individuals who microdose LSA incorporate it into their daily routine by taking a small dose before work or other activities. Although there is limited scientific research on LSA micro-dosing, there is abundant informal and anecdotal evidence suggesting potential benefits.

Microdosing LSA

Several factors influence how to appropriately micro-dose LSA, and the most important thing to understand is that these factors vary from person to person. As expected, everyone has different body compositions, so micro-dosing must be tailored to personal tolerance level. Above all, remember that micro-dosing aims not to induce psychedelic effects but to enjoy the potential health benefits of LSA.

On average, a microdose of LSA ranges from 0.05-0.4mg. The difference is noticeable in comparing this to a typical trip dose of 0.5-1.5mg. In contrast, a high amount would be around 1.5-4.0mg.


Like any micro-dosing practice, it is advisable to establish a baseline of how you feel before, during, and after taking a dose of LSA. This will enable you to monitor the benefits of micro-dosing and any potential side effects. So what possible effects can one expect when starting a micro-dosing regimen with LSA?


Anecdotal and informal evidence suggest that LSA micro-dosing helps to facilitate improved mood, better sleep, increased energy levels and alleviates discomfort and pain. A 2017 study by Andersson et al. also suggests that micro-dosing LSA can considerably help reduce the severity and frequency of migraines in persons prone to consistently suffering from migraine.


What are the potential side effects of microdosing LSA?

While rare, several potential risks and side effects are linked with micro-dosing LSA. Since the research on this topic is still in its early stages, additional side effects may not yet be fully understood or documented.


If you still have reservations about micro-dosing LSA, you should contact a medical doctor or professional to answer all your questions. But there's a high chance that most medical practitioners won't have enough information about micro-dosing LSA.


The side effects of LSA are generally linked to taking excessive amounts, so as long as the micro-dosing dosage is accurate, users should not be overly concerned. However, some potential side effects to be aware of include;

  • diarrhea

  • stomach cramps

  • increased heart rate, which can lead to chest discomfort in users

At higher doses, users may experience visuals and hallucinations more consistent with a psychedelic trip, which may not be desirable if the intention is to microdose.


Is it Safe to Explore?

By now, it is evident that there is a lot to discover about micro-dosing LSA. While limited information is available regarding the possible advantages and disadvantages, many informal studies can be found online where users attest to the efficacy of micro-dosing LSA. If you want to enhance your energy levels and mood and are open to trying something new, experimenting with LSA might be worth considering to shake up your daily routine.


With little scientific study on the effects and potential hazards of micro-dosing LSA, this field is currently developing. However, the anecdotal evidence now available indicates that micro-dosing LSA can provide many advantages, such as higher energy levels, enhanced mood, decreased pain and discomfort, and improved sleep quality. According to some research, micro-dosing LSA may also help lessen migraine frequency and severity.


While micro-dosing LSA may seem like a good alternative for people interested in improving their daily lives, caution is definitely advised. It's crucial to keep in mind that LSA is a powerful chemical that can have powerful effects even at modest doses. Moreover, although often subtle, the potential adverse effects of micro-dosing LSA can differ from person to person and are not entirely understood.


Before experimenting with LSA, it is essential to comprehend its hazards and advantages, just as with other substances. It is advised to begin with a very low dose and carefully observe your body's response before progressively increasing the dosage. If you have any pre-existing medical disorders, it is also recommended to speak with a medical expert.





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