cbd myths exposed
cbd myths exposed

The Top 10 CBD Myths Exposed - Separating Facts from Fiction

What is true and what is false out there about CBD Headlines?

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Joseph Billions on Monday Sep 23, 2019

cbd myths exposed

It isn't far-fetched to refer to CBD as the hottest and most talked about topic of 2019. Sadly, due to the uncensored nature through which information about CBD is being disseminated a lot of people can't tell the difference between the real facts about CBD and the fictions of other people's imagination. Potential CBD users are the ones who particularly fall victim of this. A lot of beliefs and opinions that majority have of CBD are wrong and till now there's been no one to set them straight and show them the light. The inseparable relationship between CBD (Cannabidiol) and marijuana is arguably the biggest source of misconception that CBD suffers. The wrong notion that a lot of people have of CBD can be boiled down to be as a result of this relationship. Arguably less than 10% of potential CBD users take the time to conduct in-depth research to separate facts from the fictions they've heard. The majority conclude on what they feel CBD is based on these baseless stories. The tedious work involved in sourcing for science-based facts to clarify these stories is a huge reason most potential users don't do the much-needed research. Most go along with the stories they've heard about CBD because it's the easiest option available and few who put in the work to get the right info most often than not find it difficult to really understand all the science talk. Well, if you happen to fall in this category brace yourself because all that is about to change. Below is a list of the top 10 myths on CBD that you've most likely believed to be true. Hold on to something firm, I'm sure some will shock you!


CBD Will Get You High - If you've heard this in the past and believed it I'm sorry to break it to you but you've never been farther from the truth! So many potential users of CBD have changed their mind regarding the product because of their fear of getting high, little do they know that it's all a myth. Regardless of the source of cannabis, marijuana or hemp plant, it consists of two major active substances; THC and CBD. The feeling of euphoria or as it's more commonly referred to 'getting high' is actually caused by the THC portion of the plant. CBD is, in fact, a non-psychoactive compound so a user of CBD can't get high as a result of consuming the product. What CBD (especially those extracted from a hemp plant) is actually guilty of is being a source of numerous health benefits (physically and mentally). So, if you're one of those scared to take CBD because of the fear of getting high erase the thought from your mind because you've got nothing to be worried about. CBD won't get you high!


CBD is Illegal - The legality of cannabis has always been a tricky subject and the unnecessary laws hampering and restricting cannabis haven't made understanding the legality of CBD easy for a lot of potential users. Luckily you've got me here to clear it all up for you. Currently, the legality of CBD is entirely dependent on its source. CBD extracted from a marijuana plant is illegal in the majority of states in the United States. However, CBD gotten from hemp is legal in all states. CBD gotten from marijuana is illegal because of the level of THC present in the marijuana plant. A marijuana plant contains minimal amounts of THC which is considered unsafe by the law. So if you're having second thoughts about CBD because of its legality, as long as it's not gotten from marijuana plant you've got nothing to worry about. CBD extracted from hemp is absolutely legal.


CBD is Only Safe for Adults - This is perhaps the funniest of all the popular myths of CBD. 'CBD is only safe for adults' seriously? This couldn't be any farther from the truth! CBD is a gift of nature that has absolutely no psychoactive influence on the body, be it that of a child, a teenager or an adult. The extent to which CBD affects children have been extensively researched on by several professionals and regulatory agencies and none have raised any red flags. As a matter of fact, $4.7 million (highest amount ever allocated for medical cannabis study) was recently awarded to the University of California to further conduct research on the effects of CBD on children, especially those suffering from autism. And this is just one of the numerous ongoing researches into the effects of CBD.


CBD is Addictive - Another myth of CBD widely believed by a lot of people is that CBD is an addictive substance. Contrary to what you might have heard CBD isn't addictive! Like I've mentioned several times before in this article, CBD is a non-psychoactive product so you can't get addicted to it. Several studies have been conducted on this subject and none has shown CBD to have addictive tendencies. The non-addictive nature of CBD is one of its strongest positives as a therapeutic option for treating ailments.


CBD is a sedative - This is a notion believed by so many people even by some experts and frequent CBD users. Contrary to what you may have come to believe over the years CBD isn't a sedative though it's widely and effectively used to treat insomnia. CBD regulates the way the body responds to stress and anxiety which is why users are able to sleep better after using the product. In specific doses, CBD can be used to increase alertness.


Higher dosing equals greater benefits - literally speaking, this might make sense but it doesn't work that way. Overdosing on CBD doesn't mean it'll work faster or be more efficient. In fact, you could be doing yourself more harm than good. The dose of CBD to be taken varies widely depending on several factors like age, the condition in question, etc. The best course of action when it comes to dosage of CBD is to follow your doctor's recommendations strictly.


All forms of CBD works the same way - This is also a huge misconception that a lot of people currently have, especially potential and new users of CBD. The mode or form of CBD which you consume plays a huge role in how fast, and to some extent how efficient it is in serving the purpose you want it to serve. Some forms of CBD work faster and more efficiently than others because they get absorbed into the bloodstream faster and as such exact their effects on the body faster. Inhaling CBD is arguably the most efficient method especially when fast action is required. However, when rapid action isn't required like for long-term therapy, due to the restrictions of some towards smoking and the side effects of it, oils, capsules or even edibles are the preferred options.


CBD was only recently discovered - This claim is false! CBD has been in play for centuries. It's recorded that CBD was used in Asia as far back as 1800 BC for the treatment of skin inflammation and incontinence. So if you've always believed that CBD is a new thing I hope you've learned something new, lol.


CBD is the only medical constituent of cannabis - The medicinal potential of cannabis plant goes on and on. I'm confident we haven't even tapped into a quarter of what this wonderful plant can do. While the thought that CBD is the engine that powers cannabis therapeutic importance isn't totally wrong, it isn't completely right either. A Cannabis plant consists of over 400 different active ingredients all which plays a part in what cannabis does therapeutically. As a matter of fact, research strongly suggests that the wonder of cannabis can be boiled down to the ability of its numerous constituents to synergize.


CBD has enormous side effects - The final myth of CBD to be mentioned on this list is the huge believe that some have that CBD is a walking store of danger and adverse effects. If you happen to fall in this category, sit back and relax! Take a sip from your favorite drink and enjoy what CBD brings to the table because you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Does CBD have some side effects? Yes, but fortunately with the appropriate dosage these side effects, which are very mild by the way, can be completely avoided. As long as you take the appropriate dose of CBD you have nothing to worry about when it comes to side effects. Getting the right dose of CBD for you is relatively straightforward. In determining the right dose, the concentration or strength of the particular CBD product you intend to use, your weight, allergies, etc are all factors that are taken into consideration. As a rule of thumb, its generally recommended that a small dose is started with before you work your way up to higher doses.


Bottom line

I hope this article has cleared up the air regarding your worries and doubts about CBD. CBD is one of the best gift nature has given mankind, don't let the fictions of other people's imaginations deprive you of enjoying what CBD offers. To all of you out there reading this that have stayed away from CBD because of any of these myths, don't kick yourself too hard lol, it's never too late to get on the train! CBD is here to stay and it always will be. Click on the link below to get yourself any of the numerous CBD products we have available and start enjoying what you've been missing out on for so long!!.














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