sleep apnea strains
sleep apnea strains

Top Cannabis Strains For Sleep Apnea

Cannabis As A Sleep Aid Takes Off

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DanaSmith on Monday May 1, 2017

Top Cannabis Strains for Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is characterized by irregular breathing patterns which happen during sleep. Apnea refers to interrupted breathing, causing an increase in carbon dioxide in the bloodstream. The symptoms of sleep apnea is primarily characterized by unusually loud snoring, which isn’t only embarrassing, it’s a sign of a serious health problem.


During episodes of sleep apnea, airflow is completely stopped. The brain temporarily pauses sleep so that breathing can go back to normal, and once it does, patients let out a loud gasp or choking sound. Conventional treatment methods for sleep apnea include behavioral therapy, and doctors prescribe sedatives and tranquilizers as well. In some cases patients are required to use air pressure machines that manually keep the airways open in the throat. In severe cases of sleep apnea, surgery is required although even then, success rates may still be low.


Many patients are finding relief from sleep apnea by using cannabis. If you suffer from sleep apnea and would like to use cannabis, these are the best strains that you can experiment with:


blackberry kush

  • Blackberry Kush is a popular medicinal strain used to treat sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders. Even just one puff of this potent indica can give you a strong, long-lasting high. Small dosages are all you need to get relief from Blackberry Kush. The effects of this strain are felt throughout the body, and it will send you off into a deep, relaxing slumber with no interruptions. Because of its potency, new patients are advised to medicate with Blackberry Kush in small doses until you are better acquainted with its effects. This strain is also ideal for patients suffering from lack of appetite, insomnia, stress, and pain.


grape ape strain

  • Grape Ape is known for its very distinct grape smell and medicinal properties. Patients with sleep apnea benefit from its deep sedative properties that also help in reducing stress and pain, which can make insomnia and sleep disorders even worse.  Grape Ape calms the body but won’t send you into a couch lock, so if you enjoy medicating at night but don’t want to be knocked out, this is the strain for you. Grape Ape will leave you with enough energy to pursue other nighttime activities both indoor and outdoor, unless you smoke several bowls.


blue cheese strain

  • Blue Cheese has a pungent aroma that some may find ‘stinky’ but this strain holds a lot of promise for patients suffering from sleep apnea.  The THC levels of Blue Cheese are pretty high, so expect to feel strong psychoactive effects while you medicate with this strain. Blue Cheese delivers a strong euphoric high that calms down every single cell in your body, so you can be assured of a good night’s sleep each time you use this strain. The body high is evident with Blue Cheese, which is why many insomniacs love using this strain right before bed. Blue Cheese is also recommended for patients who suffer from depression, pain, and lack of appetite.


LA Confidential strain

  • LA Confidential is a popular strain with a smooth, piney taste. Some strains can reach as much as 25% THC content, so you can expect a high strong in both body and mind. Patients who need both cerebral and physical effects enjoy the fact that LA Confidential does just that – it hits two birds with one stone. This is one of the most potent indicas around, widely used for its ability to knock you out and put you straight to sleep. LA Confidential is also used by patients to treat body pain, stress, and depression.


master kush strain

  • Master Kush is a well-loved indica that can also be enjoyed during relaxing afternoons when you don’t have to do much. The effects of Master Kush are slow, so don’t smoke too much or you might end up baked out of your mind. Give the strain time to settle in, and you will be pleasantly surprised with its delicious, soothing buzz. A great thing about Master Kush is that it has the ability to sharpen your senses like only very few indicas can, and its so good that it’s almost a waste to go straight to sleep after using this strain. Try your favorite activities at home when you’re on this strain (cooking, meditating, cleaning, watching television, engaging in artistic work, etc) and you might find that it’s 100% more enjoyable! Master Kush is also helpful in the treatment of depression, nausea, stress, and pain

What is your favorite strain to medicate with to combat sleep apnea?










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