scromiting with thc CHS symptom
scromiting with thc CHS symptom

What is Scromiting? = Screaming + Vomiting + A Large Dose of THC

Scromiting is part of CHS, a reaction to too much THC at once in teens and young adults?

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what is scromiting

Scromiting is the latest term used for an alarming health trend that pertains to teen marijuana use. "Scromiting '' is the combination of the words ``screaming" and "vomiting". Teens experiencing this marijuana-induced situation vomit violently. The vomiting is so severe and painful that it causes an individual to scream.  Stoners refer to it as greening out, refering to a "green" cannabis user taking in too much THC.


The use of marijuana on a daily or regular basis over an extended period increases the risk of scromiting. Presently, the daily use of marijuana among teens is at the highest level since 1991. As a result, there's been an increase in the number of teens being rushed to the emergency rooms with these strange symptoms.


What Is Scromiting?

Scromiting is officially called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS). It was first documented in scientific reports in 2004. Ever since searchers have concluded that scromiting is the consequence of prolonged use of marijuana. Most especially marijuana with high THC levels which is the primary psychoactive ingredient. Several experts believe that THC over-stimulates the receptors in the gut causing continuous cycles of severe and painful vomiting. 


A research carried out on CHS in 2018 concluded that scromiting is an increasingly complicated and prevalent problem for patients and healthcare providers.  The study also reported that scromiting is becoming a costly and commonplace incident in hospitals nationally. It also remarked that individuals who start using marijuana as teens have the highest chance of experiencing scromiting.


Symptoms of Scromiting

The major symptoms of  Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome include:

  • Periodic nausea, which advances to serious nausea

  • Changes in body temperature

  • Excessive vomiting, as frequent as five times every hour

  • Abdominal pain

  • Dehydration

  • Sweating

  • Weight loss over time, as symptoms repeat.

  • Fluctuations in body temperature


CHS is also defined as cyclical vomiting given the painful Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome symptoms often subsides and return after some days, weeks, or months. Even though a hot shower or bath can offer temporal relief for symptoms, halting the consumption of cannabis will prevent the recurrence of scromiting.


The Link Between THC Levels and Scromiting

It has been reported in several studies that high THC content in marijuana contributes to the increase in the number of teenagers suffering from scromiting. While the THC contents in cannabis products were between 2 and 3 present 20 years ago, THC contents today are as high as 90%.


Furthermore, the availability of cannabis-infused gummy edibles also makes it easier for teens to consume high levels of THC. Cannabis-infused gummy edibles take a while to kick in which implies teens often ingest more. And as expected, the THC also takes longer to leave the system. Frequent smoking and vaping can also result in scromiting incidents in teenagers.


Presently, fingers are being pointed to scromiting as a consequence of marijuana legalization. A study showed that incidents of CHS doubled in two various emergency rooms in Colorado soon after the legalization of marijuana in the state.


How Common Is Scromiting?

Data, as regards the frequency of occurrence of CHS, is not available. However, in a survey of ER patients, one-third of teens who consume cannabis at least 20 days in a month, had experienced CHS.


Virtually all teenagers who suffer from CHS consume marijuana at least once every week. A study carried out in 2017 shows that 97% of teenagers who suffer from scromiting use cannabis every week. Three-quarters of those interviewed had ingested marijuana constantly for over a year.


Little is still known on why some cannabis users suffer from CHS while others do not. Another strange thing about the condition is that cannabis is often used to reduce nausea which is caused by scromiting.


The Long-Term Effects of Chronic Teen Marijuana Use

Teenagers who abuse cannabis, especially cannabis with high THC contents are significantly more at risk for several mental and physical health conditions like scromiting.


Consumption of marijuana with a THC content of more than 10% increases the possibility of experiencing a marijuana-related psychotic episode. Teenage use of marijuana can also have some negative impact on brain development as an adolescent.


Another study carried out in September 2020 reviewed that marijuana use in adolescents is linked with an increased possibility of suicidal thinking and attempts. Individuals who consume cannabis before the age of twelve are more inclined to experience depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, and other mental illness


An American Academy of Paediatrics reported that high dose and usage of cannabis among teenagers is linked with a higher risk of anxiety, mood, psychotic disorders. A report from CDC also reported that students abusing cannabis are more likely to do badly in school or drop out in high school.


Signs of Teen Marijuana Use

Teenagers who consume cannabis frequently might display any of these symptoms if not all;

  • Talking loudly

  • Red eyes

  • Heightened appetite asides from usual mealtimes

  • Forgetfulness

  • Marijuana paraphernalia on in their room or on their person

  • Sleepiness

  • The smell of marijuana in their room or on their clothes

  • Grumpiness

  • Behaving bizarre and out of character

  • Loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy

  • Difficulty remembering and concentrating

  • Spending time with a new friend group

  • Stealing money from family and friends

Parents should be observant of their kids' behavior and ensure they get the needed help to address cannabis abuse as well as issues that prompt cannabis abuse. 


Treatment for Teen Scromiting

The sure and only way to never experience or recover from scromiting is to stop consuming marijuana. Either through smoking, vaping, or consumption of cannabis-infused edibles


With CHS commonly occurring after long-term use of marijuana, teens who suffer from scromiting are probably addicted to cannabis. As a result, they will need a combination of treatments to stop using marijuana, treat scromiting and also address the cause of marijuana abuse.


Teens suffering from scromiting and wanting to address the underlying cause of marijuana abuse can reach out to various academies. These academies can uncover anxiety, trauma, depression, and self-worth issues that promote marijuana abuse.  Teens can also learn how to adopt healthy coping mechanisms to deal with different stressors in life. Most importantly, the family system needs fixing. Parents should learn how to create a safe environment that will enable their kids to turn to them for support when struggling with life's challenges.



Scromiting is a severe health issue related to cannabis abuse. The pain is something no one should experience. If you've not experienced Scromiting, you should limit your cannabis intake to reduce the possibility of occurrence. If you notice a friend or family member exhibiting the symptoms discussed above, rush such an individual to the closest hospital. Health care providers will know what to do best.








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