marinol or marijuana
marinol or marijuana

What is the Difference between Marinol and Marijuana?

What is Marinol, Dronabinol, and other CBD derived medicine?

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The Difference Between Marinol and Marijuana

marijuana or marinol

Why is it that nature has to be tampered with? Are we so arrogant that we believe a synthetic drug can do the job better than the real one? There are literally hundreds of cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant, and there could be even more. Yet, pharmaceuticals are created by using cannabis extracts. Then they are designed in a lab to mimic the pharmacological properties of the original plant.


What is a Cannabis Pharmaceutical?

Pharmaceutical cannabis is a drug created in the lab to produce synthetic properties of the plant. Marinol is one of these. Another known cannabis pharmaceutical is Epidiolex. Epidiolex became famous when it was the first cannabis-derived pharmaceutical approved by the FDA. It is made from CBD extracts and used for childhood epilepsy.


What is Marinol?

Marinol is also FDA approved and has the active ingredient dronabinol. Dronabinol is a synthetic form of delta-9-tertahydrocannabinol or THC. They use it to treat chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. It is also used to treat anorexia caused by AIDS patients. THC is the natural component in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It also has psychoactive properties when activated in the brain.


What does it mean for a drug to be FDA approved?

Medical professionals look at a drug efficiency to reduce symptoms and improve vital signs in balance with negative side-effects. They also look at the toxicology results to see what the adverse effects of the chemicals are in the body. The basic theory is that synthetic compounds are more harmful and toxic to the body than the natural compounds. To understand it better, look at the difference between natural sea salt and table salt:

Natural Sea Salt – The composition of natural sea salt is made up of sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It is a close resemblance to blood serum and sweat concentrations of the human body. Elite endurance athletes use natural sea salt in their sports drinks to replace the minerals they are losing.

Common Table Salt – mostly pure sodium chloride with trace elements removed. Athletes on pure table salt in their drinks end up with muscle cramps and pre-mature exhaustion.

This is what happens drugs are synthesized, or isolates are used. Synthesized medicines are always more toxic and less effective than the original one. The only reason they get pushed beyond understanding is for the sake of money.


The difference between THC and Marinol

The whole cannabis plant contains hundreds of medicinal cannabinoids with THC, CBD, and terpenes as the most known. There are also flavonoids, sterols, and more each with their own unique healing benefits. All these are found in its natural form. The composition of Marinol is quite different. Marinol has a long list of synthetic ingredients. There are FD&C Red No.40(5mg), FD&C Blue No.1(5mg), FD&C Yellow No.6(5mg and 10mg), glycerin, gelatin, methylparaben, propylparaben, sesame oil, and titanium dioxide.

Even if THC is the sought-after medication, in its natural form as an isolate it would still have more potency as the counterpart Marinol. But the flower part of the cannabis plant has a composition of compounds that makes it an excellent medicine where they all work together to form an entourage effect.


How Does Marinol Perform against Natural THC?

The only reason orthodox doctors prefer Marinol sometimes is that according to them, they know what is inside and where it comes from. Marinol can effectively treat many diseases without too many side-effects. Marinol lacks several of the other therapeutic compounds like terpenes and CBD. Marinol gets you super high, while with natural strains, a low THC composition could be used to reduce the high and reduce anxiety induced by THC in certain patients. Because there are no terpenes in Marinol, certain properties of THC will not be enhanced. Marinol does not contain CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and THCV.

Side Effects

Both THC and Marinol have similar side-effects. The side-effects of Marinol are:

Rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations

Redness in face

Abdominal pain

Memory loss

Nausea and vomiting




Abnormal thinking

Some sound very similar to cannabis in its natural form, because THC can sometimes have the same effect on certain people. The difference is that the side-effects in natural cannabis last but a few moments and rarely occur. The FDA believes this is sufficient to treat Aids-related nausea and anorexia and vomiting after chemotherapy. Cannabis in its natural form is completely able to do just that with additional benefits. It does not treat just the above-mentioned conditions, but there is an array of other conditions treatable by marijuana. The synergy of all the compounds in the plant is more effective than the synthetic THC alone. When tested in labs, Marinol was not found to be better than the placebo results. If there was an improvement, it was only slightly.


Instead of spending money on making synthesized medication, use that money on doing studies on the plant itself. After all, the plant exists for millions of years already. Do we really think we know better?











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