gadgets for stoners
gadgets for stoners

5 Cooler-Than-Thou Gadgets for Baller Marijuana Enthusiasts

What are the new, cool stoner toys and gadgets?

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BehindTheWaves on Tuesday Sep 15, 2020

5 Cooler-Than-Thou Gadgets for Baller Marijuana Enthusiasts

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After experiencing the wonders and recreational bliss of cannabis most cannabis users love to explore new and exciting ways to improve the experience. This is why some are considered cannabis enthusiasts as they are always on the search for new and better ways to improve their experience with cannabis.

With the widespread legalization and acceptance of cannabis that is taking place in different regions, more cannabis users are coming out of their shells to find new ways of living the cannabis life beyond the conventional ways. The result of this is seen in the new wave of other methods in which the benefits of cannabis can be harnessed ranging from the introduction of vaporizers which have gradually caught on among many cannabis users, Cannabis edibles and tinctures are also on the rise. These innovative new ways of cannabis consumption are the new craze in the world of cannabis because the majority of users are seeking to make of cannabis.

The world of cannabis is gradually increasing from the days when cannabis users were looked at in a stereotypic manner to a present point where in legalized states they can be fully accepted.  There are a number of new innovations and gadgets that have been introduced over time. In this  article, we'll be taking a closer look at some of these gadgets to see the roles they play in improving the cannabis experience. In no particular order, here are some of the coolest gadgets for baller marijuana enthusiasts.

doob tool


The DoobTool is one of the new and exciting gadgets that is helping many cannabis users to have an easier ride enjoying the recreational benefits of cannabis. It is perfect for every adventurous cannabis user seeking for a way to enjoy the goodness of cannabis at any place and anytime. The DoobTool contains a wide range of materials that every cannabis user will use at any time either to enjoy a joint, blunt or enjoy a dab. It contains a poker tool, dabbing tool, grinder card, packer tool, spool pins, and fold-out scissors. The composition of tools present in the DoobTool makes it perfect and compatible for every cannabis user to take everywhere. The DoobTool case is discreet and odorless making it perfect for every marijuana enthusiast to have around.


Puffit 2 Vaporizers

Vaporizers are quite popular among exciting cannabis users. They offer less smoke compared to smoking a conventional joint or blunt and is perfect when a cannabis user seeks to be discreet. Puffit 2 vaporizers are quite similar in form and structure to asthma inhalers making them very portable, easy to move around with, and use as well. With Puffit 2 vaporizers, cannabis users are bound to attract less attention from others making it perfect for all circumstances. The vaporizer also contains a specific attachment for concentrates making it wonderful for vaping concentrates and cannabis trims as well. The vaporizer is very easy to clean and maintain meaning it can be used for a considerable amount of time. The vaporizer runs on special batteries that can be recharged through a USB port meaning it can be charged easily while on the move.



To enjoy the numerous benefits that are present with cannabis, the place of storage cannot be overemphasized. This is why stash boxes are very important to every innovative and exciting cannabis user. Stashlogix is a special type of stash box that is a must-have for every enthusiastic cannabis user. It is odorless, portable, and very easy to move around with. It also contains different types of special compartments making it the ideal stash bag to keep all necessary tools used to improve the cannabis experience. It also contains a unique type of lock seal making the contents safe and secure without fear of contamination or loss of materials stored within.

ihit case

IHit and Elementium Lighter

Though these gadgets are quite different, we will be looking at them together due to their close similarities. The IHit is a special gadget that looks quite similar to an ordinary iPhone case but plays the role of serving as a discreet stash box. The IHit helps to store small cannabis joints and can also serve as a stash box for keeping rolling papers. It is odorless and quite discreet which is why it is very popular among many cannabis users. The Elementum Lighter like the IHit is also similar to an iPhone case but can double as a bottle opener and an electric lighter. The discreet nature of these two accessories plays a major role in their popularity particularly among cannabis users that have iPhones as well.

smoke buddy

Smoke Buddy

When it comes to cannabis, irrespective of the fact that acceptance is on the rise, discreetness is still one virtue that many cannabis users hold in very high esteem. The smoke and scent from cannabis can prove to be troublesome when they cause discomfort to others that are not quite used to the cannabis scent. This is why a smoke buddy is also a beneficial gadget that is quite popular among many cannabis users. It helps to reduce the amount of smoke and odor that comes out of the cannabis experience. This benefit is maximized by cannabis users who want to smoke at home without troubling their neighbors and tenants. The smoke buddy contains a carbon trap which plays the role of keeping the smoke breathed into it from escaping.

Bottom line

These accessories can also serve as quality gifts that you can give to your friends that are cannabis enthusiasts as well. There are other examples of accessories and gadgets that can be used to enhance the cannabis experience for users. Most are quite easy to use and not expensive.

Most gadgets are accessible to a good number of cannabis users everywhere. The availability of these gadgets is bound to increase if the acceptance that cannabis is enjoying in different places continues to rise. In no time, there is bound to be several new and improved ways that cannabis users can enjoy the cannabis experience.






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