Argentina medical marijuana
Argentina medical marijuana

Argentina Gets Ready to Legalize Medical Marijuana at the Federal Level

It is now a national priority to get medical marijuana out to the people

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Chiara C on Monday May 16, 2022

argentina medical marijuana

Cannabis legalization and reform continue to grow and have become a popular topic of discussion in the parliament as Argentina legislators prioritize medical cannabis reform.


While news of German lawmakers prioritizing cannabis reform has spread, Argentina lawmakers have also embarked on a similar trend. Right now, cannabis reform now tops the political agenda in Argentina for the year 2022. Just recently, an agreement between the opposition and ruling party in Argentina was reached to allow reform of medical-use cannabis.


Meeting only once this year, the Chamber of Deputies has now reached an agreement to meet once against and discuss issues surrounding cannabis reform. The bill to be discussed includes regulations to establish a structure for the development of industrial jeemo and the medical cannabis industry.


This development has witnessed quite a delay as it was put on hold since July 2021 after it was initially recommended by the federal government. The bill at that time was thwarted by the opposition citing reasons such as no agreement on the facts. While this may seem unusual it isn't considering the situation of federal cannabis reform in the United States since the same is happening.


The Political Cannabis Game of the Post-COVID Era

As it stands, Argentina is joining both Germany and the United States in prioritizing cannabis reform at the federal level in 2022. Lawmakers in each of the countries are now focused on getting cannabis reform enacted regardless of stutters or delays. In the case of Germany, the press has begun to report that government authorities such as the Health Minister were reversing their stance. Reports have it that many German leaders no longer see the need to postpone recreational cannabis reform.


As regards Argentina, cannabis reform has been cooking since 2009 when private personal use of cannabis was decriminalized by the Supreme Court. In 2017, around the same period Germany authorized compulsory medical cannabis insurance coverage, Argentine authorities also approved cannabis oil for medical use. By 2020, the home cultivation of cannabis was also legalized.


On November 12, 2020, the Argentine government published Decree 883/2020 in the Official Gazette stating that patients with medical cannabis prescriptions can register at Reprocann. The Decree also states that individuals can either cultivate their cannabis, or acquire it from “solidary growers”, pharmacies, or other approved entities.


That's not all, the decree also states that public, semi-private, and private health caregivers need to guarantee and when required curb patient access to medical cannabis. The regulation argued that the present framework renders access to medical cannabis very difficult and exclusive to those who can't afford it.


Presently, counties are monitoring one another closely on the progress of the overall cannabis reform situation. This is regardless of where the countries stand in the public acceptance of cannabis. To this end, the immediate proclamations in federal legislatures springing from various angles now seem to be a global movement.


Legislation of cannabis reform now looks to become more of a trending topic in other countries as political leaders are expected to establish development projects. With many countries just leaving the pandemic behind, cannabis legislation seems like an ideal development project with its incredible prospects of tax revenue and job creation. And above all, its impact on the environment has been very positive. 


Now that cannabis reform has become popular across the globe, showing support for this reform gives political credibility to the reform itself.  If not, the politics become deadlocked in a biased fight in several countries. Considering cannabis reform including the pathway for legalization does not only give these political leaders credibility. It exemplifies a feat that they can be able to accomplish. 


The End to Drug War in Latin America

According to the latest reports, recent proofs show that several countries across South and Central America will begin cultivating cannabis. While many of these countries are still considering it, this is a massive change that can't be undervalued.


The United States was known to target counties in South America from the 70s even until this present century. Whilst the conflict and battle were never labeled, they claimed lots of lives and properties.


Truly, Uruguay, which was the first nation on the planet to consider recreational cannabis reform of cannabis, was bullied by the US. The American government blackmailed Uruguay using its banking system for years to impede the development of the cannabis industry in Uruguay. Today, the conversation is no longer held in Uruguay, although federal cannabis reform (both medical and adult-use) still seems to be stalled in the US congress.



Cannabis-Based Medical Products Regulations in Argentina

The Argentine government is moving at great speed to develop a regulated cannabis market. Just last month, the Argentine government authorized the establishment of a non-profit client collective and has also created a distinct classification for cannabis plants. The regulation for cannabis-based products states that products above 0.3% THC content need to be prescribed by a physician for any health condition.


This latest regulation is a reflection of the pact made by the Health Ministry to "promote, enhance, and protect public health. This is the result of the law enacted in 2020 which allows personal cultivation of cannabis for medical use. The regulation also allows for the circulation of cannabis-based products for medical use.


With cannabis legislation growing in Argentina, its effect on the cannabis market in South America will be massive. The effect is predicted to have a ripple effect on the ever-present concerns in Spain which has resisted all kinds of federal reforms. At the moment, a total of four official EU GMP licenses are available in Spain while the cannabis club conversation has still not been formalized.


 Right now, there are 4 official EU GMP licenses given in Spain (all for export functions), and the marijuana club conversation is still not formalized.



As cannabis reform and development unfolds in both Germany and the U.S, Argentina continues to strategically position itself on the issue. Frankly, that makes a whole lot of sense. Both counties are recognized by Argentina as an export market for a product it can easily grow and supply.  From Argentina's perspective, both countries serve as a hemisphere for high-value export plants.



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