cbd vending machine
cbd vending machine

CBD Vending Machine Now in Colorado 7-Eleven

Greenbox Robotics lands a CBD Vending Machine 7-Eleven

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DanaSmith on Saturday Nov 9, 2019

Colorado 7/11 Now Has CBD Vending Machines

cbd vending machine

Never did I think I’d live to see a time when cannabis was being sold at vending machines.


Yet, here we are.


Greenbox Robotics, a fairly new player in the cannabis industry, has slowly started to gain popularity among cannabis consumers because of their high-tech touchscreen pot vending machines. They’ve just launched CBD vending machines that are found in 7/11s in Colorado, which contains carefully curated CBD products.


But selling isn’t the only thing these state-of-the-art kiosks are designed to do: they were also built to educate consumers about the many health benefits of CBD, while saving them the time and money involved with having to travel to a dispensary. The machines also make sure that the products sold are fresh, while monitoring consumer data, and tracking which products are the most popular against those that aren’t.

The AI-powered machines are currently available in 2 7/11 branches in Colorado, but the CEO’s of both the famous convenience store as well as the kiosk are working to develop new features later on. “What we’re looking for is to generate sales and show 7-Eleven corporate that this is a value add, we’re introducing a product that is protected, not on shelves to risk theft, but we are also looking to generate sales for you in your store beyond just the CBD product,” explains Zack Johnson, founder and CEO of Greenbox Robotics.


“Greenbox makes it easy to discover, select and purchase cannabis and CBD products via self-service robot locations. We are bringing a $55 billion-plus industry over the counter with a simple consumer touch,” he tells The Daily Mail.


“I believe that adding Greenbox to our 7-Eleven stores will add value, intrigue, and delight our customers while reducing shrinkage,” says Kenneth Monfort, who owns the Boulder branch as well as other spots in Colorado. “We trust Greenbox to curate the CBD collection we offer our customer base.”


“7-Elevent has been known to invest into things that increase sales for their retailers. We’re hoping that with this pilot program, we can be on their radar through Monfort and explore 7-Eleven investing into Greenbox,” adds Johnson.


A Game Changer?


Greenbox’s kiosks feature an interactive touch screen that enables customers to select various strains of cannabis as well as different products available on the menu. Whether it’s CBD, flowers, or edibles, customers can use these kiosks to make several purchases conveniently all in one transaction.


Why didn’t other companies think of this before?


The robots are also intelligent enough to track the shelf life of all products sold, while automatically analyzing buying patterns, giving the shop owners a deep, valuable insight into their customer base.


Benzinga spoke to Johnson in July, who shared insight onto his company.


“Like all entrepreneurs, I’ve bowled gutters and strikes, earned my hard knocks and danced on the edge of the abyss more times than my heart would like. But every step, every cold call and bar napkin scribble has brought me to my current venture, Greenbox Robotics, the world’s first intelligent cannabis dispensing robot,” he tells them.


“Greenbox makes it easy to discover, select and purchase cannabis and CBD products via self-service robot locations,” Johnson explains. “We are bringing a $55-billion-plus industry over the counter with a simple consumer touch.”


But what makes these vending machines truly unique is the fact that it’s founded on artificial intelligence. Through the use of AI, customers are more efficiently accommodated and can conveniently transact without having to face other humans. A far cry from the old-school vending machines of the past.


“We didn’t just go out and repurpose old vending machines to carry cannabis products like some of our competitors; we engineered and manufactured Greenbox from the ground up specifically for cannabis consumers,” says Johnson.


“When a robot is placed outside of dispensary walls in shopping malls, grocery or hotels, our integrated verification partner confirms the age and identity of the customer prior to completing the transaction,” Johnson says. To get to where he is right now, he collaborated with a dispensary located in Los Angeles, which is what led him to the vision of his company. “I got to see how the gears turned inside a dispensary intimately. I realized that there were so many lost opportunities and rampant inefficiencies that could be weeded out, so to speak, with some good old 21st century automation.”


Have you ever purchased cannabis from a dispensary? What was the experience like?








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