european cannabis news
european cannabis news

European Cannabis News - Luxembourg Wants to Legalizes Recreational Cannabis

UK imports CBD, Germany ramps up, and Luxembourg wants legal weed

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DanaSmith on Saturday Aug 10, 2019

Europe Cannabis News - Luxumbourg Wants to Legalized Recreational Marijuana

cannabis europe luxembourg legalizes

Luxembourg Is The First EU Nation To Legalize Pot, And Wants The Rest Of European Countries To Follow


Luxembourg officially becomes the first European nation to legalize cannabis, the health minister has just confirmed.


“This drug policy we had over the last 50 years did not work,” Etienne Schneider disclosed to Politico. “Forbidding everything made it just more interesting to young people… I’m hoping all of us will get a more open-minded attitude toward drugs.”


Adults over the age of 18 will soon be able to purchase cannabis for recreational use within two years, while a cannabis agency is set to oversee production and regulate distribution. Later this year, a draft of the law will be released, providing more details on the kind of cannabis that will be for sale, as well as the taxes involved.


According to Schneider, the law will most likely forbid the ability of non-residents to purchase cannabis to prevent the call of drug tourism. Home cultivation will also be prohibited.


Currently, Luxembourg already allows the use of cannabis for medical reasons; possession in small quantities has been decriminalized, though purchase, sale, and production is still illegal.


Once finalized, Luxembourg joins 11 US states together with Uruguay and Canada in rejecting the archaic UN convention that controls narcotic drugs.


German Pharmacists Support MMJ, But Call For More Information


A trade newspaper called Apotheke Adhoc recently published the results of a comprehensive survey detailing German pharmacists’ insights on the medical cannabis market.


Over 500 German pharmacists took part in the survey through online interviews, which revealed that three quarters of them think the MMJ market will continue to gain strength, and 15% think that it will grow rather strong.


According to Thomas Bellartz, Aposcope CEO, MMJ “still plays a subordinate role in the day-to-day business of pharmacies.” Half of the respondents said that they are educated about cannabis, but just under 5% of them think that they are “very well” informed, while the rest believe that they are very poorly or poorly informed.


The pharmacists called for more information on topics such as pricing, how to recommend the products, as well as the legalities surrounding cannabis.


To obtain their information, pharmacists follow social media or turn to online sources.


The Netherlands Will Increase Cannabis Exports To Germany By 1,000KG


Last month, the Minister of Medical Care of the Netherlands disclosed to the Dutch parliament that they will be increasing MMJ exports to Germany by 1,000kg yearly.


The move was a response to a request from the German health minister, asking for the annual supply of cannabis from the Netherlands to increase from 2,500kg from the current 1,500kg. This is because the domestic production of cannabis from Germany won’t be ready until 2021.


Germany’s first cannabis production facility is now being constructed in Neumunster. “Here at the end of 2020 will be produced – probably for the first time in Germany – medical cannabis,” says Bernd Buchholz, the Economics Minister for Schleswig-Holstein. The high-security facility is made with 14,000 tonnes of steel, 400 security cameras, razor wires, as well as drone defenses.


Managing Director Hendrik Knopp says it can withstand two hours of an attack. “We are working with narcotics. The legislature has clearly defined how thick the walls need to be. We work in a vault,” he says.


UK Gets First Shipment Of CBD From Colombia


Clever Leaves, a Bogota-based cannabis company, just announced that their first export of non-psychoactive marijuana created for commercial sale in the UK has just arrived last July 27th.


The CBD products were exported for use as food supplements, and soon, UK residents will be able to buy them, as well as those from other European nations.


Another company called Pharmacielo, this time a Canadian firm with operations in Colombia, also announced that they have “completed the necessary permitting process required to enable Colombia’s first commercial export and sale of nonpsychoactive (CBD) isolate.” They also announced that they would be ramping up their production, though they aren’t sure when the first shipment will be made just yet.


In the United Kingdom, though hemp farmers still aren’t allowed to harvest cannabis, authorities have chosen to ignore CBD products for as long as it contains no THC.








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