2017 Cannabis.net Holiday Gift Guide
2017 Cannabis.net Holiday Gift Guide

Light up your Holidays with Cannabis.net's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift ideas for all the Cannabis lovers in your life, or put these on your wishlist

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DanaSmith on Wednesday Dec 13, 2017

Ho ho high! The jolliest time of the year is here! There’s no better way to show your appreciation for your cannabis-loving friends and family than by giving them products designed to improve the experience of living in a medicated state. 

If you need a little help picking out the perfect gift, Cannabis.net is here to help. It was a tough job narrowing down the list, but we managed to find some of the very best cannabis products and accessories in the market today. Here’s a guide to make shopping easier for the cannasseurs in your life, for budgets of all kinds:

Stoner Essentials

Doob Tubes by Koala Lifestyle ($11.99 for a 9 piece bundle): Doob Tubes are an airtight, odor proof, portable, and moisture resistant storage solution perfect for carrying joints or roaches. They fit easily in your pocket, and are great for stoners who are always on the move. (Bonus: Doob Tubes are vet-owned and run, so each purchase supports the troops!)



Zippo Windproof Lighters ($36.95): This durable, windproof Zippo lighter lasts a lifetime! Every stoner will love this bronze cannabis leaf-printed lighter made in the classic Zippo case. Lighting up has never been more fun! 

Pursuits of Happiness Aero Pipe ($85): This stylish pipe is a delight to smoke out of. Pursuits of Happiness Aero Pipe are simple but functional; handmade in small batches out of glazed over porcelain. Comes in green, teal, pink, and red.


For Him

Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit ($15): A handsome take on the flip-top cigarette box, the Tokyo Smoke Burn Kit is anything but that. It’s a discreet stash and joint kit that stores pre-rolled joints, dime bags, grinder cards, rolling papers, and a signature Tokyo Smoke rolling tray that comes with its own paper clip.  


Let’s Get Baked Happy Gingerbread Tacky Christmas Sweater ($47.99): Give your friends a good laugh by gifting them with this awesome tacky Let’s Get Baked Happy Gingerbread Christmas sweater! Better yet, give yourself one this Christmas and wear it at your next holiday get-together. 


Puf International Aquamizer Collab ($150): Have you ever seen a vaporizer bubbler that looks as good as this? The Aquamizer is not your ordinary bubbler. Perfect for a discerning cannabis enthusiast, the Aquamizer has been featured in several media outlets including High Times and Touch of Modern. This nifty bubbler can fit any standard battery. 


For Her

Kush Queen Bath Bombs ($16): Give your kush queen the royal treatment with these bath bombs made by a top female-focused cannabis brand. Each bath bomb is made using 100% organic essential oil blends combined with CO2 cannabis oil and CBD isolate. They come in a variety of blends such as Relieve, Relax, Sleep, Awaken, and Love as well as 1:1 THC:CBD ratios or pure CBD. Kush Queen Bath Bombs don’t use any artificial dyes or preservatives, and won’t stain bath tubs. 

Bloom Farms Rose Gold Vape Pen ($55): Hit two birds with one stone when you gift a special lady with Bloom Farms Rose Gold Vape Pen. Bloom Farms works with local food banks and gives back to the community with each vape pen or refill sold. Weed-loving women will enjoy toking with this beautiful rose gold metal vape pen that contains a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio for a perfect buzz.

I Pekar Cannabis Infused Tissue Repair Serum ($148): As the only luxury CBD serum made by celebrity facialist Ildi Pekar, this beauty product puts the high in high end! I. Pekar Cannabis Infused Tissue Repair Serum contains CBD oil and several ingredients that give the skin a delightful dose of TLC: vitamins B3 and C, aloe vera juice, and hyaluronic acid. Cannabis has long been known for its inflammation-fighting properties and benefits for the skin, which get an added boost with these ingredients for a healthy and youthful look. Pair it with the I. Pekar Titanium Micro-Needle Device to give the most luxurious skin treatment right at home. 


Outdoorsy Ideas

iRollie Rolling Tray Phone Case ($19.99-24.99): Roll joints anytime, anywhere with the iRollie Rolling Tray Phone Case. This makes an ideal gift for your joint-loving friends, whether they’re pro rollers or not. All rolling tray phone cases are made with a funnel for easy clean up. Available in a variety of designs and colors. 


Hemp for Muscles and Joints Salve ($42.95): The Cannabis.net Muscle and Joint Hemp Salve is a great non-psychoactive product that all travelers and outdoorsy types will love. Traveling and exploring is fun until your body starts to ache somewhere, but a few minutes of this salve applied on the affected area will do the job. This product is formulated with 100mg of a potent CBD oil plus all the healing benefits of peppermint oil, lavender oil, and more. GMO free, cruelty free, parabens free. 

Black Rock Smell Proof Backpack ($149.95): For the ultimate in (stylish) discretion, the Black Rock Smell Proof Backpack is fully lined with activated charcoal filter that conceals even the dankest weed! The backpack is also child-safe thanks to its 3-digit combination lock, making this the ideal storage solution for individuals who need to hide their stash from their kids, as well as those looking for a convenient way to be on the go without worry. Available in charcoal and slate.



Wellness Warriors

The Patient Journal by Goldleaf ($16.99): Created specifically with medical patients in mind, the Goldleaf Paitent Journal is a useful companion. Patients face unique problems but this journal makes it easy to keep tabs on strains, reactions, and cannabis products. Both new and long-time MMJ patients will find it a breeze to use this journal. Thoughtfully designed, a clean look, useful charts, and infographics are just some of the many reasons why the Goldleaf Patient Journal make the perfect gift for MMJ patients.

Tasty Hemp Oil: Hemp Softgels ($50): Everyone wants the medicinal benefits of CBD, but not everyone enjoys the taste of hemp. These hemp softgels are tasteless – they can be taken in the morning with other vitamins, making it easy to get your daily dose of CBD and keep disease at bay. Each softgel contains incredibly nutritious full-spectrum hemp oil extract and hemp seed oil. 


4-strain cannador ($189-268): Weed is medicine, but the medicinal part won’t taste and work so great when it isn’t stored properly. Meet Cannador, the humidifier designed to store weed in perfect humidity for freshness, flavor, and potency.  The 4-strain cannador with nook is an excellent gift idea for strain-conscious medical or recreational users, while the nook can fit accessories such as grinders or vapes. All cannadors are beautifully crafted with clear matte finishes and a choice of different wood colors. Cannadors are also designed with a lock and key.

Eco-Friendly Options

iRollie Biodegradable Portable Pipe ($4.99): The world’s first biodegradable portable pipe! iRollie’s biodegradable pipe comes in a steamroller design that enables users to take impressively big hits from a small device. It’s organic, safe, 100% eco-friendly. 


Marley Natural Crystal Ash Tray ($54): Made from sustainably sourced black walnut wood and clear crystal, this ash tray makes cleaning up easy. Design meets functionality with this ashtray: it comes with a metal poker to efficiently remove residue, while its felt-lined base helps protect against scratches. The Marley Natural Crystal Ash Tray can be used for indoor as well as outdoor smoking. 

Puffco Pro 2 Vaporizer ($75.99) : Vaping is one of the best ways to consume weed, but unfortunately it’s not the best for the environment. Vaporizers utilize non-recyclable cartridges while batteries aren’t built to be durable. Puffco has created a solution for the eco-friendly consumer: vapes made with non-toxic, high quality materials and non plastic, glue, or fibers. These award-winning vapes are long-lasting and enable users to refill with hash oil without relying on a cartridge. 





For Foodie Friends

Willie’s Reserve Annie Nelson’s Infused Chocolates ($12 for 10mg, $30 for 40mg): What’s a better gift for a foodie who loves edibles than chocolates created by Willie Nelson’s wife, Annie? Willie Nelson is America’s most prolific cannabis advocate, and his wife has just launched a line of low-dose edibles made with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. The chocolates come in delicious flavors such as Maui Espresso Bean, Almond Chocolate, and Roasted Cacao nibs. 

Pot d’ Huile ($43 for 100ml): There’s a science to cooking with cannabis. Incorrect dosing and an overpowering taste can affect the whole experience. Pot d’Huile is a cannabis-infused olive oil that aims to solve these problems in the kitchen with a product that is neutrally flavored and offers uniform dosage. Pot d’Huile is a brilliant gift for the cannabis cooks in your life!  


Levo Oil Infuser ($180): One of the most highly coveted cannabis products this year, the Levo Oil Home Infusion Appliance is a beautiful, hassle-free, mess-free way of infusing oils and butter. Since its release a few months ago, the Levo infuser has been on the wish list of every cannasseur, so you know you can’t go wrong with this one. 

That's a Wrap

Just kidding …. That’s not all! To make your gift even better, use this cannabis printed wrapping paper from Gorilla Goodies ($14.95):  It’ll only make the recipient even more excited to open your gift!


And a Little Something for You

Don’t forget to download our app this season – available on Google Play and in the iTunes store, it’ll come in handy for reading our blog, locating dispensaries, and chatting with like-minded folk over at the WeedFeed.

But we're not done yet, here's a gift from us to you, enjoy a free download of the Cannabis.net's Weedmoji stickers, the gift that keeps giving all year long! Why text when you say it in stickers.


Happy Holidays! 

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