Ohio pot growing for ex-cons
Ohio pot growing for ex-cons

Ohio Program to Teach Ex-Cons How to Grow Weed

Ohio is helping form prisoners get jobs and learn how to grow cannabis

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Laurel Leaf on Thursday Sep 16, 2021

Ex-Cons Learn to Grow Cannabis under New Ohio Program

ohio program to teach convicts to sell weed

Globally, numerous positive things are happening in the cannabis sector, and it is such an exciting time. After all the years of damaging bad press cannabis has received, we have entered a new era and it entails nations and states realizing that cannabis is indeed the new gold. 


The partnership between Cannabis Company, Riviera Creek, and advocacy group, United Returning Citizens 

Riviera Creek is a marijuana company that has partnered with a justice advocacy group United Returning Citizens, to teach previously incarcerated people how to cultivate marijuana commercially. The initiative is a brilliant way of helping such individuals easily transition into society and train others.

According to the report on WKBN, the partnership between both companies seeks to assist ex-convicts in securing jobs in the marijuana industry. Dionne Dowdy leads the operations at United Returning Citizens, and he says that the two organizations are erecting a marijuana, hemp hydroponic school with this idea. 

So he asserts that through the school, the company will give the ex-convicts business development plans. Afterward, there will be a partnership with Riviera where the successful trainees will go for mentorship and internship. 

The Chairman of the board at Rivera Creek, Brian Kessler, maintains that the program is a fantastic opportunity to train excellent employees. He recognizes that they will be boosting people who didn’t have a great past and have to face society’s stigma when they come out. 

Instead of allowing ex-convicts to get out of prison and struggle with remodeling their lives, this partnership will teach them how to legally and safely harness the potentials of cannabis. The companies also recognize that some ex-convicts have a history with marijuana but were using it illegally and harmfully. 

So in some ways, this initiative is also a kind of reorientation for them and an opportunity to inspire them to rethink how they view and use marijuana. By the end of the process, the ex-convicts will be empowered with a skill that is becoming one of the most sought-after skills globally. Yes, cannabis is that big of a deal, and we are stepping into that future soon enough. 


Ex-convicts as cannabis employees 

The grow cannabis law clearly states that two influential government organizations must scrutinize all marijuana industry employees: 

  • The Bureau of Criminal Investigation


  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation 

The initiative by both organizations is funded by a grant worth $200,000 from the Hawthorn Social Justice Fund. 10 incarcerated individuals will experience the 18-month program. Currently, two people have started the training. 

Although it may seem like the ten people to be selected is too little for ex-convicts in America. But we have to think about this positively because it is a groundbreaking move that uplifts both the cannabis industry and ex-convicts who will be impacted. 

It is not unusual to find ex-convicts working again after they get out of prison. It is usually tough for them to get work and be assimilated back into society, but they do get some minor jobs. So two organizations coming together to offer this opportunity to ex-convicts is a big deal. It once again confirms that more organizations have their eyes on the cannabis industry. 


Why Ohio? 

Ohio has legalized medical marijuana for caregivers and patients (both must be qualified). While adult-use cannabis is still illegal, the state has given some freedom to cannabis companies to operate. 

The legally registered caregivers and patients can get medical marijuana to last them for 45 days in some selected forms, which include: flower, lotion, creams, edibles, oils, lotions, and tinctures. The Board of Pharmacy in the state carries out licensing dispensaries while the Medical Board maintains the list of edible conditions.

So with these few details, it is apparent that Ohio has a developing cannabis industry. Of course, cannabis enthusiasts are keen on the government legalizing marijuana for adult use, but Ohio is doing better, unlike some other states with rigid rules. 

Before a partnership like the one between Riviera Creek and United Returning Citizens is formed, the state must create an enabling environment for it to happen. Ohio has done just that, and some of its ex-convicts will benefit from the program. This is the perfect example of all the good that can happen in a society where the cannabis market is allowed to flourish and thrive. 


The impact of ex-convicts earning to cultivate cannabis on the marijuana market 

A recent survey reported that the nationwide sale of cannabis increased by 67% in 2020, with support for legalizing marijuana getting to 68%. The numbers mean that the marijuana industry is thriving and demand is at an all-time high, but these numbers will decline if demand doesn’t match supply. 

Such cannabis enthusiasts like Riviera Creek are taking the initiative to ensure that we always see such rising and impressive numbers. The more ex-convicts are incorporated into the program and empowered, the more workforce the cannabis market has, and this keeps supply will match the demand. 

Aside from impacting the cannabis market, this training will also significantly impact many more ex-convicts who have been struggling with finding themselves again in society. It will renew hope and faith in them that they can still become handy to the community. 

They can learn how to tend to marijuana and hemp plants, the process of harvesting them, packaging, sales, and getting returns, all under the supervision of a legal cannabis company. Over time, we can see more ex-convicts getting recruited into the marijuana sector and adding value to its already booming market.


Bottom Line

There is so much to be unraveled within the cannabis industry. The formerly incarcerated individuals who will be getting this job opportunity will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with other ex-convicts. 

This means America will have more informed and empowered ex-convicts who are not afraid to rise beyond their past and thrive. More organizations will be inspired to take similar actions, which will be a substantial positive win for the cannabis industry.








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