Poland imports weed
Poland imports weed

Poland Needs a Plug - Poland Will Import Weed from Germany, Uganda, and Israeli Companies

The demand for medical marijuana in Poland will oustrip supply to start!

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Joseph Billions on Monday Dec 5, 2022

Poland imports weed

To enter the Polish market, the German medicinal cannabis business Cantourage is partnering with the Cannabis House project in Poland. They intend to import medical marijuana to the Polish market from Uganda with the assistance of Israeli cannabis company Together Pharma.


The Glueberry OG variety will be offered at a few dispensaries around the nation beginning during the first week of December. Poland will be the third market in which the product is offered after the United Kingdom and Germany. Over the next three years, more than 500 kg of dried cannabis Sativa will be transported into Poland, as per the supply deal.


According to Cantourage CEO Philip Schetter, they want to contribute to enhancing the availability of high-quality goods and gradually expanding the range on the Polish market.  The 2019-founded business with headquarters in Berlin has been traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since November 11, 2022, and it intends to grow its presence in the European market. They are delighted to collaborate with Cannabis House and Together Pharma to increase Polish patients' access to medical cannabis products. They consider it an honor to assist in bringing premium cannabis from Uganda to Polish patients.


The CEO of Cannabis House, Dr. Grzegorz Kobyecki, also in a statement, said that at this time, Poland has never had more people utilize medical marijuana. Over the past three years, the Polish cannabis market has increased fourfold. Thus, establishing cooperation with their company is crucial to making sure that patients will have access to adequate high-quality items. The project is not a clinical study; rather, it is a project that has received bio-ethics approval, and it should be underlined. He added that they are delighted to work with organizations like Cantourage, who provide us with top-notch research materials, in light of the possibility that marijuana from an unidentified source may contain mixes of harmful and addictive compounds. As the experiment will last for three years, we have also made a big effort to cooperate with organizations that have a solid market presence."


According to Together Pharma's managing director Nir Sosinsky: This most recent milestone in our relationship with Cantourage is very exciting for Together Pharma as it shows how well-established their alliance is. In addition to strengthening their position in Europe, which is a crucial market for them, the shipment of our goods to Poland marks a significant development in the growth of our global reach, he stated. "We are pleased that Cantourage and Cannabis House in Poland are offering our medical marijuana flowers to its customers, ensuring a steady supply for all of the nation's patients."




Poland is in charge of 8% of the wealth of European nations, or less than 1% worldwide. Even with this ratio, it comes in tenth in 2021's worldwide cannabis market. Adult use is illegal in Poland, medical marijuana is only permitted with a prescription, however, CBD is widely accessible.


Cannabis used for adult use sometimes referred to as recreational cannabis, is officially prohibited in Poland. The Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction defines possession, consumption, and trafficking of cannabis with a THC level of more than 0.2% outside of the medical system as crimes. Depending on the quantity and the offender's intent to profit, the penalty for selling cannabis products containing THC in addition to any act of distribution or trafficking ranges from 5 to 12 years in prison. It is doubtful whether adult-use cannabis decriminalization will spread further.


The Polish government is also paying close attention to even the smallest variations in the permissible THC proportion, which has led to import restrictions, financial penalties for companies, and supply delays.


Polish CBD products are marketed as having the capacity to solve specific lifestyle issues like pain reduction and sleep improvement, this tends to draw in clients who are concerned about their health. It's important to note that legal restrictions prevent CBD products from explicitly claiming to have therapeutic benefits, which restricts their ability to market. Increasing consumer knowledge of CBD and a rising range of goods, players, and suppliers are other factors.


In August 2020, Poland's medical cannabis VAT dropped from 23% to 8%, which made price points in the market more enticing. Medical cannabis distribution, availability, and variety have all improved, yet in 2021 it still only represented 4% of the market's worth.


Some of Europe's strictest drug regulations are found in Poland. But healthy people are queuing up for prescriptions due to lenient medical marijuana regulations.




Cantourage is a top-tier European medical cannabis business that is publicly traded. Industry veterans Norman Ruchholtz, Dr. Florian Holzapfel, and Patrick Hoffmann launched the Berlin-based firm in 2019 and it has affiliates in the UK and Poland. Cantourage makes it possible for producers from all over the world to enter the quickly expanding European medical cannabis market more quickly and affordably while also ensuring and establishing the highest European quality requirements. The business provides goods in all significant market categories, including dried flowers, extracts, dronabinol, and pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol. On November 11, 2022, the company went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange; its stock ticker is "HIGH."




Together Pharma is a publicly traded firm on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). The business has a subsidiary called Globus Pharma Ltd. which has the right to cultivate, manufacture, and sell medical cannabis products (directly and through other businesses).


The business runs two farms with the most cutting-edge agricultural cultivation systems in the world, one in Israel and the other in Uganda. These farms allow for the supervision and control of marijuana plants using the most recent technologies, growing them into high-quality plants appropriate for supervised medical use per the stringent IMC-GAP and GACP standards. The business also operates a pharmaceutical facility that complies with all strict requirements for producing medical items per the IMC-GMP standard.




An expert team in the medical marijuana field cannabis has been assembled as part of the Cannabis House initiative. Their main objective is to bring together organizations, businesses, and patients to form research clusters specifically focused on cannabis. The project, which began with an original group of 4,000 patients, is the forerunner of Poland's first social experiment and attempts to show how effectively substituting high-quality cannabis for manufactured psychoactive drugs can reduce dependence. We contend that marijuana is an "exit drug, not an entry drug," which is our main thesis.




The partnership between the three companies hopes to make medical cannabis more accessible to consumers in Poland and bring in higher quality and more varieties of cannabis products to the people of Poland who need it.



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