Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana?
Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana?

Sick of Sending Tax Dollars Out-Of-State, Pennsylvania Governor Urges Legislature to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Pennsylvania has a successful medical cananbis program, so what's the hold up on recreational?

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Karhlyle on Thursday Mar 14, 2024

pennsylvania recreational cannabis

Josh Shapiro, the governor of Pennsylvania, pushed state lawmakers this week to legalize and regulate marijuana for recreational use. He emphasized the need to follow the lead of nearby states that have already made this decision. In his yearly budget speech, which included a $48.3 billion spending plan, the governor urged legislators to band together and enact legislation legalizing marijuana, on the condition that the sector be subject to prudent regulation and taxes.


Although there is no explicit provision for cannabis legalization in Governor Shapiro's budget proposal, a 20% tax on recreational marijuana is supported. According to the idea, sales of cannabis for adult use would start in January 2025, with an estimated $14.8 million in tax collection in the first year. Shapiro predicts that Pennsylvania may bring in around $250 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana after the sector is well-established and regulated.


Shapiro emphasized the potential financial benefits of legalizing and regulating the sector, highlighting the squandered opportunity represented by the existing state of affairs and stressing the negative impacts of retaining marijuana prohibition on both income and law enforcement resources.


One of the items in the $48.3 billion state budget plan is to utilize tax money from the adult-use cannabis sector that is regulated to fund "restorative justice initiatives." These programs seek to redress past wrongs resulting from uneven application of marijuana prohibition laws. The governor specifically demanded legislation to remove people's records who had previously been found guilty of having minor quantities of marijuana.


In addition, the Department of Agriculture and the Pennsylvania State Police would get funding from the state's adult-use cannabis program, with any money left over going to the state's general treasury.


Most Pennsylvania Voters Support Legalizing Weed


In his speech, the governor emphasized that most Pennsylvania voters are in favor of legalizing marijuana for adult use, pointing out that five of the state's six neighbors have already removed the state's adult marijuana ban.


"Last year, 57 percent of voters in Ohio supported an initiative to legalize recreational marijuana," said Shapiro. "And now, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland – practically all of our neighbors – have legalized marijuana."


Shapiro's proposal to legalize cannabis for adult use has received praise from Ben Kovler, the founder, CEO, and chairman of Green Thumb Industries, a multistate cannabis corporation that has eighteen RISE medical marijuana stores in Pennsylvania.


"We applaud Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro for prioritizing adult-use cannabis legalization this year, including a clear, definitive launch date for sales. This call for change signals continued progress in the Northeast toward ending Prohibition 2.0 and the devastating impact it has inflicted on communities," Kovler said in a statement. "The team at Green Thumb is ready to support the people of Pennsylvania on their journey to well-being by providing access to safe, high-quality cannabis."


Pennsylvania legalized the medicinal use of cannabis in 2016 with the passage of the Medical Marijuana Act. Under this program, patients with one or more specified serious medical conditions are permitted to purchase and use medical marijuana. Qualifying conditions include cancer, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and terminal illness, among others.


As of last year, 134 licensed medicinal marijuana shops were operating, according to state data. According to a December study by Spotlight PA, almost 1.3 million individuals in Pennsylvania have been recognized as medicinal marijuana users since the program's launch.


While several Pennsylvania politicians, especially Democrats, support legalizing marijuana for recreational use, getting the measure through the Pennsylvania Senate may be difficult. In December, senators Sharif Street (Democrat) and Camera Bartolotta (Republican) submitted a bipartisan bill to legalize cannabis for adult use.  First first bill to legalize recreatonal cannabis in Pennsylvania was introduced back in 2021!


According to a PA Spotlight story, Senate majority leader Senator Kim Ward has said that she would not be in favor of recreational marijuana legalization unless the federal government lifts its prohibition on the drug.


Implementation Challenges and Legislative Hurdles


Pennsylvanians are becoming more and more in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use, but passing legislation including a number of obstacles is preventing this from happening. Overcoming political resistance, negotiating complicated regulatory systems, and resolving public health and safety concerns are all part of the process towards legalization.


Establishing thorough rules to control the production, marketing, and distribution of cannabis products for recreational use is one of the main challenges. Careful consideration of topics including product potency, labeling specifications, advertising limitations, and licensing processes is necessary for crafting successful rules. In order to guarantee that age limitations are followed and to avoid diversion into the black market, legislators must also decide how best to enforce these prohibitions.


A new bill in Pennsylvania would allow liquor stores to sell recreational cannabis is the measure is approved as a state.


Additionally, concerns about the potential impact of legalization on public health and safety must be addressed. Critics worry about the potential for increased rates of impaired driving, youth access to marijuana, and the normalization of drug use. Addressing these concerns may require investments in public education campaigns, substance abuse prevention programs, and enhanced law enforcement efforts.


Moreover, the political terrain poses a distinct set of difficulties. Although legalizing cannabis in Pennsylvania has the backing of both political parties, some legislators are still against the notion. Senator Kim Ward, the majority leader in the Senate, is an example of this opposition as she is opposed to legalizing until federal prohibition is removed. To overcome political resistance, it could be necessary to forge agreements, involve interested parties, and resolve issues through compromise or changes.


While the momentum for legalizing recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania is strong, realizing this goal will require overcoming various implementation challenges and legislative hurdles. By addressing concerns about regulation, public health, and political opposition, policymakers can work towards creating a framework that balances the interests of stakeholders while advancing the goal of cannabis legalization.


Bottom Line


Governor Josh Shapiro's push for the legalization and regulation of adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania reflects a growing momentum towards reforming outdated marijuana laws. Despite facing implementation challenges and legislative hurdles, including navigating complex regulatory frameworks and addressing public health concerns, there is widespread support among Pennsylvanians for this progressive move. With bipartisan backing and recognition of the potential economic and social benefits, policymakers must work collaboratively to overcome obstacles and pave the way for a responsible and equitable cannabis industry in the state. As Pennsylvania moves forward, it stands poised to join neighboring states in embracing the legalization of recreational marijuana, signaling a significant step towards ending prohibition and fostering a more inclusive and just society.





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