Switzerland cannabis legalization
Switzerland cannabis legalization

Switzerland Removes Its Marijuana Ban, Proceeds with the Cannabis Legalization Framework

The Swiss are making moves on the international marijuana scene

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HighChi on Friday Nov 5, 2021

Switzerland Removes Its Marijuana Ban, Proceeds with the Legalization of Cannabis

Switzerland marijuana legalization

Another day and another good news for the global cannabis community as Switzerland is set to develop a detailed national framework for marijuana in the country. With Switzerland giving the green light for reforms in the marijuana industry, it joins other noteworthy nations taking their marijuana industry seriously. 

The Switzerland agency responsible for public health and welfare maintains that marijuana will no longer be banned. They insist on a more detailed framework that includes an ‘Integrated” recreational and medical framework with the country’s capital, Bern, kick-starting the process. 

There are different issues to consider regarding regulating the marijuana industry at a national level which is a task that two nations have achieved: Canada and Uruguay. Switzerland is taking it all in with a country-wide trial. 

This move is limited to 5,000 study participants in one canton, and from then on, a state-by-state organizational process will commence. Participants will show that they are currently cannabis users, which shouldn’t be hard to do because a third of the Swiss population confirms that they have smoked marijuana at some point in their lives. While 200,000 admit to always smoking. 

Cities in Switzerland will be empowered to carry out scientific studies on the economic implications of the new marijuana industry and its impact at the local level. The focus at this first stage will be on recreational marijuana. 

Local manufacturers in Switzerland can get a production permit from the office of Public Health to ensure they follow all quality standard procedures. Additionally, all participants can buy marijuana from social clubs (for recreational use) and pharmacies (for medicinal use).


What is the importance of this new development for Switzerland?

There are several pending adult-use marijuana markets in Europe, including countries like Luxembourg that have decided to create a plan like Portugal has. Both Luxembourg and Portugal’s processes are still at the legislative level. There is also Holland with a different method that entails a regulatory scheme at the federal level even if the coffee shops in cities remain independent. 

But the Switzerland trial remains intriguing because it is meant to boost domestic cultivation with a focus on recreational marijuana (High THC). The Swiss market is also set to present products that are not usually seen in Europe, including edibles and extracts. 

This move is a massive big step in the Swiss cannabis discourse such that experts believe the EU will need time to adjust to it. The freedom from EU regulations will also create an outlier in the European cannabis market and how nations will independently operate their cannabis markets. The Swiss market will stand out from the pack, launching them to the forefront of marijuana legislation and setting a positive example for other nations. 

When researchers and experts talk about the Swiss trial, they remark on how it goes beyond the nation itself and is more about the rise of the cannabis market in different nations. The reforms may be domestic for now, but they will undoubtedly create a ripple effect with neighboring countries. 

Additionally, since the Swiss are willing to take on both markets (recreational and medical), it will be exciting to see how they navigate sales. With residents be able to buy cannabis from a pharmacy without a prescription? Will recreational cannabis be easily accessible to those who need it? As with all new reforms, there will be many questions, and answers will be provided as the regulations are effected. 


The conversation on GACP VS GMP

Beyond conversations on edibles and extracts, the most significant impact the Swiss cannabis trial will have is defining what will make up this new market. They will have to begin with the cultivation of pharma-grade cannabis for the recreational market. 

The first aspect affected is the discourse on sourcing marijuana from indoor or outdoor cultivation sites. The GMP cannabis has to be grown indoors (this is for starters). More so, given that Switzerland has a short growing duration, there is the possibility that most of the plants domestically cultivated will most likely be grown indoors. 

However, marijuana in Switzerland will be routed through already existing Pharma, beverage, food, and cosmetics platforms, with novel food waived for the trial. This process means that for the first time in the history of Switzerland’s marijuana market, fully baked marijuana will be available. No part of the plant will be left unused. 

The proposed Switzerland market will be different from what is currently available in Europe, and it will make a difference in the marijuana market beyond the Swiss borders. This move will most likely become the recreational high-THC market which will defeat the Novel Food Genie. 

Other countries around Switzerland that are considering marijuana reforms will be watching to see what happens with the country’s cannabis system. The truth about cannabis reforms is that they can either inspire other nations to act or dissuade them from doing so. When reforms are done in the right way, countries are encouraged to model the success, and when it is not well done, they may hold back from trying. 

Thus far, the Swiss have shown uncommon commitment to this process, they are ticking all the boxes, and it is a sign that they are on the right path towards securing the ‘marijuana bag”. Watch out for more exciting stories from Switzerland as they are tagged the next big cannabis market to emerge and take over the global stage. 


Bottom Line 

If you have been paying attention to news about cannabis, you will agree that so much has been happening with reforms in various nations. This is because these countries are just discovering the truth of marijuana’s beneficial properties and because it is time for them to unleash the economic benefits that marijuana offers. Any nation with a positive reform towards cannabis will profit off the market because more people are using cannabis today. 

So cheers to the Swiss as they take this leap into a more reformed and health-conscious future as they shape their marijuana policies to suit current realities. 








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