Grateful Dead dispensary in Toronto
Grateful Dead dispensary in Toronto

The Grateful Dead are Back - New Toronto Dispensary Scarlet Fire Cannabis Company Brings the Dead Vibe Back!

Are you a Grateful Dead fan and want to get cannabis at a Dead Head dispensary?

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The Undercover Stoner on Monday Nov 8, 2021

The Grateful Dead are Back - New Toronto Dispensary Scarlet Fire Cannabis Company Brings the Dead Vibe Back!

Grateful Dead dispensary Toronto

If you are a deadhead or a cannabis connoisseur living in Toronto or visiting the area anytime soon, you will be glad to know that there is a new dispensary store in the state that has managed to channel the Grateful Dead into its decor. The officials running the space are beckoning fans of the seminal rock band to experience the magic of the band like old times, and the added advantage to this visit is an informative interaction with trained cannabis experts who will recommend just the best pot for you.


Who are the Grateful Dead?

Grateful Dead is the name of a now-defunct American rock band. The band came together in 1965 in California. The group was popular for its unique music style which combined elements of rock, country, blues, psychedelic rock, bluegrass, jazz, folk, and even gospel. Their shows included long live performances of instrumental jams.Devoted fans of the group call themselves 'Deadheads' and many groups back then wanted to be like the Grateful Dead. Their music has influenced diverse new bands that came to be after the band became defunct. The band members are fondly referred to as the Godfathers of the band industry. Grateful got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame about twenty-seven years ago. The Grateful Dead will be here for a very long time. The band's identity has been immortalized by various business concepts since it lost its revered leader in 1995. The latest business to establish a space with the band's brand is Scarlet Fire.


Scarlet Fire Cannabis Co.

This newly licensed dispensary founded by David Ellison, a loyal fan of the Grateful Dead band, is a cannabis start-up that was designed by the SevenPoint Interiors. The former securities lawyer, Ellison, says that he wanted the Toronto-based pot shop to showcase his long-lasting passion for the Grateful Dead band. The devoted deadhead also added that he had rightly trusted SevenPoint to bring his dream shop to life.


A Space To Collect Experiences

In a press release, Ellison expressed his love for the Grateful dead and how it has kept on growing over the years.

He stated that Scarlet Fire is a space where customers would feel cannabis, magic, music, and psychedelia come together. The space is unlike any other cannabis store. According to the founder, customer engagement will be on another level. These customers will get to learn more about the cannabis products they're interested in, as well as learn about the glorious grateful dead rock band.

Ellison spoke about the point where he claims was the turning point for his obsession with the Grateful Dead. 17 at the time, he said that he got the full experience at the band event that sent him tumbling down a rabbit hole. Since then, he has collected memorabilia and experiences that have contributed to his never-ending love for the group.

He reminisced over every Grateful Dead show he has ever attended and how each seemed quite different from the last. The vision for Scarlet Fire came from a desire to bring the magic and adventure surrounding the Grateful Dead to life in a space he can share with others.


Interior of the Scarlet Fire Store

SevenPoint interiors is not a new name in the cannabis industry. Since the decor team began operations in 2017, it has creatively designed many spectacular cannabis spaces within and around Toronto. When contracted to design Scarlet Fire, the team mentioned that they worked with and built on Ellison's vision for the store.

In the words of the team's creative director, they listened to Ellison's needs. With this, they have been able to create a brand identity for Scarlet Fire. Reviews from people who have visited the space show that the space is positively trippy.

Inspiration for the interior of the pot store came from a track titled Dave's picks. This track is Volume 35 on one of Grateful Dead's archive releases, and it is one of Ellison's favorite tracks. The colors used for the interior include faded aqua, mossy emerald green, deep scarlet red, and an early lavender.

The store's shelf space is uniquely designed to display product information intriguingly. Customers are sure to discover cannabis products arranged impeccably and thoughtfully to allow an easy selection of products. The space even has a gallery where Ellison's collection of Grateful Dead keepsakes are neatly arranged. Ellison gathered these memorabilia all through his years of being a deadhead—this is for about thirty years.

One of the keepsakes in the personally curated memorabilia wall is a t-shirt that Ellison purchased at a flea market in Florida when he was a teenager. Every area in the cannabis store comes with its own immersive experience. Even at the point of sale, there is a sound system that is a replica of the band's wall of sound. The monolithic touring sound unit is set on a stage behind the payment desk.

Another highlight to be expected in a visit to Scarlet fire is the rabbit hole. These are portholes placed strategically around the store, these rabbit holes cut through the scarlet-stained floor to the ceiling panels. A look through these portholes will give you a mind-blowing view of the front to the back area of the store. Passersby can also look into these rabbit holes from outside to see a circular backdrop that shows the interior of the shop. Customers describe the view as moving psychedelic images.


Bottom Line

A store that treats visitors to an interior decor that includes album covers, replica guitars, tour posters, and other merch of a band as famous as Grateful Dead is guaranteed to generate revenue.  In the few weeks that the store has begun operations, Ellison says that he's certain the store has been successful in its main objective, which is educating customers while sharing the Grateful Dead passion. To maintain its newfound reputation, Scarlet Fire has to remain committed to the quality that sets it apart from the other cannabis stores in Toronto.





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