North Carolina approves medical marijuana
North Carolina approves medical marijuana

The North Carolina General Assembly Votes to Approve Medical Marijuana

North Carolina is going green with medicinal marijuana

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Joseph Billions on Thursday Jul 8, 2021

North Carolina General Assembly Approves Medical Marijuana Use

north carolina medical marijuana

The approval of marijuana for recreational or medical use is always exciting new information for cannabis advocates. The North Carolina General Assembly has delivered another good news with its support of medical marijuana in the state. 


The State's Judiciary Committee first received testimony on the proposed approval the week prior and approved the legislation via voice vote. However, it is required to still move through three panels and stages before it is considered on the house floor. 


The Committees faith in the medical marijuana bill 

The Chairman of the Rules Committee, Bill Rabon (A Republican), sponsored the motion, allowing patients access to cannabis if they have a medical condition. Of course, as it is with other states, the medical condition needs to be a critical and debilitating one, such as epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, or HIV/AIDS. 


Approved regulators will be given the power to add other qualifying conditions as people comply with the laid-out rules. The legislation aims to offer some compassion and additional care for peculiar ailments for the people living in North Carolina. 


The lawmakers also believe that the bill will provide easy access for law-abiding citizens who require cannabis to thrive in good health. They don't want their citizenry obtaining marijuana from the black market or through illicit ways. 


Bill Rabon is a cancer survivor who pushed the bill because of his cancer experiences and maintains that the time has come for more compassionate care in North Carolina. He believes that by legalizing cannabis, more people can experience relief from illnesses without seeking illegal sources. 


The inspiration for voting "YES."

Aside from the politicians who promoted the bill, North Carolina also made a tremendous success because of the compelling stories the house received about cannabis. One of such stories is from Majority leader Kathy Harrington (A Republican), whose husband was diagnosed with blood cancer. Kathy was a loud "YES" voice on the panel, which enabled the winning phase marijuana needed. 


She insisted that six months ago, she wouldn't have supported the bill, but "Life comes at you fast," and you've got to do whatever is necessary to be in good health. Such stories about the positive impact of marijuana in the medical sector cannot be ignored. 


The setup for the bill 

There was a substitute amendment accepted by the State's Judiciary Committee and a 13-member Medical Cannabis Board that will review petitions to add medical conditions to the access list. 


Another nine-member Medical Cannabis Production Commission will be set up after the bill is established to offer additional support in North Carolina. The commission will provide a regulated supply of cannabis that will work well in the medical field and ensure that the substance is safe for use. 


The bill also empowered the commission to establish a well-regulated system that includes a "Seed to sale" tracking system. There will also be financially viable systems for cannabis suppliers to help them gain access to the highest quality cannabis and other cannabis-infused products for patients. 


The commission's efforts by the North Carolina house and its politicians further create a peculiar North Carolina Cannabis Research Program. This program is meant to carry out objective and scientific-based research about the administration of all cannabis and cannabis-infused products. All of these are to aid the medical cannabis industry. 


Finally, the bill is also set to generate enough revenue for the commission, which will help them oversee the entire regulated process. The gains will also help the department maintain the system, keep it running, and operate without failures. 


Under the current law, an individual who possessed more than half of an ounce of up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis will face a class 1 misdemeanor. Such individuals will also face up to 45 days of imprisonment and a $200 fine. 


The approval of the bill 

Members approved the bill after three additional amendments. One of the amendments reduces the number of medical cannabis dispensaries that could be licensed from eight to four. The amendments also provide some clarifications on how violations of the program or the bill will be handled. 


Another aspect that was considered and included before the bill was passed was the enhancement of criminal offenses like trafficking cannabis. There was severe punishment for those who still dealt with illegal marijuana, even in the non-medical world. 


Physicians are also expected always to indicate the approved medical marijuana delivery methods for their patients. They are to instruct dispensaries to access the information they need about the patients before dispensing the marijuana. 


Before the bill is passed, it will still need to go through the Rule and operations, Health Care, and Senate Finance Committees. Interestingly, the adults in North Carolina support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Three in four North Carolina citizens agree that it should be legal for medical purposes. 


The move from North Carolina puts pressure on neighboring states 

North Carolina has made its choice, and while it is commendable, it has also put pressure on other states to make the same move. A good example is the state of Virginia which became the first state in the South to legalize cannabis for recreational use. 


This is the kind of expansionist move that excites cannabis advocates who believe that more states should legalize cannabis. North Carolina has set the pace, and even though other states have done the same before them, it is a meaningful move that will encourage more states to do the same. 


Bottom Line

North Carolina has made impressive progress with its cannabis moves and rules, setting them apart as a state that is ready to take its place in the future of cannabis growth. Yes, it took them a while to arrive there, but they did, and from this point onwards, they will get a lot of things right with medical cannabis. 

People dealing with medical issues and worrisome diseases are always at their wit's end, especially when doctors don't know what else to do. Cannabis has been proven to positively impact sick people's health, and North Carolina patients now have access to it, legally!!








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