Repeal Colorado Cannabis Laws
Repeal Colorado Cannabis Laws

Who Started the Proposal to Repeal Legal Marijuana in Colorado? (Yes, It's a Real Thing!)

Two mysterious people are trying to repeal recreational cannabis in Colorado.

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Feb 11, 2020

Are these people Trolling Legal Cannabis in Colorado?

repeal colorado cannabis laws

Mary Lou Mosely and Willard Behm – two mysterious figures – have reportedly submitted a new proposed ballot initiative that seeks to “repeal” the legalization efforts founded in 2012. This might sound like a ludicrous notion – however, as was reported on Marijuana Moment – this is 100% legit.

However, considering that there isn’t a lot of information and plenty of “oddities” when it comes to this specific story – one can only consider whether all of this is some sort of legal “troll-maneuver” from the lawyers in question or, if there are some deeper pockets behind all of this.

For those who don’t know about what I’m talking about, let me fill you in on the details.


What is this about bringing back prohibition?

Before you take to the digital arena and rant about the injustices of a backwards system – let’s first take a step back and see what this is all about.

Earlier this year – a ballot initiative was submitted by Mary Lou Mosely and Willard Behm which simply read the following;

“The People of Colorado declare that recreational use of marijuana is a matter of statewide concern.

Article XVIII, Section 16 of the Colorado Constitution (Personal Use and Regulation of Marijuana) is repealed.

Laws regarding medical marijuana and industrial hemp are not changed.

This amendment is effective upon the official declaration of the vote hereon by the Governor pursuant to Section 1(4) of Article V of the Colorado Constitution”

This is virtually all the information about the proposed initiative. On the official Colorado government website, you can find all of the documents and commentaries on the document HERE.

Now – in relation to how serious this is – it is actually pretty “serious” in the sense that it is an official legal document however, it is hardly serious in the “format” it has been presented.

Let’s take a closer look why people shouldn’t be worried about this ballot initiative.


State Lawmakers are not convinced

While it’s the duty of the State Legislators and regulators to hear the concerns of all citizens, the response to the document from the Colorado General Assembly dwarfed the text of the original document. You can read the comments/response here.

This isn’t the government shooting down their proposal but rather “assisting” them in making it more formal. However, considering that the initial proposal can be read in four-sentences – the validity of the document is placed into question.

According to the CO General Assembly – the document isn’t nearly ready to be presented to anyone. From missing the “official lingo” such as starting an official ballot with the words, “Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado” to not having a “single subject” within the document.

Furthermore – since there are hemp laws, medical laws and recreational laws all entangled on the books – repealing all the laws of legal “adult marijuana consumption” would in turn create a Clusterfuck for the government. Something that they aren’t too keen about.

Additionally, the proposal requires things like – fiscal impact statements, questioning whether they are repealing “sales” or use, formatting and many other issues.

As the document stands now – it is nothing more than four sentences loosely written on a letter sent off to a government office. It has absolutely no validity whatsoever.


Are Prohibitionists behind it?

Those pesky prohibitionists always want to steal your fun! However, when Marijuana Movement reached out to SAM – our friendly neighborhood sourpusses – they failed to respond to them. When Marijuana Movement reached out to the two people who submitted the proposal – they too failed to respond.

This makes one wonder – is this all a ruse? Is this merely a few lawyers who saw that whenever you do ‘anything’ related to weed outside of the cannabis industry – it generates viral traffic. Perhaps, however it’s quite difficult to verify.

I tried to do some deeper digging on both of the individuals who submitted the document and came up with nothing. Of course, I wasn’t looking like there was not tomorrow either – but, from what I can gather the people who are behind the ballot initiative are pretty much “no-names” in the grand scheme of things.

The only thing that makes me think that this is merely a ruse and not something serious is due to their anonymity in all of this. It’s not like they have any history in the cannabis industry – neither for not against. Perhaps – this was their attempt of getting some exposure which if it is – job well done.

That’s one way to troll your way to get some media exposure!


What happens next?

I hardly think that this will go anywhere. There is no indication that “the people of Colorado” actually wants to abolish marijuana. In fact, closer to 70% of the state is more than fine with their decision back in 2012. The “on-the-fence” crew are slowly warming up to the idea of being friendly with stoners – especially, since they help stimulate the local economy.








What did you think?

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