Ron Desantis against marijuana legalization
Ron Desantis against marijuana legalization

Why Does Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis Hate Weed So Much?

Ron Destantis does not want legalized marijuana and says drugs are ruining America.

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Joseph Billions on Wednesday Sep 6, 2023

Ron Desantis on marijuana

During a presidential campaign event in Iowa on Saturday, Ron DeSantis reaffirmed his stance against the legalisation of marijuana. He expressed worries about the potential for young children to access cannabis contaminated with fentanyl.


DeSantis underscored that he sees this issue as a pressing modern concern, differing greatly from substances used decades ago. He thinks that such substances' usage among the youth leads to a myriad of problems. Additionally, he highlighted the severe toll drugs are taking on the nation.


The event, orchestrated by the Never Back Down Super PAC, offered DeSantis an opportunity to illustrate his viewpoint. He cited San Francisco as a case study for why marijuana should remain illegal. Nevertheless, he did concede that Florida has permitted medical marijuana for a substantial duration without encountering problems linked to fentanyl contamination.


Community Responses and Reactions: A Divided Reception to DeSantis' Presence


The attendance of Governor Ron DeSantis at the prayer vigil triggered a mix of sentiments within the community. Councilwoman Ju'Coby Pittman's call for increased state funding and her assertion that the tragedy stemmed from prejudice resonated deeply. This struck a chord with those who believed the incident shed light on long-standing neglect and disparities in resource distribution.


The contrasting reactions to DeSantis' presence reflected the community's divisions. Some viewed his attendance as a chance for him to grasp the situation firsthand, while others booed to express their dissatisfaction with his policies. His speech, focusing on security enhancements and support initiatives, attempted to address concerns raised by Pittman. However, the interruption underscored the challenge of navigating sensitive issues in a community grappling with immediate grief and underlying tensions. The incident highlighted the complexities of leadership during a crisis and emphasised the necessity for open dialogue and empathetic action.


Shooting In Jacksonville: DeSantis Booed At Prayer Vigil


Amid a prayer vigil held for the victims of a tragic mass shooting at a Jacksonville Dollar General store, there was a notable incident involving Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. As he approached the podium to address the gathering, he was met with boos from the audience.


This solemn vigil marked the second of its kind on that Sunday, at 2161 Kings Road, adjacent to the Dollar General establishment where the tragic shooting unfolded.


Before the governor's speech, Councilwoman Ju'Coby Pittman, who represents District 10 in Jacksonville, condemned the violence and urged for improved state funding.


"This day is dedicated to standing by the side of the residents who have endured an undeserved tragedy," Pittman stated, referencing the three Black victims who lost their lives in the Dollar General store shooting executed by a 21-year-old white assailant in Northwest Jacksonville on the previous Saturday.


Pittman highlighted that the victims were all individuals of Black ethnicity. She also pointed out that the area where the shooting occurred, namely District 10, has been neglected in terms of receiving adequate state funding.


"Let's be candid, the funding we truly deserve often eludes us," Pittman asserted. "However, when I make my funding request this week... rest assured, we will obtain it."


Directing her attention towards the community leaders present, including Sheriff T.K. Waters, who attributed Saturday's incident to racial motivations, Pittman praised their efforts in confronting the truth head-on.


"I commend your actions from yesterday. Because you did not shy away from addressing the situation for what it is. We cannot allow ourselves to remain in denial. We cannot permit an individual from another county to infiltrate our community and inflict harm," Pittman declared.


She forcefully conveyed, "This is not a matter of intra-community conflict. It's an act of prejudice." Her words resonated powerfully with the crowd.


Pittman shifted her focus to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who was present among the attendees.


"Governor, I am aware of your presence here, and truth be told, I am glad that you are here to witness firsthand the people and the profound impact this community has experienced. To create genuine change, one must intimately understand the situation," Pittman addressed the governor.


Subsequently, DeSantis was summoned to the podium, greeted by a mix of scattered applause and jeers from the crowd.


He initiated his speech by recognising Councilwoman Pittman's call for increased state funding, though his words were cut off in mid-sentence.


"Councilwoman, I understand your concerns, rest assured. We've already been actively exploring avenues to allocate resources for enhancing security at Edward Waters College. We will not permit these esteemed institutions to fall prey to individuals who..."


Councilwoman Pittman briefly seized the microphone from the podium, aimed at quelling the dissenting voices in the audience, particularly those not enthused about DeSantis' presence.


"Today isn't about political affiliations. Bullets pay no heed to party lines," Pittman's voice boomed.


"If the governor has come here bearing contributions for my community, you better believe I'm accepting them because we've endured more than enough already."


Pittman then called for a hush among the crowd and returned the microphone to the governor.


"Tomorrow morning, we're set to unveil initiatives that I believe will provide assistance, not only in fortifying security but also in endeavours to support these affected families," Governor DeSantis announced.


He shifted his focus towards the assailant, branding him a "flagrant wrongdoer of the highest order."


"The actions he undertook are wholly intolerable within the confines of Florida. We will not permit individuals to be singled out based on their ethnicity. We shall rise, and we shall undertake the necessary measures to ensure that malevolence does not triumph within our state's borders," DeSantis proclaimed.


Governor DeSantis revealed an ongoing collaboration with Edward Waters University to meet the institution's needs. He affirmed that no one shall "target historically Black colleges or universities within Florida's jurisdiction and evade consequences."


HBCU, which signifies historically Black college or university, was clarified by DeSantis.


Concluding his address, DeSantis conveyed unity with the community, assuring that "Florida stands in solidarity with this community. Assistance is en route."


Bottom Line


Governor Ron DeSantis' reaffirmation of his stance against marijuana legalization and subsequent presence at a prayer vigil for the victims of a tragic shooting in Jacksonville exposed a community grappling with division and diverse viewpoints. While DeSantis' speech aimed to address concerns and emphasize unity, the mixed reception highlighted the intricate challenges of leadership during times of crisis. The incident underscored the urgent need for open dialogue, empathetic understanding, and concerted efforts to bridge gaps within the community.





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