psychedelic revolution
psychedelic revolution

Behold, the Psychedelic Revolution Cometh!

They die has been cast for early money to be moving into psychedelic medicine!

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday Jan 28, 2021

Behold the Psychedelic Revolution Cometh!

psychedelic revolution


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind – even the staunchest of opposition – that cannabis will become a legal commodity within the international marketplace. Irrespective of whether it’s for medical, recreational, or industrial purposes – cannabis is here to stay!


As a result, we have seen millionaires bud like the very crops they are selling, and we’ve seen ex-prohibitionists jump ship to join the green revolution.


Yet, while we’re still sitting here trying to finalize this entire legalization movement, another smaller revolution – potentially with a greater impact – is happening.


I’m talking about the Psychedelic Revolution 2.0. It’s coming, and it’s probably going to help us reach space! Let me tell you why.


The Medical Potential of Psychedelics


One of the main reasons why cannabis grew with such strides over the years was due to its medical promise. Many might not be aware but one of the first reasons why medical cannabis was legalized was to help cancer patients and HIV/AIDS patients who were suffering from withering syndrome.


While the recreational element was there, it was this medical benefit that forced lawmakers to legalize it because, “If you’re against medicine, you’re against the people”.


Unlike psychedelics however, Cannabis is the most consumed “illegal” drug in the world. This means that the sheer volume of consumers were significant. So much so that the U.S had the ability to grow to the largest prison-state in the world.


The medical potential of psychedelics also deal with different issues. It seems, at least for now – that psychedelics will have a beneficial impact on “mental health” medications, which have largely remained the same for many decades.


For example; Lithium – psychiatrists ‘go to’ medicine – has been used for over 60 years to treat conditions like Bi-Polar Disorder. Except, there were no more innovations on the side of the medicine. It’s as if the doctors were like, “Yay – we discovered this one thing and now will never look into anything else ever again!”


“All psychiatric disorders have suffered from a dearth of truly novel pharmacological interventions. In bipolar disorder, lithium remains a mainstay of treatment, six decades since its effects were serendipitously discovered. The lack of progress reflects several factors, including ignorance of the disorder's pathophysiology and the complexities of the clinical phenotype.” - Source


This is where psychedelics may be bridging the gap. Researchers have found that psychedelics can be good for a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, stress disorders, thanatology or accepting ones own death, PTSD and in the case of psilocybin, helping regrow neural structures.


However – since this information has literally been banned by governments all over the world at the behest of Big Pharma – we’re only in the beginning stages of uncovering the power of psychedelics.


When it spills into the recreational – the revolution begins


The recreational aspect of mushrooms will be far less pronounced than that of cannabis for the simple reason that one can smoke a joint in the morning and be okay a few hours later – whereas you won’t be able to eat a full dose of psilocybin without tripping balls for about 8 hours.


However, these psychedelics will become activities to do for people looking for “new experiences”. It will never be as mainstream as cannabis though. In fact, irrespective of drug laws – drug consumption typically hovers at the same use rates. In fact, use rates are slightly higher in prohibition states.


Let’s that that 1 in 10 people will use psychedelics on a more frequent base recreationally – as in, they will trip some serious balls. This isn’t enough to make a major societal impact – except that the people most likely to be that “1” will be artists.


Psychedelics impact art which in turn helps shape society. Give it a decade after psychedelics are legalized – you’ll see a major shift in paradigm.


The Real Revolution – Productivity!


I’ve been microdosing LSD and Psilocybin for several years now. Big Tech companies have many of their engineers do the same. Why? Because taking 1/16th of a dose of LSD in the morning before work will not make you trip – in fact, you’d probably not feel anything other than a super charge of energy and creativity.


I equate it to taking the golden star in Mario Bros. You’re able to run through life without being affected by all the bullshit that usually would throw you off your game.


Got into an argument – a microdose-mind works through it in a matter of seconds. Need to write a huge volume of code? A microdose will connect your fingers to your brain in such a way that the latency between the two becomes virtually zero.


Microdosing in my experience can’t happen every day. In fact, I only use it when I have big hauls of work to do – other than that, I simply rely on Breathwork and meditation and have on several occasions managed to reach a microdose-state without taking it.


I believe that for productivity, there will be many new drugs that will come out using psychedelics in small quantities.


Unfortunately, the scientific community for the most part hates feeling good and always try to create drugs that don’t get you high. Seriously – it sounds like they need some mushrooms.  I mean, that’s like trying to have sex without an orgasm…sure, you could probably do that – but why?








What did you think?

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