Hiding Weed In Your Car
Hiding Weed In Your Car

Best Places To Hide Weed In Your Car?

Where To Stash Your Stash In An Automobile

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Reginald Reefer on Thursday May 19, 2016

Where To Stash Your Stash In Your Car

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While we would love to live in a world where cannabis use is tolerated, the vast majority of the countries on earth are still clinging to the policies of old. A few places around the globe have initiated movements to legalize cannabis and it seems that the movement is catching on.


Nonetheless, for most people in the world cannabis use is strictly forbidden (not that it’s stopping anyone from toking up) and thus we will be talking about how you can effectively “Stash your Stash” in your car.


The need for a good hiding place


Transporting marijuana can get you in a lot of trouble if you’re ever caught with it. Most of the times, in places where cannabis is still prohibited, police use cannabis as incentive to either take your property or deprive you of your liberty.


This is why it’s important to understand how you can leverage your car to keep the nosy coppers away from your stash. If they can’t find anything, they can’t hold you even if they suspect that you are smoking marijuana.


This doesn’t mean they won’t try to intimidate you or search your vehicle high and low to find any remnants of the scared herb.




Travel Light


It’s important to understand that there are different penalties when it comes to the size of your stash. If you’re traveling with a few pounds of weed and get busted for it, there is no doubt that the police will automatically assume that you are transporting with the intent to sell.


This means that you won’t get treated as a “common user” but rather as a “drug dealer” and under Federal law, that could land you in jail for more than a decade. This is why the first tip you should always keep close to heart is “travel with enough weed you can part with”.


In other words, travel with a little amount of weed that you can easily stash or even eat if necessary.


Once the cannabis is inside you, the cops can’t do anything about it.


Stash it to the Center of the vehicle


Secondly, make it as hard as possible for the cops to find your weed. One of the best areas within your car is in the center near the back. The cops will have a difficult time to spot weed from the outside of your car if you hide it somewhere in the center. Try to keep it out of eye’s reach.


Explore your car


You’d be surprised to find the numerous places you can stash weed in your car. Many of the panels and compartments that seem to be “static”, can actually be removed and will provide you with spaces to hide your stash.


Check in the glove compartment. A friend of mine realized that his glove compartment has a false bottom. Well, it’s not really “false”, more like “detachable”. Every time he travels with his stash, he simply lifts the bottom, place the weed under it and reaffirms it to its original position.


He typically has some really “loud” weed and even if the cops smell it, they won’t be able to find it easily. The trick is to make the cop work so much that they give up in the intent. Look for other areas in your car that can open, secret compartments that you can exploit.


Keep it above eye level


Another great tip is to keep the stashing spot above eye level. Cops typically search “downwards”, meaning that if you keep it above their gaze, they might never find it. As I mentioned in the previous step, look for compartments that can be exploited.


Use your Trash


Cops typically ignore things they think is trash. For instance, if you have a take away cup, you can easily stash a joint within the straw and keep the lid on the cup. Obviously make sure that the cup is empty before you do this.


Once you have inserted the joint into the cup, simply put it in a plastic bag, throw some wrappers in the bag and make it look like trash. The cops will lift up the bag, look at it, see that it’s trash and continue on with their task of trying to ruin your life.



Bottom line

It sucks that we have to hide our habits, however this is merely our struggle. In the hopes of maintaining our freedom we must become creative in the ways of transporting our cannabis. This article should have given you enough information to start “cop proofing” your car.


If all else fails, eat the weed!







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