cdc cannabis warning
cdc cannabis warning

CDC Issues Cannabis Carpal Tunnel Warning

Reefer Madness Continues as No Case Has Ever Been Reported

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Reginald Reefer on Tuesday Mar 13, 2018

CDC’s latest Drivel on Cannabis – Why do they do this?


cdc on cannabis warnings


If you are a frequent reader here on, you’ll know by now that I am addicted to finding Reefer Madness and exposing it for the world to see. I meticulously scan news articles and so forth to find places where straight up lies and rumors are being spread, and provide counter arguments to them.

Today, I’m bringing you another Jewel from the CDC with their latest cannabis scare tactic. It relates not to smoking cannabis, but rather…harvesting it.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How can cannabis harvesting be dangerous?” and you might even be thinking about pesticide exposure, breathing in mold and the likes. However, this piece released by the CDC has nothing to do with that either.

What are they talking about then?

Well…Carpel Tunnel Syndrome of course!

Carpel Tunnel occurs when the medial nerve running from the forearm to the hand becomes compressed resulting in muscles and tendons being chronically inflamed from overuse. This usually happens with people who work with their hands in repetitive sequences such as cutting hair, packaging, or factory assembling lines.

However, while there are zero reported cases on trimming cannabis causing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in trimmers…the CDC thought it would be prudent to just ‘throw it out there’ and to see if it sticks.

I must admit, they didn’t say it “does cause it” but list trimming cannabis as a “it could cause it”. But my question is, why bring it up in the first place?



We live in a world where facts and fiction can get blurred quite quickly. Most people simply skim their news sources, they don’t actually read what is written. What happens as a result is that half-truths or even mere hypothesis are taken as fact.

Eventually, it gets shared so much that people are unable to distinguish fact from fiction. This is especially true if an organization in “power” makes a statement.

My question is, why would you make a statement of something that you haven’t tested, haven’t verified or proven to be true – IF YOU’RE THE FUCKING CDC?!?

What are they achieving besides throwing more doubt into the minds of prohibitionists? What is their end goal? Are they truly concerned about trimmers getting Carpel Tunnel or is there a more nefarious purpose behind the dissemination of false information?

Are they even allowed to write opinion pieces?


The Purpose of Misinformation

Understanding the nature of propaganda, misinformation serves as a way for authoritarians to create doubt and division on a particular topic.

In the case of cannabis, it’s clear that the federal government is very resistant to legalizing it. Utilizing an organization of “authority” such as the CDC expands the schism between the two camps of thought on the issue of legalization.

This doubt won’t stop legalization, but it will slow it down. Another talking point we have to debunk and prove that the “risk profile” of legalization is much lower than the “risk profile of prohibition”.

When the CDC makes statements like the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome scare, it fuels the divide and stifles progress towards legalization.

I can’t think of any other reason why the CDC would say something like this except to expand on the negative narrative of cannabis legalization, acting as a puppet for the federal government.


It isn’t the first time either…

If you’re thinking, “Reginald…that’ a tad bit ‘conspiracy theorist’ of you”, I’d like to simply point out that this is nothing new. The US government has been using misinformation against the public for many years now.

We have had plenty of false flag attacks, fake health crises’ and economic scares to advance the agenda of the government.

For instance, remember how Saddam Hussein didn’t have WMDs, or when the Vietnamese didn’t attack a US naval boat in the Gulf of Tonkin? How about the Ebola Scare? Killer Bees!

All you have to do to see these kinds of actions is to remove your nose from the government’s ass for a moment and see all the shady shit they do on the regular. It’s not far-fetched to believe that the CDC, would participate in these government-motivated misinformation tactics.


But why Reginald…WHY?!?

Most people don’t want to hear the truth about their government. We’ve been conditioned to be patriotic, nationalistic dipshits that follow orders without question. “My government would never do that!”

Sorry to break it to you, ALL GOVERNMENTS suck. Corruption is present in every single government around the world.

There are people that benefit from the way things are, and whatever comes in the way of their revenue streams will be attacked. It’s one of the main reasons why cannabis has been prohibited for 80 years…it threatens the status quo.

That’s why the government created false studies, altered data to suit their narrative. You have to remember that the government is not some godlike entity but is run by people…corruptible people like you and I.

To think that because someone is elected as a representative of your government makes them impervious to temptation and corruption is naïve. As long as there is financial incentives and power in the equation…you cannot trust the government.

I’m also not saying that ALL government officials are corrupt, but you have to be aware that many of them are. Just look at the banking industry, law enforcement, prisons, the military…hell virtually every aspect of government is littered with corrupt individuals.

The CDC is just a tool in the hands of those who would never want to see the legalization of cannabis.








What did you think?

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