dab nails and bangers
dab nails and bangers

Dab Nails vs. Bangers - What is the Difference?

Dab nails or bangers, what do you prefer to dab?

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jsp1073 on Friday Oct 26, 2018

Dab Nails vs. Bangers - What is the Difference?

dab nails verse bangers


Dabbing has become very popular in the cannabis community. Many options and tools for dabbing are gradually finding their way into the market. Today, innovation has given birth to more fascinating ways to dab rather than using the traditional bubbler pipes. However, the process of dabbing can be quite intimidating, especially to a novice who just joined that dab side of the community and might not be familiar with the essential items needed for their final destination to dab land. These tools include the dab rig, nectar collectors, torch, nails, bangers, dabbers and so on. This article will clarify the difference between a dab nail and a banger, two essential items when using a dab oil rig.


What is a Dab Nail?

Dab nails provide a reliable means of consuming essential oils. Just like the name suggests, a nail looks similar to a nail you hammer. It is long and slim whereas all other types are bigger. They are heated up with an electronic heater coil or a torch. Once they are hot enough, a dab of wax is placed onto the dab nail to produce flavorful and tasty vapors. Just as a bowl piece is for a bong, a nail sublimates your hash oil after receiving it and enable you to inhale the vapor by feeding it inside the rig.

There are different kinds of dab rigs. Most require a dome, and they need to be placed inside a glass joint while others do not. However, all dab rigs can function at their best when you have the necessary tools.

Standard dab rigs traditionally come with standards nail and oil dome. However, you can now select from a variety of options. Choosing the right nail is crucial to developing the right setup. It can make the difference between efficient smoke and flavorful dabs.


Domed Vs. Domeless

In the world of cannabis, a dome is an essential component of a dab rig. It’s made of quartz, titanium, ceramic or blown glass. It completely fits over the nail and encloses the vapor of your cannabis concentrate. The dome is built-in on most basic dab rigs.

On the other hand, domeless nails enable you to become more efficient in dabbing. You don’t have to fix a dome over these nails to use them correctly. All you have to do is heat and dab straightaway. The fact that you wouldn’t have to worry about using a dome on a hot nail makes it a lot simpler.

Domed nails are less expensive when compared to domeless nails. This makes them a great choice for a novice and infrequent dabbers. Domeless nails are more expensive but pretty easy to clean. The chances of breaking them while cleaning are very low. Domeless nails are great for dabbers who don’t have time to do heavy cleaning.

However, domeless nails are more wasteful than domed nails. This is because it holds the vapor in naturally to avoid losing much of it to air, similar to a wax vape pen.

You can fit in more concentrate on a domeless nail which implies that you will need much larger dabs. This should be good news if you love to smoke concentrates. Choosing a domed or domeless nail should depend on your preference and budget.


What is a Banger Nail?

Banger nail is one of the many options of a dab nail. It comes in a flat-bottomed and swan-necked banger design. It’s similar to the design of a hammer. A banger nail looks like a swan probably because of the way it extends out like a curve. Banger nails are quickly becoming the newest styles in dabbing and preferred by many dabbers due to its large dabbing surface. It’s also more efficient and the fact that it extends away from the face. They are a great option for newbies in dabbing because of their ease of use and low price.

Banger nails could be made of quartz, crystal, titanium or glass. They are versatile and can be used with or without a carb cap. With the caps, you can dab at a low temperature. Quartz bangers are the most popular for a very good reason. Not only are they more durable than glass but they also taste better. There are special ways to heat different materials. If you heat it up enough where it is glowing red hot, give it 10-20 seconds to let it cool down.


Different Materials


Although Quartz banger nails are costlier than the glass nail, they last longer and do not require slow heating. You can get great flavors when you use quartz nails and dab at the right temperature.


  • They are budget friendly.
  • They won’t crack from rapid changes in temperature.
  • Improved airflow


  • They could break easily if dropped.


If you’re a careless person who frequently drops their nails, then the titanium nail could be the best option because they are durable. Titanium nails can also withstand your constant heating sessions.


  • Last for a long time without breaking.
  • Can withstand constant heating and cooling
  • Huge dabs


  • Does not produce great flavors
  • Can transfer heat to glass joint


  • Ceramic has similar characteristics with the glass nail and it is very easy to clean. They could break easily from a high temperature so you need to take caution when handling them.


  • Easy to clean and reuse.


  • Highly fragile. It could break easily.








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