Kamala Harris cannabis decriminalization
Kamala Harris cannabis decriminalization

Did Kamala Harris Just Flip-Flop on Marijuana and Put Cannabis Legalization in Trouble in America?

Is Kamala Harris getting pressured by her boss to decriminalize and not legalize?

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Reginald Reefer on Friday Mar 5, 2021

Did Kamala Harris Just Flip-Flop on Marijuana and Put Legalization in Trouble?

kamala harris on legalization

I haven't written about politics since Biden took office for a myriad of reasons. The first being that I did not want to rain on the parade of those who thought that the Democratic victory was a significant one. I did not want to ruin their momentary existence of bliss.

But now that we're entering the third month of this year, perhaps it's time to start introducing the world to a dose of reality. For those who have been reading me for many years know that I am an anarchist at heart. I do not have any faith or trust in any government. I do not lean left nor do I lean right, rather I place a high emphasis on the freedom of the individual and how society should be structured in a way to empower individuals.

A principled society where individuals take care of others without the need to be coaxed by the government. Of course, this very well may be a pipe dream but that's just what I choose to follow. The impartiality to political parties allows me to analyze them without any emotional baggage.

You very well may know but I am not a big fan of Joe Biden and never have been, nor of Kamala Harris. Their anti-drug rhetoric has always sat wrong with me. Joe Biden or Mr. President as people call him these days, used the drug war to boost his political career.

He's such a drug warrior, that even when his entire party is virtually in favor of legalization of cannabis- he is only willing to decriminalize it.  He also vowed to expunge any low-level cannabis arrests which without judgment is the only thing that you could do at the very least, especially since you helped put those people there with your “tough on crime” bills in the 1990s.

Yet this article is not about old man Joe, it's about the vice president Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris- serial flip flopper

There was a time when Kamala Harris was also “tough on crime”. Having over 1900 convictions for pot offenses under her reign as District Attorney in San Francisco, she established herself as a real hard ass within law enforcement.

Then, when weed became ever more popular she decided to change her stance on cannabis and suddenly was a champion for cannabis legalization. This is because in order for her to run as president she needed to be pro cannabis and while we have to admit that she did help sponsor bills that would have legalized cannabis on a federal level, none of her initiatives have had any impact on cannabis policy as a whole.

Harris was one reason why Joe Biden actually won the presidency, with voters thinking that Kamala Harris who is in favor of federal legalization would help move the agenda forward. This is because people know that Joe Biden is not in favor of federal legalization.

Now that the presidential elections are over and the dust has finally settled after the weakest insurrection in history, it turns out that Harris is flip flopping once more.

An aide to Harris said that her position is now essentially the same as Biden's as was reported on a Bloomberg article. The vice president has not officially made the statement yet, but in all likeliness it is true. The mere fact that we're talking about this right now, could be the Harris team simply testing the waters in relation to her popularity by making such a policy shift once more.

Eroding the confidence of the Democratic Party

For the past eight years or so The Democratic Party has systematically disenfranchised their base. From getting rid of Bernie Sanders, who was the people's champion, and replacing him with Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump ensured that the Republicans won in 2016.

In the 2020 elections The Democrats simply shitposted on Trump and utilized character attacks as their main strategy for getting elected. Once more, Harris was promoted as the vice president when in reality she was the lowest polling politician in the presidential race.

With Harris flip flopping once more, it is simply another offense of serial transgressions done by the Democratic Party at the expense of their user base.

7 out of 10 Americans are in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis. That number is higher if you filter out Republicans.

One would think that the Democratic Party would be completely in favor of legalizing cannabis, considering that the vast majority of the people that vote for them are in favor of cannabis. This makes one wonder, who in the Democratic Party benefits from prohibition?

 For me, this flip floppery is nothing new, Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same thing separated merely by degree. While Joe Biden is allowing states to legalize as they wish, it's just stalling the inevitable which is- cannabis will be legalized worldwide.








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