Etsy Meets Weed - How Cannabis Art is Flourishing and Artists are Thriving on The Artsy Leaf

Etsy Meets Weed - How Cannabis Art is Flourishing and Artists are Thriving on The Artsy Leaf

Online marketplace The Artsy Leaf is helping cannabis-themed artists get recognition and revenue

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Joseph Billions on Saturday Apr 10, 2021

Etsy Meets Weed - Cannabis Art is Flourishing and Artists are Thriving on The Artsy Leaf

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Is there any section or industry without cannabis influence? Well, it's starting to look like there isn't any, as, throughout history, cannabis users have displayed their creative capabilities in various ways.


In this article, we will talk about one industry in particular where budding artists are gaining ground: ART! 


Cannabis users and enthusiasts are some of the most innovative people you'll ever meet, and their inspiring works of art have been admired for decades. Most of the works created by cannabis enthusiasts have also sparked debate for centuries, dating William Shakespeare's times. 


If you are reading about cannabis art for the first time, one may have to ask you, "Where have you been?" But don't worry; you will understand more about this concept below as I focus on the new online cannabis-themed marketplace. 


Cannabis and the creative arts 


Research has shown a fantastic connection between cannabis and creativity, an intriguing relationship that is attributed to the plant's remarkable properties. Cannabis interacts with the human brain through the endocannabinoid system and receptors in the brain. 


Extensive works of research show that creative prowess and imagination heighten when users consume cannabis, thus enabling divergent and distinct thought patterns. Hence the reason great men and women like Maya Angelou and Louis Armstrong celebrated the impact of cannabis on their creative careers. 


A more significant percentage of the creative industry is also full of trailblazers who have affirmed that cannabis is a significant influence on their success. For such artists, marijuana inspires the way they hone their crafts and showcase their ideas. 


Despite such a show of artistic brilliance, some artists struggle with finding a place to showcase their works. Why is this the case? Why can't artist showcase their works inspired by cannabis? Let's find out! 


The problem with finding a market showcase 


Although there is an available and thriving market for cannabis art, most E-commerce websites and platforms prohibit artists from selling art that depicts cannabis. Some of these merchant shops also flag items such as CBD paraphernalia and insist that such things cannot be sold. 


With such restrictions, creative artists fail to get an adequate space to share their creations with the world. Artists feel shut out of the market space, and then COVID-19 happened. 


The Coronavirus Pandemic made everything worse for cannabis artists and businesses to maintain operations, which created a disturbing gap in the market. 


The Solution: a cannabis-themed marketplace 


As the challenge became increasingly worse, two outspoken cannabis advocates co-founded an online marketplace called The Artsy Leaf. Space was set-up as a multi-vendor marketplace to make it possible for artists to display their works. 


The co-founders Abbey Weintraub Sklar and Rebecca Goldberg discovered that there were many international craftsmen, women, and artists with products that weren't shared on any platform. The artists' products are unique cannabis-friendly items that were mostly scattered on censored tech platforms that limited their exposure to the world. 


Goldberg and Skylar understood the importance of an online vendor marketplace created for creators and buyers in the cannabis industry. COVID-19 and its resultant impact was also the inspiration behind an online space. 


Initially, it was supposed to be an in-person CBD marketplace, but the pandemic made physical meetings impossible for buying and selling purposes. Hence the reason the co-founders made it an online space with a highly functional website. 




The Artsy Leaf


The Artsy Leaf marketplace replaces other online platforms that were too restrictive for those in the cannabis industry. Some of those unfriendly sites didn't provide room for tagging, describing, and listing CBD products, making it difficult for artists to advertise their products. 


But with the Artsy Leaf marketplace, vendors and small business owners have maximum freedom to advertise their cannabis items. The platform also incorporates advertising with SEO consulting and doesn't hide its processing fees. 


The co-founders maintain that their desire to help all cannabis vendors succeed drives the marketplace. The website launched with an initial 14 vendors, and with its viable operational approach, more vendors are expected to join this revolutionary idea. 


A virtual cannabis marketplace is what the world needs right now to bridge the gap between artists and buyers. Cannabis-inspired pieces will always remain relevant globally because of how unique and disruptive they can be. The Artsy Leaf is the right incubation place for ideas, purchases, and value exchange. 


The future of the online marketplace 


The future of the online cannabis marketplace for artists looks promising, and why is this so important? Well, cannabis is gaining a lot of momentum in America, with more states legalizing marijuana more people will gain access to weed, and when they do, they may be inspired to create unique art pieces or be looking to purchase unique cannabis inspired works.


Either way, the cannabis world needs an outlet for artists to share their works, and this is where platforms like the Artsy Leaf become crucial. Other online platforms may start to look into adjusting their policies regarding this issue because this sector is about to explode.


It is time to change the current status quo on the other E-commerce sites not allowing cannabis artists to showcase their genius.


Bottom line


The world is awakening to the ever-increasing potentials of cannabis. Through marketplaces like the Artsy Leaf, cannabis artists and art lovers can meet, interact and sustain the cannabis industry. 


Without platforms like these, cannabis-inspired art will gradually decline, and that isn't good for the cannabis industry at all. We must all continue to encourage the establishments of platforms (online and offline) where artists can thrive. Budding cannabis artists need more places to express themselves, and the Artsy Leaf is a suitable platform. 


If you are a cannabis-themed artist, an aspiring one, or a small business owner and you struggle with promoting your work, you can visit The Artsy Leaf. If you are not an artist but looking for a space to share your ideas, and mingle with like minded cannabis enthusiasts got you covered.





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