nodal existence
nodal existence

Ganja Theories - How Nodal Existence Can Break the Current Power Dynamic

Nodal existence and closed systems can set individual humans free

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Reginald Reefer on Monday Apr 4, 2022

nodal existence with power stuggles

Global conflicts and national conflicts makes us realize just how dependent we are on a few key sectors in society. For our power, most of us predominantly rely on electricity supplied by the government. We get our gas from oil companies, our food from farms and stores, our drugs from pharmaceutical companies, our money is managed by funds and policies.


Within the grand social calculus – the consumer is the dingle-berry dangling on the anus of an aging field mouse. The power dynamics is stacked against the individual and while we live under the illusion that we are “free” we are far from it.


Not to mention, within this centralized power structure – society as a whole becomes more fragile. If terrorists take out the centralized power grid – we could have nuclear meltdowns in a matter of weeks. Yet ignorantly, we believe that by putting all of our eggs in one dubious basket – everything will be okay.


Except, the pandemic, the Eastern European conflict, the sheer disgraceful leadership from politicians all throughout the world has revealed the sheer ineptitude of global leadership. The people at the helm of it all are a bunch of unevolved beings that spout things about “inclusion and change” when their actions scream “control and dominance”.


To the stoner, this is nothing new. We’ve been targets of global governments for close to fifty years. However, as Schwabb believes – “Never let a good pandemic go to waste”, perhaps we can indulge this idea a bit further.


The Balance of Power is at Play


Rest assured that what is happening in the world these days is a struggle in power dynamics. The fact of the matter is that since pre-pandemic times, people have had it with the way things were being run. The corporate elite and the international banks, the governments colluding with private interests – there were riots on the streets…


While I don’t believe that a single organization is orchestrating the global chaos and degradation, I do believe that there are certain ‘ideological tendencies’ that influence a number of people in positions of power. It’s part of the seduction of power and wealth – once you’re captivated by the luster and presented with a wider array of options within the game called life – the weak spirited are easily corrupted.


They see wealth and become greedy, they feel power and become drunk.


These are our “elected officials” and their corporate sponsors, these are the banks that sequester your money only to lose it while being “too big to fail”. No they aren’t…they have failed us...


Shifting the Power Dynamic

While the elite advocate for a world subjected to their whims and ideas and take advantage of global crises to further their agendas, it’s also a unique opportunity for the rest of us to follow suit.


The main question is, “How do you upset the power balance?” What can the individual do within the greater societal machine to reclaim lost power and autonomy?


I’ve thought long and hard on this subject matter and I believe that if humanity were to have a shot of an “enlightened society”, then each person must become its own universe.




What I mean by each person must become their own universe I am referring to the self-correcting, self-sustaining nature of life in the Universe. In a way, we’re already like this – physically. We host trillions of organisms that share our body, a large percentage foreign to our own. As Science Focus Notes;


In any human body there are around 30 trillion human cells, but our microbiome is an estimated 39 trillion microbial cells including bacteria, viruses and fungi that live on and in us. - SOURCE


As you can see, it’s in our very nature to be a self-sustaining organism, living in harmony with other life forms on this planet. However, the moment we go beyond the constraints of our body, we immediately become dependent on a larger organism – society.

However, this organism isn’t organized in the way that our body works. Rather, there are certain organs that have been hijacked by invading species and viruses, that corrupt the system and make it work for them.


In order for the body to heal, we need to remove the dependency we have on these parasitic beings and return back to our nature of self-sustainability and self-correction.


I propose we embrace the concept of a nodal society.


Wtf is a Nodal Society?


Imagine for a second that you lived in an environment that mimics the natural environment. Imagine that your home was its own ecosystem. Every flush of the toilet didn’t simply send the water down the drain but flowed through special tubing with aquatic turbines in them, generating electricity while it drains, sending it to battery cells on the wall.


The water, would be directed to a reservoir, where the heat of the sun would evaporate it separating the physical matter from the water. The water would then go through a process of filtration naturally, as it waters your home grown crops which only requires about $60 per month in fish food, since everything is rigged to an aquaponics system.


Within your home, you grow your food and medicine, and every possible aspect of your house is designed to maximize sun and wind energy, storing it into a battery. Once the battery is full, it automatically redirects the excess energy to a main storage battery that serves as a backup for the entire street you’re living on.


Every other house on the street does the same. When the street energy reserve is maxed, it gets redirected to the neighborhood reserves, then to the municipal reserves, and so forth.


Imagine if every house had solar panels, smart wind turbines, was customized with vertical hydroponics systems to grow food 24/7 with the nutrients coming from the fish reservoir that doubles as an additional source of protein.


In this world, power-outages, water shortages, food shortages would quickly become a thing of the past. People would essentially stop worrying about their basic needs of survival and would be able to focus more on the things they enjoy in life.


Unfortunately for those in power, this type of living would also reduce the importance of centralized powers. You would no longer need to have so much land for growing certain crops that people could easily grow in their homes. You would no longer need to use any of the energy generated by the current system and could rather divert that into projects that require higher energy output.


Medicine would become something that people grow in their homes, and the need for pharmaceuticals would become a “last option” for most.


The Revolution Starts with You!


While this is simply a dream at the moment, I can see it clearly in my head. This is why I wrote about it today, because I know that the more we allow the parasites to direct our actions, the fewer freedoms we’ll have on the way.


The best way to stop the elite power grab is to evolve beyond their need. We have all the technology to be free…the question is…are you going to use it or waste your time watching cats do funny shit on the internet?





What did you think?

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